Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3244


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“Yaksha King, you pay with your life!”

“Yaksha King, you make this deity easy to find!”


It’s terrifying. How many Xeons was used to kill Yaksha King?

The rising imposing manner is at least in the four realms of the gods, and there are three or five Old Ancestor Levels. Tumbling!

It turned out to be heaven heaven under earth, omnidirectional ambush, not just in name only, but also in reality’s inescapable net.

Yaksha King has been standing quietly and sneered: “It’s not the king, the small gurus, except for your ancestor, the whole Divine Race is like a ants in front of me.”

Elder’s complexion is sullen and ridiculed: “Can you compare with the first king of your world?”

Yaksha King is silent, saying: “It is indeed better than that, but you were not a sea mad when you started Divine Race.”



“Don’t talk nonsense with him, kill him first!”

The seven Elders rushed to Yaksha King and attacked the Yaksha King everywhere, but the other big things were still. They were still firmly enclosed above heaven under earth, and Yaksha King should be besieged as a turtle in the urn.


Yaksha King moved, and between the vibrating arms, an unrolled bolt of white silk cut forward: “To set up, you must have the consciousness of death.”

“hahaha…… Many Old Brothers are around, do you think you can move me?”

The Elder that unrolled bolt of white silk sneered laughed at.

As a result, with a bang, he was split in half, and even the tall building with him was ruined.

Yaksha King is really powerful here, even though Lin Fan has given him permission, King Rakshasa has collected his ultimate device, which is still powerful and boundless.

The distant guts shoot Divine Race.

“This waste!”

Lin Fan was furious and his eyes were Bing Sen: “Damn! Isn’t he ignorant of such a simple and clear ambush?”

Leyao said with a bitter smile: “How can he not know? If he is really an idiot, how can he possibly go to one step? How could he survive to the present after the change of the world of Sen Luo?”

Lin Fan sighed.

Dare to promise to protect the clan after Divine Race kills Yaksha King?

You know, Senluo is famous for its blood and shortness.

Generally speaking, even if it’s just a small person who walked out of the world and died in Primal Chaos World, it will be strictly investigated; irreconcilable.

Not to mention the is a king who died at this time?

“Listen to this news.” Lin Fan’s words spread to Yaksha King’s Soul Sea!

Suddenly, Ben was desperate, just thinking about dragging more people to the Yaksha King in Yellow Springs, eyes brightened!

At the same time, my heart was moved.

He started to test. The people who started Divine Race are very smart. Knowing the test of Yaksha King, it is impossible to say it.

But Lin Fan could tell which big thing it was and which force it was.

Actually, there is no need to guess about this. Lin Fan already has a group of suspicions in his mind.

Just need to prove it-the Celestial Clan!

What are they going to do?

Do you want to do something against the Sun Luo world?

Lin Fan’s heart suddenly clenched.

“Well, don’t talk nonsense, after you die, remember to cut your name to Qinghuang!!”

An Elder from Divine Race started roaring. He originally held a sword, but at this time, the broad sword suddenly changed, becoming a Splitting Heaven Ax, and slashed towards the Yaksha King!

Too abrupt. This person originally showed the cultivation base of the five realms of God, which is a real supreme powerhouse, but it hides the cultivation base. The cultivation base presented at this time turned out to be Old Ancestor Level. There are six realms of Prosperity!

Looking at this imposing manner, it doesn’t seem like you just entered the realm, but has been immersed in this realm for a long time.


Splitting Heaven Ax cut down, the scream of the void!

“From today, the Divine Race, the king of killers, is here, and Heaven and Earth share it!”

There is an old man with gray hair roaring, in the chaos, far away, I am afraid that in the entire Primal Chaos World, I heard this loud shout.

Obviously, everyone concluded that Yaksha King would die by this axe, and Divine Immortal would be hard to save.

Suddenly-with a buzzing sound, the Yaksha King who was sealed in the middle was suddenly swallowed by the black hole that appeared, and avoided the axe before he could let it go.

“Who would dare to shoot?”

The Divine Race surname Elder, who started Splitting Heaven Ax, drank high and the murderous aura was surging.


Suddenly, the whole person seemed to tremble, and everyone saw that there was a tiny blood hole between his eyebrows, and then there were a few drops of red blood leaching out. With a bang, he fell down Earth, just die like this!

“Who is it?”

remaining elders is furious, all terrified.

“jié jié…Is the king of my world, are you ants?”

Yunchao’s voice suddenly came from all directions, but no one could hear where this person came from.

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