Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3245


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“Which king is coming?”

Old Ancestor Level has a dignified expression, and the whole person is tense.

They gave dozens of Peak hands and sacrificed inescapable net, just enough to trap this Yaksha King in it and fall into a mortal situation.

If the king comes in appearances a at this time, they will pay at least ten times higher than at this time in order to leave two kings.

“Who is this king and you deserve to know?”

Lin Fan spoke eerily.

Of course he exposed himself, otherwise everything is over.

However, by his means, it is natural to ensure that no one can find him.

This Old Ancestor is furious!

In his identity, in this Primal Chaos World, he dare not say that it is famous, but it is also a big thing of Peak, but it has been repeatedly humiliated!

“Crazy! The deity gives you face, calling you the king, not giving you face, you are a hang!”

This Old Ancestor grinning!

All are great characters, who is afraid of whom?

He was extremely angry and angrily roared: “No matter who he is, since he hides his head and his tail, it is a passerby, and it killed all!”

The ambush circle rioted unexpectedly, but it came from a very distant supreme powerhouse!

Lin Fan really expected that this ambush circle is not just one layer at all, but also far more than the two layers he guessed, but three full layers!

It can be said that if he did not have the habit of keeping his hands behind, he did not ambush Lin Long in the outermost periphery, and he did not set foot in the territory of Divine Race at all. I am afraid that his identity has to be revealed!

Very ruthless tricks, very malicious traps!

“No matter who you are, if you want to insult your deity, you have to pay a price! This price is death!”

This Old Ancestor Level creature is grinning, and, as he steps out, he will leave this place and go to an important position in the ambush circle.

“I don’t know if this king is dead, but you must die first.”

Lin Fan sneered.

His voice has been erratic, sometimes in the east and sometimes in the west, and sometimes even like nine days.

The Old Ancestor’s eyes are weird. He glances at all around, all of which are the Peak hands of his original Divine Race, and he is in the most central part, sheltered by everyone.

But, the king of unknown surname unexpectedly said that he was going to die soon.

“jié jié…the deity is here, waiting for you to kill.” The ancestor-level creature laughed strangely.

“Okay, here I am.”

This sentence no longer floats, but speaks directly behind this ancestor-level creature!

The ancestor-level creatures can even feel that the enthusiasm when this sentence is said has one’s hair stand on end!


“Stop for the deity!”

“Do you dare to move him, I will start Divine Race to destroy your ten races!”


Those who support this Old Ancestor Divine Race Peak cultivator’s society are cracking!

What is going on here?

This place has clearly been blocked by their Divine Soul. Logically speaking, this place should have been unable to fly in mosquitoes, but how could this person come in?

Moreover, it is directly at the center of the killing circle, which constitutes an important position of this Killing Formation?

“I’m here, so what?”

Lin Fan didn’t even bother to kill him, and spoke mockingly and mockingly.


The Old Ancestor Level creature roared, his eyes were red, and with the rotation of his body, he held Splitting Heaven Ax in both hands and cut to Lin Fan’s waist!

This is the most difficult part to avoid!

You must save the enemy.

He is about to explode!

Being bullied was that’s all, but the other party clearly had the opportunity to strike certain kill against him, but he was given a chance to react. What kind of humiliation is this?


Lin Fan smiled, his left hand is shining, like holding the brightest jade!

“Point sky hand?”

Someone yelled in surprise, their pupils dilated, and suddenly roared: “Be careful, everyone! He is the second king of Senro——Asura!”

Of course, this is not a so-called celestial hand, but Lin Fan, who played with Asura King, knew that he had the fame of this move, so he imitated it.


Old Ancestor Level The axe from the creature’s spin was squeezed by Lin Fan’s left hand, but he couldn’t move at all, and then everyone looked at them, Asura King in their mouth slowly, slowly Stretched out his right hand and lightly touched the eyebrows of this Old Ancestor Level creature.

pu’ sound.

The old Ancestor Level creature swayed slightly, and the breath disappeared without a trace, and it seemed like a hundred thousand years old, and the hair of the crane was chicken hair!

“Can die in the hands of the second king…the deity, no injustice.”

He only left this sentence, and turned it into a fine sand. The finger turned out to devour all his vitality.

“Not leaving yet!”

Lin Fan snorted suddenly, waking up Yaksha King who was calmed down by Lin Fan.

Yaksha King growled, approaching Lin Fan with a killing sword.


“Leave him behind!”

“Leave him, if we are such a big battle, and let these two people flee, how else can we stand here between Heaven and Earth?”

“Kill! They must all be slain to avenge Old Ancestor!”

The enclosing circle shrinks sharply, and all the clans clansman, like crazy monsters, are killing here.

“Who dares to block this king?”

Lin Fan took a step forward, and the surging imposing manner fiercely’s repression moved forward, so that many of the Divine Race masters who were rushing to him had slightly shifted the direction of the forward!


Lin Fan’s tongue burst into spring, like a nine-day thunderbolt exploding here, actually a roaring cultivator living alive.

Everyone is discolored, and their eyes are quivering.

This is a superb cultivation base, and how terrifying Divine Soul is it to be able to scream Peak people who are dying in the realm?

“Who dares to block this king?”

Lin Fan moved forward again, with the Asura knife transformed by Lightning Martial Spirit dragging out the blade glow of the hundred zhang infiltration, and then he raised his long sword high and slashed forward with the force of Huashan!

hong long long ……

The abyss breaks into the sky, the earth is ruined, a deep abyss that grows on a thousand zhang, and a deep zhang appears suddenly, and all the good hands blocked in front are separated by the abyss.


Lin Fan roar towards the sky.

For so long, he has been hiding behind his back, playing with tricks and tricks, so he is uncomfortable.

He came out to kill him at this time, and turned out to be comfortable.

“Asura, Hugh is rampant, the deity will come to you!”

Someone screams in the far distance, the breath is long and stretches terror.

Lin Fan pupils shrink!

This is an expert, at least in the six realms for thousands of years.

With these experts coming, the divers who had been sedated suddenly seemed to have the backbone, but they were organized and stopped in the front.

Lin Fan’s complexion!

It’s hard to make a stab in the hand. The imposing manner of the thousand soldiers is broken, and everyone is awakened from the fear of that stab.


Lin Fan swept coldly as if walking on the Star River, and seemed to be able to overwhelm the Xeon, and then dragged the knife.

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