Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3246


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Drag line.

Kill one person in one step, murderous intention, and splatter blood step by step!

Yaksha King and Lin Fan were walking side by side, but there was no chance of taking a shot. All the roadblockers who dared to appear in the front road could not escape the fate of a single blow.

“Asura King!”

The powerhouse roared, and he pressed down with his big hand. It turned out to be distorted time and space. The silhouette disappeared suddenly. When it appeared again, it was already intercepted on Lin Fan’s front road.

This man holds a handle of the god, dark golden, with natural dragon-shaped patterns on it.

Lin Fan’s pupils shrink slightly.

Obviously, however, this is a rough blank of the ultimate tool, which is actually made of nine Heavenly Dragon steel.

From this weapon, you can perceive the extraordinary of this person.

“Afraid of what he will do? But it’s just a king, the deity is here!”

The powerhouse stared at Lin Fan coldly, but said so.

“No matter what your identity is, no matter who you are, you must die here today.”

He stared eerily at Lin Fan, and then said with a malicious smile: “Asura King? Is it amazing?”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, but instead of moving forward, he stood still with a knife in place.

The four wilds are silent, and the needles in Fengtian City can be heard. All the residents living in the city have long been far away from the million li and dare not stay here.

Furthermore, from now on, Tian City will become a place of right and wrong, and I dare not live in it.

Too many Xeons die here, and all kinds of weird and ominous things will happen, and whether it is the beginning of the Divine Race is completely destroyed here, or the two kings of the Sun Luo world have fallen here, this is Tian City I am afraid that they will become the fighting grounds of Two Great Influences. This place is completely abolished, and can only be a war ground and a meat ground.

Divine Soul swept away, Lin Fan sighed, and he looked towards the strongest who came here.

This person is truly a talent.

In a very short period of time, everything was planned and the inescapable net that he had broken was knitted again.

And, in a few words, he encouraged the imposing manner of Divine Race powerhouse, which was frightened by him. It was a rare person.

“Asura King…it’s really nothing great, but…what are you?”

Lin Fan held the knife straight, and with a sizzle, the blade even shot a blade glow like a meteorite, straight to the eyebrow of this person.

But this kind of attack is of course impossible, but got this powerhouse.

powerhouse quipped: “This deity Wu Ming is really nothing, but… kill you.”

“The last one who spoke like this in front of me is already dead.”

Lin Fan spoke, and then he moved, and his body suddenly disappeared in a flash. When he appeared again, he had reached the top of Wu Ming’s head, under the foot of Lin Fan’s head, as if the Asura knife was transformed into his hand. Condensed into one, the whole person looks like a peerless divine front.




A huge roar exploded, Chaos Energy swelled, time and space turned gray, and Heaven and Earth shuddered.

The entire Primal Chaos World has been alarmed, and I don’t know how many big things are visiting this place through millions and millions li.

“Is that person the Asura King? Life is tough and horrible, the first-hand time and space rules brought to the point of perfection.”

There are pupils of the ancestors who had their pupils shrunk, saying: “The strength of Sen Luo Realm must be re-estimated. It is only the second king. It is so powerful. What about Rakshasa of Ranked 1st? Won’t you die without fighting?”


Beginning in Divine Race.

The first Divine Race first ancestor looked at Tianxi indifferently and said, “Sovereign, I want to know why?”

Tianxi hehe smiled: “Senior does not need to know and so on.”

First Divine Race’s first ancestor’s fist was suddenly clenched, and he roared: “My son is desperately ahead, but I don’t need to know the root cause?”

Tianxi narrowed his eyes and said, “There is compensation afterwards.”

“Compensation?” The first ancestor of Divine Race smiled and ridiculed: “That’s human life… what do you pay for?”

Tianxi frowned. He glanced at the first ancestor of Divine Race and sighed: “Actually, I just don’t want you and us to be ugly.”

“oh?” The Divine Race first ancestor jié jié laughed and said: “The old man wanted to see how Tianxi Zun wanted you and us both to be ugly.”

Tianxi was silent for a moment and sighed: “Okay, I said it was a request. It might really make you feel that I am good to talk, or you think that I am not yet qualified to represent the Celestial Clan, so let me see it. .”

A keynote!

The majestic majesty, as soon as it appeared, there was a surging Xianxia, ​​there were avenues to drink, and there were thousands of golden lights everywhere.

Since Divine Race, the pupils of the first ancestors shrunk sharply, and they bowed the salute with respect, and then took this law with both hands.

This law is a few hundred words.

But the eyes of the first ancestors of Divine Race are the silver hooks of iron paintings that stay at the end, and the dashing fonts of Dao Rhyme’s circulation-‘See Tianxi as you see me. ’

Just five words!

But it is these five words that made the first ancestors of Divine Race turn over the river, and even Divine Soul shuddered!

This is a word from the patriarch of the clan.

He looked up, his eyes were in awe and awe!

These five words represent only one meaning—Tianxi, which has been confirmed as the next tribe patriarch. Even after this law was announced in the world, this Tianxi is the patriarch of the tribe.

“So there is still a problem with Senior now?” Tianxi glanced at the first ancestor of Divine Race, said with a smile: “I just don’t want to talk to you with a command tone, since you think it’s inappropriate, then… Take orders.”

First Divine Race, the first ancestor smiled bitterly, sighed, and bowed, saying: “Respectfully listen to Supreme Master’s order.”

Tianxi narrowed his eyes and said, “Heir, no matter what price is paid today, be sure to leave these two people, I don’t care what their identity is.”

Since Divine Race, the hearts of the first ancestors were cold!

If this command goes on, how many of those clansman, the original god who went to ambush, can return?

But does he dare to refuse?

Dare not.

Unless you want to rebel, any ethnic group can’t refuse orders from the Celestial Clan.

Tianxi indifferently said: “In order to capture this Yaksha, I will not hesitate to use the large formation of the clan and pass it on to your clan. If it is not possible to leave it, is it the incompetence of the deity or the incompetence of your clan?”

Since Divine Race, the ancestors bowed down and said, “Don’t worry, respect.”

When this sentence was spoken, his heart was sad.

“Dare to ask Zun, but are you going to start with Sen Luo Realm? Want to capture that realm?”

In the beginning Divine Race was still unable to bear curious.

“I mean, you don’t need to know more than to listen to orders… haven’t you heard?”

Tianxi’s words were light and soft, but it made the Divine Race ancestors sweat cold.

In the ambush circle.

Lin Fan ran to the left and left again, even if this Wu Ming roared, he could not intercept him everywhere, he couldn’t stop Lin Fan at all, he couldn’t catch Lin Fan’s trajectory, he could only watch each and everyone. Under that knife.

“Asura, there is a battle with me!”

Wu Ming grumbling: “What about your ultimate device? What about your Asura sword? Come, let the deity see you!”

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