Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3247


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Lin Fan’s eyes are gloomy!

Today’s killing precepts, there is nothing to say.

He is keenly aware of the crisis. This crisis seems to be coming against him, including the Tian clan against Yaksha King, and burying the killing for him is also from him.

Also, until now, he is not sure whether the goal of the Celestial Clan refers to him alone, or to include the Sin Luo world.

If even the Senluo world were included, it would be really bad!

“Who the hell leaked the news.”

Lin Fan is now confused.

He didn’t expect, he would bury spies in the Senluo Realm by means of the Celestial Clan, and even many native killers in the Senluo Realm might have been the clansman.

For this reason, he asked Rakshasa to block the starry sky channel connecting the Senluo realm with the outside world. Anyone who wants to go out or come in needs to get at least five people at the same time. Finally, Rakshasa personally orders Allow it.

This is already the ultimate.

Accordingly, this Celestial Clan should not be able to discover his relationship with Rakshasa, and the shocking changes in the Senluo world.

But if I don’t know… why are Tian clan like this?

This does not understand.

“Asura! There is a kind of battle with the deity!”

Wu Ming roared, his expression was rueful and distorted.

Lin Fan looked back suddenly, said with a malicious smile: “Are you thinking like this dead? I’ll make you all.”

He turned his head and cut it out with a knife.


This world is like thin paper, cut by a knife and spreading a black crack and spreading away. When it finally reached Wu Ming, it suddenly burst and changed into countless black blades. The vitals of Wu Ming’s body were covered.

“Is it true that the deity cannot kill you? The deity just wants to kill more people that’s all!”

Lin Fan’s words were cold, and the big knife in his hand was raised again, slashing eighteen knives.


“Wu Ming is very good. If this Asura King really just stops here, the two will be evenly matched.”

Tianxi spoke, and then said: “Of course, this Asura King must have a hidden method, at least Asura did not use three swords.”

The first ancestor of Divine Race watched quietly.

This Wu Ming is the surname Elder, but he is highly valued by him. After preparing to fiercely suppress and train, he will reuse it.


The first Divine Race ancestor sighed and did not speak.

Tianxi said with a smile: “Senior, don’t worry, I can’t guarantee that everyone in your family will survive, not even sure how many people will die, but they can guarantee that those two are sure Will die in a large formation.”

The first ancestor of Divine Race looked towards Tianxi and said, “Is it so sure? Isn’t you afraid of being broken?”

Tianxi’s eyes showed a contempt, saying: “My big formation is indeed so-called unbreakable, naturally traceable, but at least not these two waste materials can be broken.”

Si Divine Race, the ancestors were silent for a moment, and said: “Hope so, I’ve died of 40 Peak powerhouse since Divine Race. The strength has been greatly damaged. If you can’t leave these two people…”

Tianxi’s eyes were cold, and she narrowed her eyes towards the beginning of Divine Race, said with a sneer: “Is Senior questioning my ability?”

Since Divine Race, the first ancestor did not speak anymore, looked towards a magic mirror, and then closed his eyes in pain.

Wu Ming is dead.

The top of the head was pierced with a knife.

“It’s a pity that there is a master.” Tian Xi said, very plain, without half of the emotion.

The first Divine Race first ancestor eyes were too cold, but did not say a word.

“It’s still that sentence. I can’t guarantee that the children who started the Divine Race will be able to return safely, but they can guarantee that the individual will be captured and give you revenge.” Tian Xi smiled lightly.

In the ambush circle.

Lin Fan protruded 3000 li towards Zhengdong, and his head was rolling along the way. Until now, he was covered with blood mist. He could not care whether the blood would stain the robes Leyao cut for him. risk.

“Stop them!”




Starting Divine Race, many Peak experts are shouting.

He has received the death order more than once. He must keep these two people here. If these two people finally get out of the trap, everyone will be punished according to the crime.

This is the dead command!

If you can’t kill two people in this ambush circle, then all of them will die.

In the Divine Race.

“Sure enough, it is a double king… No one is mediocre.”

Tianxi admired, watching Lin Fan and Yaksha actually broke the 1st-Layer blockade, a little shocked, and then ridiculed: “But you think this inescapable net is a layer after layer of breakthrough?”

His eyes were weird.

In the ambush circle.


Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed suddenly!

He found something abnormal!

In the breakout, he has been worried about his identity, so even the eyes of rune are only used for short moments in critical times.

But when he reached the 2nd-Layer ambush circle, he was alert and found that it was wrong!

He looked back to Slaughter Path, where the corpses were supposed to be all over the place, and they were supposed to be pooled in blood, but at this time, those corpses were pale, Lin Fan could see them at a glance, and all the corpses were swallowed. Qi, as well as those pools of blood, also went to color, no longer bright red, no longer as bright as the sun, but dim.

But even if he found something strange and knew something was wrong, he couldn’t really find out the root cause of mutation in the first time.

“You pay attention, this is probably not so simple.”

Lin Fan looked dignified, he sighed to Yaksha sound transmission, and said, “If it is the most critical moment, please don’t blame me.”

Yaksha King startled, said with a malicious smile: “Da Zun can come to save at this time of crisis, only grateful for the next, if at the time of crisis, Da Zun and he left, then take this life to pay back Once wrong, sue Da Zun.”

Lin Fan glanced at Yaksha King.

But without saying anything, he raised the sword in his hand and split three more people.

In the Divine Race.

Tianxi hehe smiled: “It’s almost done.”

The first Divine Race ancestors narrowed their eyes and said, “What’s the same?”

“Bloodline is big.” Tianxi as it should be by rights.


The first Divine Race ancestor screamed and roared: “It turns out! The so-called ambush is false. Is it true to construct this Bloodline formation?”

Tianxi glanced at him and said, “Even if I don’t use this Bloodline, they are not dead? What’s the difference? I’m just using waste; is it worth your anger?”

The first Divine Race ancestor grinning: “Indeed, even if you don’t set up this Bloodline, they will die, but at least there are souls and souls, you can go to extravagant reincarnation, but after the Bloodline, there is nothing. Saved, all traces in this world!

Tianxi, I tell you! Those are not waste, they are the descendants of Lao Tzu! It was the pillar of my beginning Divine Race! “

The first Divine Race first ancestor is really furious!

The palm is raised from time to time, as if it may be shot at any time, and this Tianxi is shot directly.

But Tianxi was fearless, he turned his head, ridiculed looking towards the first Divine Race, the first ancestor, and asked with a smile: “Who are you calling me?”

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