Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3250


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What else can I say?

After all, in Xi’s eyes today, he didn’t even start Divine Race.

Even if there is, I am afraid that Xi will be treated as a vassal or your servant, right?

Actually, I am afraid that not only the Divine Race, but the rest of the Divine Race, in Xi’s eyes this day, should be only this.

He started Divine Race and killed hundreds of people, but he didn’t even have the right to ask.


“hehe…still struggling.” Tianxi smiled. He looked at the screen on Mu Yi, who was fighting against Tian Ge, and mocked: “Could it be that he doesn’t think he is just a turtle ?”

The first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race, of course, can’t answer, standing aside, like a sculpture.

“Interesting, interesting, by this step, he hasn’t revealed his true identity; he has to use Asura as his identity to continue.”

Tianxi laughed at each minding their own business. He was admiring the masterpiece he had created.

Then he smiled and asked Hajime, the ancestor of Divine Race, and said: “Since ancient times, how many people can be trapped in the Bloodline Killing Formation and then successfully retreat?”

The first ancestor of the Divine Race was silent for a moment, and said: “There are only one or two people, this battle is vicious and cruel. In fact, since ancient times, few people are willing to spend such a cost to arrange this battle.”

For the second half of the words of the ancestor of Hajime Divine Race, Tianxi is of course not in the mood to listen.

After hearing this, he smiled faintly: “This guy really compares himself to a former sage? Or is it the one or two who shines in the entire ancient history, but are invincible in time and space?”


Lin Fan is roaring, Ge is too scary this day.

The scary thing is not Tian Ge itself, but the blood-colored illusory shadow that manipulates Tian Ge behind him.

This is the originator of Divine Race!

Using weird methods, Summon revealed his remaining traces of the Primal Chaos World.

Of course, limited to Tianxi’s cultivation base, the avenue traces from this summon are just the sixth realm of the Gods. If it is true that summon reveals the complete avenue traces of the originator of Divine Race, then there is no need to fight. Just close your eyes and wait for death.

But even if it’s just that, it’s too strong, I’m afraid it can surpass all the six realms in the world.

When he made the move, there was no trace to be found, but both were swift and violent. Dao Rhyme was circulating, and the rules were condensed between inches. Only when he collided with Lin Fan, the horrible murderous intention hidden in Gonei that day, etc. Will suddenly burst open, turning into a terrifying light of killing.

“Is this still a creature that died in ancient times?”

Lin Fan felt hairy in his heart.

This is horrible.

He originally thought that after standing upright in the Six Realms of Linshen, he could just use this realm to smash all the existence of ancient and modern times.

But now, the facts tell him that he thinks too much.

There are still enemies.

He can’t really be called the same realm invincible, at best, he is invincible in this era.

It was like a loud slap that woke him up.

“Is it imperfect because of this, I didn’t really spend Heart Demon, but was it the result of the demon’s grinding away?”

Lin Fan has this guess.

Of course, he didn’t think much about it at this time, but tried his best to fight this person.

This is a rare mobile phone meeting, fighting and fighting with the great character of the ancient times, killing each other, of course, the fly in the ointment is that he dare not really use his many lore skills, it is always not happy enough , Otherwise, with today’s opportunity, I am afraid that he will be able to sharpen his many Martial Skills more smoothly.


The Scroll of Tianxin burst open!

Yaksha King didn’t dare to keep a little bit of his hand, and completely exploded all his potential, forced back the many ghosts and ghosts, and broke the heart of the sky.

The Scroll of the Heart of Heaven was broken, the entire Bloodline Killing Formation thundered suddenly, and the color of the blood-colored mask became much lighter.

“What’s the matter?”

Tianxi in the Divine Race of Chaos, Ben was laid-back and lazy. He served tea with one hand, and with one foot prying the ground from time to time, making the recliner sway slightly, and commenting on Lin Fan’s battles from time to time. The appreciation or sneer.

But now, he just got up, the tea cup in his hand was crushed by him!

“Why do you know how to crack this array? This shouldn’t be.”

Tianxi yelled, her eyes full of gloom and killing intent, and then said with a malicious smile: “Impossible, you are just a blind cat and a dead mouse, hmph! I understood, you deliberately do it, you want to kill me This person behind the scenes is pressing in front of me, even thinking, forcing me to rush, or lose one’s head out of fear, so that I can find the chance to escape in my panic?”

Tianxi is asking and answering: “Yes, it must be so, but you are too underestimating my Tianxi, what thing are you, just this kind of game will make me feel more happy and comfortable, otherwise you will not It’s just a piece of mine that can be played at will.”





Three consecutive huge explosions, accompanied by the tingling screams of the devil, the entire Primal Chaos World, seems to be covered in a weird and gloomy atmosphere.

“My question is broken?”

Tianxi can’t keep calm even when she is here!

At this step, he was afraid to confirm whether Lin Fan was trying one’s luck, or he really understood the breaking the formation.

“Come here! Although the deity heads to the ambush!”

Tianxi roars fiercely, and suddenly there are four powerhouses that are in the six realms of God appeared!

These are all supreme powerhouses of the Celestial Clan, but they have concealed the divine sense of the ancestor of the Divine Race, and they are by Tianxi’s side!

Si Divine Race, the ancestor’s eyes suddenly chilled.

coldly said: “My lord, what you said, the impossible will fail this time. Impossible made me die for many heroes of Divine Race.”

Tianxi’s eyes were gloomy for an instant, and shouted: “How can I fail when the deity takes action?”

The first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race narrowed his eyes and said: “Then it is best. If the ultimate goal is achieved, although they died unjustly, they can be considered dead, but if they are…”

“Shut up! The deity will not fail! What is he? It’s just an ant. The deity is just teasing him. How can there be failure?”

Tianxi’s expression is hideous, and after one step is taken, he has already left the Divine Race God’s Mansion. The Clan Protecting Great Array, which Divine Race has painstakingly maintained, has no effect on this pedestrian.

“Break this king…ah…”

Yaksha King roar!

He tried his best to break two consecutive bursts. The consumption was too terrifying. He felt a little powerless to continue. At this time, he was squeezing the last trace of potential within the body.


In the end, the scroll of the Promise was broken, and it didn’t make any shocking rumbling like the previous two times, but it was like a mirror shattered.

And Tianxi, who was coming here, suddenly her complexion sank, and shouted: “Catch him for me! Life or death!”

The Killing Formation is broken!

If it weren’t for the Bloodline Strength of the Divine Race great cultivator, which was the last and last day to be swallowed, it could also cause difficulties for Lin Fan and others!

But now, when the support of Bloodline Killing Formation is lost, the silhouette of the originator of Divine Race has faded to the extreme, and Lin Fan’s punch is directly bombarded-“Quick walk!”

Lin Fan yelled, he threw away a rope woven with thunderbolt and put it around the waist of Yaksha King, dragging him away from him.

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