Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3251


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“The lunatics will leave!”

Following Tianxi’s powerhouse in the six realms of God, anger roar!

The distance between the two parties is no more than 100,000 zhang.

This kind of distance, for the layman, can of course be called the moat, it can be the ends of the earth.

But for them this realm, it’s just a few steps away.

Lin Fan looked back.

The eyes are too terrifying and bloodthirsty, said with a malicious smile: “The heavenly clan entertained today, this king has written down, the landscape meets.”

“The Rat, until now, do you still have to face the deposed face of Asura?”

A cultivator in the six realms of God ridiculed, said with a malicious smile: “Dare to show people in their true colors?”

Lin Fan’s heart burst!

Sure enough.

The Celestial Clan actually knew that Asura King was retiring?

It seems that the silly woman still does not have the proper control of the Senluo realm. I am afraid that the distance from complete control is a lot worse, or, in other words, the cleaning is not thorough enough.

Of course, Lin Fan doesn’t have any other expressions, just mocking and saying indifferently: “The deity never said that it is Asura’s trash, it’s just your wish.”

“jié jié ……”

Someone laughed strangely: “No matter who you are, don’t even think about leaving today.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, he took the opportunity to put four or five sacred pill that could recover his vitality into the mouth of Yaksha King, so as to relieve his lack and weakness within the body.

Then ridiculed and pointed at the big formation, ridiculed: “It was broken, you can’t keep me.”

“Trash! Can you dare to fight?”

Tianxi made a sound!

He was unable to bear, unwilling to his failure.

He really just wanted to tease Lin Fan, he wanted to treat Lin Fan as a prey, watching him step by step approaching the trap he set up.

Since Mu Yi likes to hide his identity so much, he hides his identity behind the scenes and has fun with Mu Yi who is respected as the World’s First Wise Man.

Actually, he has always been successful!

But at the end of this step, it turned out to be a failure.


The killing intent in Lin Fan’s eyes is flowing, and the void collapses away!

Why doesn’t he want to fight now?

Kill this day Xi directly.

But if you really go out to fight, then the Yaksha King will die.

This is something he doesn’t want to see, no matter what Yaksha King is, but as far as this matter is concerned, he is indeed implicated.

Lin Fan said with a malicious smile: “There will definitely be a war, you wait.”

He finally gave Tianxi a cold glance and waited, and then sound transmission asked: “Are you ready?”

It turns out that the reason why he has been arguing with Tianxi is only to wait for Yaksha King to absorb him to medicine pill.

“There is no power to fight, but it is okay to mention speed.” Yaksha King replied.

Lin Fan squinted: “Then go.”

Lin Fan lightly cut through time and space with a long knife, and took the Yaksha King one step into it.


As soon as Lin Fan and Yaksha King entered the void, a blue long spear stabbed where Lin Fan stood.

When the two parties were arguing just now, there turned out to be a powerhouse of the Celestial Clan who approached Lin Fan with weird means.

If Lin Fan is at night for even half a second, he will be dragged by this powerhouse!

No doubt, even if this person can’t hold Lin Fan’s move, but the skill of that move is enough to make Lin Fan fall into a tragic breakout battle again.


Tian Xi Yangtian roared: “Miscellaneous! There is a kind of stay to fight! This deity can let you three tricks.”

He was furious.

I feel that I have never felt aggrieved and resentful in this life!

He painstakingly achieved a game that began with hundreds of lives in Divine Race, but ended in his complete failure.

In the sky, Lin Fan’s eyes suddenly chilled.

He is also angry.

His murderous intention is about to ignite himself.

“His Royal Highness, forget it, this time the plan failed, it is not the fault of His Highness.”

Some powerhouse sighed and comforted, and said: “It can only be said that he has covered too much, and he even knows the Bloodline Killing Formation and understands this method of cracking.”

Another person also said: “This does not prove that His Highness is inferior to that person, but that’s all within his cognition. This is God’s will and his destiny is endless.”

Everyone is comforting.

“His Royal Highness just wants to play with him. Otherwise, he will be recruited directly by an order, but will he still dare not follow? Or if he directly fights against him, how could he be his opponent?”

Tianxi’s face is still gloomy, but after being comforted by others, the killing intent is indeed reduced a lot.

“Your Highness, be careful!”

Suddenly, in front of him, a powerhouse in the 6th realm of God yelled, and he was eager to split, and he rushed forward!

He didn’t want to attack and kill, but used himself as a meat shield, flying horizontally, trying to stop the sword above Tian Xi that suddenly shot out of the twisted time and space!


Tianxi roar!

He also noticed that there was a sword intent that was enough to kill him, but this blade came so fast and viciously, it actually forced him to turn around and fight back!

“pu! “

The powerhouse that threw himself as a meat shield succeeded, and the whole person was chopped into seven or eight parts with a single knife, and he was mortal for Tianxi!

But even so, Tianxi was robbed, her scalp was lifted, and she screamed, and Tianxi roared back.


Just when the powers who protected Tianxi came back to his senses and were about to form a siege, the knife disappeared, and even with the murderous intention, there was nowhere to follow.

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