Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3252


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This is scary and incredible!

This is the Celestial Clan!

This is the team led by Tianxi, the most outstanding descendant of the Celestial Clan today!

Should be invincible across Nine Provinces, and able to move unhindered in the whole world!

This kind of team can be called a dream, shouldn’t it be that no one dares to provoke them, and the ocean is hundreds of thousands li?

But someone is doing the opposite!

Already escaped alive, but as a result, the murderer will return, and in just one flash, he will chop a big thing that has been standing in the sixth realm of God into seven parts!

The body is mutilated, even if the most savvy work is found, it is impossible to put it all together in this corpse!


Tianxi is roaring, and hundreds of millions of rays of light are sprayed from his pores, and Shenhui shines all over the hundred thousand li, soaring to 30,000 feet!

The skin on his head was lifted, and his face was full of blood. It was purified in a flash of light and divine light, and he recovered completely in a flash.

“Ant, today you must die, what plot, what big plan, the deity does not want to kill you!”

He roared like this, one can imagine his anger at this time.

Don’t even care about plots and big plans, no, just want to kill.


A chuckle, as if from the clouds, and as if from Jiuyou.

No one can accurately trace Lin Fan’s traces. These people are not good, unworthy, and they don’t have the qualifications to spy on Lin Fan’s brilliant disguise!

“Come on! Come and kill me again, the deity begs death here!”

Tian Xi snorted.

This kind of terrifying murderous intention and hostility shocked the world. Wan Lai was silent and withered, as if the entire sky had reached the end, and under Tianxi’s anger, everything would wither like a flower.


Suddenly, the void twisted again, and then a dark crack suddenly appeared in Tianxi’s left ear, and a sharp knife point protruded from the crack.


Tianxi’s reaction was too terrifying. At the moment when the tip of the knife appeared, his fist arrived. With a bang, this world seemed to be distorted and trembling for a moment!

But as for the scene of the actual fight, few people can see the entire chaos clearly.


Tianxi roared and awakened everyone from the horror of the blow.

People saw that there was a trace of blood on Tianxi’s clenched fist, and a drop of red blood suddenly appeared from the trace of blood.

“His… Tianxi actually bleeds?”

An old fart who pays attention to this place was shocked and said: “There is a clear proof that Xi’s battle body is undefeated this day. He was embedded in piece by piece of mother gold with the secret technique by the heavenly clan, and then he was taken down by the sky. Kung fu, after eating the most extreme torture in the world, turning those mother gold into bones and flesh, but the king of the forest world can actually cut his body with a single knife.”

“It’s heaven, we must pay attention to the kings of the forest world, don’t be prejudiced, the four kings may not be much weaker than the strongest ancestor of our world.”

Someone is talking again with a serious expression.

And, at this moment, two terrifying light beams pierced the fog in the area where the Celestial Clan was located, probed to the outside world, and finally turned into two huge eyeballs hanging on the battlefield.

These huge eyes are ruthless and indifferent, and awe-inspiring. Here, he seems to represent Heavenly Dao, giving people an instinct that is rejected by the heavens.

“jié jié…… I bleed unexpectedly?”

Tianxi smiled strangely, his eyes were even more weird, and he looked at his split fist so determinedly, and then whispered: “How many years are there? Is there a thousand years? Since the secret technique succeeded , It seems that this is the first time I feel pain.”


Suddenly, there was a sword intent again, but it was not as usual as before, only a sword appeared.

This blade is very strange, he clearly only cut it out with a single knife, but everyone here feels that they have been targeted at the same time. If you don’t block or avoid it, this blade can definitely smash your head.

“The deity is serious, you can’t be fierce.”

Tianxi is light and fluttering, and then he brushes his hand to the sky.

The posture is too graceful, as if a peerless beauty is picking up flowers, or as a fairy catching the moon, the fairy trails are ethereal, and the charm is flowing. This day after Xi Xi brushed his palm, she seemed to have become a god and a fairy.

“Capture the Moon Fulong!”

There was an exclamation of old fart.

This is a terrific killer skill. It came from the hand of a god who died early. It is extinct. There are so many millions and millions of years in the world, but today it has reappeared the glory in the hands of Xi!

Everywhere all is slightly curved palm prints, and there is a lustrous shine between both hands, a Silver Light Ball on time, as if Rihua was clamped between two fingers.


Suddenly, the palm covering the whole sky moved in full rhythm and resonated with a palm, oh la la, and the void within a radius of hundreds of thousands shattered together. You can see that the void fragments are huge Large pieces fall down.

“This trick… is indeed invincible!”

Someone sighed and sighed: “Especially for these assassins who are good at hiding, this trick is really a disaster. The void of 100,000 zhang collapses at the same time, where can he hide? Where to hide? Can only be buried in the collapsed in the sky.”

Tianxi’s eyes were very cold, he took out and after that palm, he did not at all withdraw in time, but looked at the right hand, which was still in the shape of a flower, and sighed: “Is it too heavy? The palm is gray, but I lost some fun.”

He even spoke like this, so that all the cultivators who perceive this place dare not make a sound.

That’s how strong is the “king” of the Senluo world?

This is simply unpredictable.

It can be said that if it is not for meeting Tianxi, if it is not for Tianxi who has learned this kind of magical skill that is most aimed at Peak Assassins, it is hard to say victory or defeat.

If other powerhouses in the Sixth Realm of Prosperity meet this person, they are afraid that they will die directly under the sword without even having a chance to fight.


Suddenly, on the left of Tianxi, the patriarch who is most ten meters away from him exploded!

He was killed with a knife by a silhouette wrapped in a chaotic haze, and the whole person was knocked out from the body of the explosive Elder.

And, just when this silhouette was about to completely hide in time and space, she turned her head and laughed at Tianxi!

This is the most ruthless provocation!

This is the most domineering declaration.

“Ah…you go die for me!”

Tianxi’s long hair curled up into the sky, and the roots were golden as cast by Dao Tribulation Gold, and at this time, a vast demonic energy was transpiring, a huge demon with ten thousand zhang high. Appeared behind Tian Xi.

“Demon Swallowing The World!”

Tianxi roared, and at this moment, he possessed forward, and the big demon behind ten thousand zhang high also possessed downwards. The dark cave was like a cave, and the mouth opened sharply like an abyss, sucking in terror. The force of pulling swept the world suddenly!

It turned out to be swallowed down along with the stars above the nine heavens. Heaven and Earth, all spirits, etc., which are opposed to this great demon, are also being swallowed!

Several hundred zhang one-legged python is swallowed, and the closer it is to the grinded mouth, the smaller its body becomes, but in the end it is just as big as a mosquito!

There is also a sky-swallowing blasting ape; Three Heads Six Arms, inserting all six arms into a high mountain, preparing to protect himself by such means, but it is useless. The demon swallowed it.

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