Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3253


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“Tianxi is amazing…”

Even the sea mad who pays attention to this place is sighing, his eyes are complicated.

In fact, this can be considered a manifestation of the horror of the Celestial Clan.

If it weren’t for the Celestial Clan as the backing, trifling Tianxi, no matter how enchanting and genius, how could it be possible to obtain these many magical skills?

This is a manifestation of strength and heritage!

For example, this magical skill comes from a great demon who has messed up the world!

Actually, Xi has always been low-key this day, and rarely reveals such ultimate killer skills; but at this time, he is really angry and has no reservations. The shot must be a magical skill. I can’t wait to cut Lin Fan into nothingness with one move, and plunge into the void of time and space.

“ao ……”

After the great demon swallowed everything, there was a chewing sound that made all souls tremble. Is this still an illusory shadow?

It’s not like it at all, like is a living beings, which can swallow all beings and gnaw everything.

“Ant! I see how you can survive!”

Tianxi is roaring and roaring. He uses two magical skills, which are both remarkable. Especially for the cultivator who is good at hiding, it is a deadly killer move. This is restraint.

The great demon dispersed, but when the great demon dissipated, an unjust soul orb appeared in the air!

This injustice orb is about fist sized, and it has its own universe. It has imprisoned ten thousand souls that have just been swallowed. Struggling and howling in this injustice orb is too cruel. Even if you die, you can’t be at peace. It’s hard to rest.

“jié jié…come, let us see who you are!”

Tianxi ridiculed and mocked, he was beckoned, and the soul bead flew towards him and was caught in his hand. His eyes shot a shining light, searching in the soul bead, looking for the one he desperately wanted to see Wrong soul!

“How is it possible?”

Tianxi yelled, and crushed the Wrong Soul Orb with one hand, and even the many Wrong Souls imprisoned in it exploded and burst, making them no longer visible.

“Not good! Bastard you dare!”

He suddenly roared, and with a bang, he drew out a sharp sword like limpid autumn water and stabs up ahead!

But it’s too late!

The silhouette covering Chaos Energy reappeared. The knife in his hand had already cut a person’s head, and he was looking back and grinning at him.

It’s just that this laugh is too mocking and mocking.

“Hi…Is this person really Asura King? With such strange movement art and concealment methods, I am afraid it will be enough to rank among the strongest in the world.”

Someone sucked in a cold breath, staring at Lin Fan’s disguised silhouette incredibly.

Is this really just the second king of the Senluo world?

If this is true, how terrifying is the power of the first king?

Many prestigious generations are thinking, if they meet Tianxi’s two arrogant and unreasonable magic skills, can they really avoid this large-scale indiscriminate attack?

Someone secretly nodded, but then he sighed. Even if it is by chance, it is useless. Impossible to do this step-there is no harm to yourself.

“Today, the number one evildoer of the Heavenly Clan today, I am afraid that it is really going to capsize in the gutter.”

Someone sneered.

The world is so big, too many people can’t see the Celestial Clan’s goodness, wishing them to lose their faces, at this moment they all climaxed, boiled, and brought themselves into the role of Lin Fan, the image that appeared in their minds was their own killing Tian clansman, and Tianxi helpless scene.


The shrill scream that didn’t look like a howling came from Tianxi’s mouth. It was so permeating that the spinal cord was chilling, as if it had been frozen in an instant.

Tianxi changed a lot. The figure of the whole person rose by 30 feet in an instant, and he was extremely burly. Moreover, the whole person gave out dark rays of light!

“Zhangba is undefeated!”

Someone sighed!

This is the great Divine Ability of the Buddhist family. It comes from the hands of a Buddha. It is the means of Supreme. It is said that the Buddha used this skill before becoming a Buddha. Eight invincible body was destroyed, but his life was left, and he became a god with the help of the charm remaining in his stump.

It adds to the legendary nature of this technique.

If normally used alone, it will surely lead to riots in the world, and I am afraid it will cause a major earthquake above Level 12, and all souls will be shocked.

But at this time, sparseness is common, and I feel as it should be by rights.

It’s just that Xi has already used these rumors to wipe out the magical skills of time and space.

“Today’s deity does not punish you for a soul, what else is there to stand in the world?”

Tianxi speaks. He was screaming and roaring, but it turned out to be Sanskrit sounds. Behind his head, there are a few circles of gods enveloping him. Within each ring of gods, there is a Buddha Country. Thousands of monks are beating the Buddhist implements; they are chanting the obscure Buddhist rest, forming an unpredictable force, blessing Tianxi, making him stronger, and the imposing manner sharply increased by a big margin.


Tianxi made a move and punched straight forward!

Fistprints are like a mountain, and finally a Spiritual Mountain actually came here. The Spiritual Mountain gods and Buddhas manifested their sages, and the arhats were all angered, guarding around Spiritual Mountain with the killer weapons of the Devil.


The Spiritual Mountain quashed down, and the vast ground suddenly split, and a thousand zhang deep pit appeared, all contaminated with the purified Buddha’s radiance.

He is going to shake Lin Fan alive.

But obviously, he failed. Lin Fan didn’t fight him head-on at all. He just moved and disappeared again.

“The Rat! Is it possible to fight head-on!”

Tianxi is stern and big Hah!

It’s not that he really can’t kill the opponent. The main reason is that the opponent’s concealment methods are too terrifying. Even the ruthless and pale eyes hanging in the sky are the final hiding place for Lin Fan!

Not to mention his Martial Dao Heavenly Eye?


Suddenly, dozens of blade dao lights exploded at the same time, like a thunderball filled with silver thunder.

This blade is too domineering, full of a submit to me and prosper oppose me and perish atmosphere, it turned out to be a clansman attacking all the sky at the same time!

“Good guts!”

Tianxi howled wildly, he stood forward and crushed the blade glow with his undefeated body.

“When the deity knows how you will take action, does he want to succeed? You are dreaming!”

Tianxi roared.

The person who was beheaded repeatedly in front of him.

If he can still let the other party go so rampant, what face does he have?

This time he was born, it was completely reduced to a joke.

But at this moment, the blade dao light that had been crushed by him, unexpectedly shook slightly, twisted, and then in a flash, it turned into a complete, ten zhang cold forest blade light.

With a squeak, the sudden emergence of blade light swept across the circle, and five heads rose up into the sky, and was stirred up by Blade Qi in midair.

“This king wants to kill…you, can you stop?”

A sneer came, making Tianxi roar, and even the golden Buddha’s radiance that shrouded him behind him, there were strands of demonic energy.

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