Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3254


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“Mice! Do you dare to come out for a fight?” Tianxi is really flustered and exasperated!

It’s not that he can’t, it’s not that he really can’t beat the opponent.

It’s just that the other party is too slippery, the kind of hidden means unheard-of, unprecedented, can be called World’s First stream.

Also, he can guarantee that if the opponent dared to come out and fight him, he would kill the opponent within three moves and cut the opponent directly into meat scraps.

“Heh…you really want to fight this king?”

Lin Fan’s ridiculous voice came again, leisurely said: “Actually, do you think you can really block this king’s sword? I just don’t want to start a battle between the two realms because of you, if there is no heavenly clan Identity, Believing or Not You have died ten times?”

Everyone is terrified!

How strong is Hee this day?

There is no need to describe it at all, it’s so powerful.

Higher level challenge, retrograde killing of immortals, this terrifying major event is definitely a description tailored for people like Tianxi.

Don’t say anything else, it’s just the three magic skills he has used, enough to push the world’s enemies!

But, someone dared to speak like this, saying that Xi was just fighting the power of the heavenly clan this day, otherwise he would have died at least ten times in this battle!

“jié jié ……haha ……hahahaha ……”

Tianxi is smiling, her face twisted and savage: “Why do you talk so much? Get out of the fight, the deity can’t kill you with one move, so I will stop here!”

With these words, the many surviving Elder level creatures of the Celestial Clan are all discolored!

This sentence is too heavy.

For Tianxi’s identity, it has always been one word worth nine sacred tripods.

So, if you really can’t kill that person in one move, is it going to kill yourself?


Lin Fan sneered, and then a terrifying killing intent suddenly raged from the east, and went straight for nine days!

He has been hiding somewhere, and the distance to this day is only ten zhang!

But Tianxi, it turned out to be the least aware.

Everyone is horrified!

These killers are really startling heaven and earth, ghosts and gods weeping!

This distance of ten zhang can definitely make him send a strong blow, and he will definitely be able to kill an unguarded ancestor-level creature with a single blow!

“I am going to kill someone.”

Lin Fan’s silhouette is exposed, but no one can see his True Form clearly, only the joke in those sharp eyes.

“So crazy!”

“Be like this!”

Some people are excited!

I know what Lin Fan is going to do.

Don’t you Tianxi think that I just used the brilliant of hidden?

Well, I will tell you directly, I want to kill!

The one who killed you!

Look at it!




From the Tianxi body within the body, three huge roars erupted. He didn’t know what terrifying secret technique he urged. It turned out to make his breath soar again, and it actually touched the door of the Seven Realms of God. column.

This terrifying secret technique made Lin Fan shake slightly!

It’s really not weaker than One Yuan Tiangong, it’s a great Dafa and method.

“The deity is here. If you beheaded one person, the deity will fold its right arm and will never heal itself before punishing you!”

Tian Xifang is ruthless!

Lin Fan squinted his eyes slightly, he moved, but this time, he is not at all invisible.

All the big things watching this battle, at least half of the people can accurately see his trajectory.

Of course Tianxi saw it too. With a boom, a circle of divine light flew up behind his head. If the Falun cuts forward normally, it will cut through the time and space Lin Fan is moving forward, and cut off his front. Road, block him.

But Lin Fan is still walking on the road, and the rotary-cut Falun is wrapped in invisible rules of time and space, and it is driven into different time and space.

“hehe ……merely this.” Lin Fan folded his hands. He all around was a distorted and chaotic time and space. Any attack on him would be impossible to move a single step in the mud.

This is an alternative application of so close, yet worlds apart, and is a technique upgrade after the upgrade of Lin Fan realm.


The knife slashed out, cutting through the Buddha Country that was rumbling in front of it, and smashed the tens of thousands of monks and Buddha inside, and blood-stained the pure land.


The fist is like a dragon, with True Dragon jumping out under the fist, trapping the cut sword.


Tianxi roared fiercely because he failed, even if the other party abandoned the most weird means of concealment and told him directly that he wanted to kill, but he still couldn’t stop it.

The Elder in the Sixth Realm of God is not a weak person, he is also struggling and fighting, desperately, but useless, all the killing moves he lives are disturbed by the big hands, and then the cold big hands are always on his top of the head on.

Lin Fan put one hand on the head of Elder in the Sixth Realm of God, turned his head to Tianxi, smiled, and said: “You are really nothing, maybe the glory of the heavenly race is supported on you, so you His true strength has been exaggerated by others, so exaggerated that you can’t really see yourself clearly.”

Whether it’s the old fart at the end of the world, or the world-famous place outside the cape, or the many major repairs that are within this ten thousand li area, they all looked towards this place quietly.

In this scene, no one was even talking about it.

They are really strong.

These two people, are you afraid that they really represent the strongest generation of this era?

It is said that Asura King does not reach longevity. When it comes to this realm, it seems that it is not wrong to divide the same generation by longevity.

But now they are even more curious…

What would Xi do this day?

In his presence, murdered!

So… will he break his right arm?

Tianxi no longer roared, no longer roared, her eyes were distorted expressions of confusion.

Is it true?

He is not so good.

Just because of the glory and blessings of the heavenly clan and his father, will the world respect him and fear him?

But soon, his eyes regained clarity, and there was a sword light shining, and he cut his right arm!

He really did that, he would do what he said, and cut off his right arm.

“Come, let’s fight.” Tianxi said, holding the knife in her left hand and pointed it between Lin Fan’s brow.

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes: “This is unfair to you.”

“hehe… a head-on battle, one hand and two hands are no different to me.”

Tianxi is as confident as ever.

The hesitation, struggle, etc. just now were all removed by him arrogantly.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Sure enough, he is a handsome man. He just wants to plant a seed of doubt in Xi Xi’s heart this day and plant the shadow of failure, but no, this humanity is strong and strong.

“Well, fight with you.”

Lin Fan spoke, and slowly dragged the knife towards Tianxi.

“You once said one move to kill me, but I will give you three moves.” Lin Fan said softly, “I will give you three moves. After the three moves, no matter whether you win or lose, I will go. The world…no one can keep it.”

Lin Fan’s sentence seems to have a meaning.

Sure enough, with a long sigh, this is the unknown Xeon: “Indeed, when you can’t see through your concealment magic, unless you use the clan weapon, the world is big, let you fly.”

Lin Fan did not speak, but looked towards Tianxi: “Three tricks.”

“How can you use three tricks? One trick can kill you.”

Tianxi Hah!

It seems that in front of the vocal position Xeon, he has lost his peace of mind.

Three tricks passed, Lin Fan’s silhouette completely disappeared.

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