Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3255

Tianxi laughed heartily, but suddenly, the eyebrows exploded, and a stream of blood splashed out. He staggered and retreated, and each step would cough and choke blood.

He was wounded.

But it’s as if I didn’t feel the pain, but my eyes were blank, and I kept repeating—I lost? Did I lose?

He was indeed a slight loser.

It’s just because Lin Fan doesn’t at all take advantage of him, and Lin Fan only used one hand in the three attacks.

“How could I be inferior to you!”

Tianxi roars fiercely, and at the same time he takes out a divine talisman and engraves a divine runes on it-‘speed’

This is a supernatural rune.

It is refined by the gods and bestowed on the offspring. After the take out talisman, people can break through the sky in an instant, which is the best way to escape.

With a scream, Tianxi has news, and he rushes to his uncle Divine Race.

Lin Fan saw the divine runes that broke through Heaven and Earth, and also saw Tianxi that passed away like smoke.

complexion greatly changed, shouted in Divine Soul: “Lin Long!”

“I am here.”


“Divine Race 30 li away from Gushe.”

“Return to Gusher Divine Race quickly to block Tianxi’s visit.”

“Understand, rest assured.”

This conversation is very short, I am afraid it will not take a second.

Lin Fan’s face is dull and gloomy!

Xie is really too difficult to deal with this day.

The most terrifying thing with his cultivation base is that he is as careful as a hair.

Since when did he understood his relationship with Senluo World?

From this inference, the Celestial Clan has long known that the chaos in this world is planned and led by him alone, but maybe in some ways, it is in the interests of the Celestial Clan, so let it go.

Gu shot in Divine Race.

Tianxi not at all, any pass will directly enter the Divine Race Divine Mansion!

Gushe Divine Race suddenly made a big alarm, this is a warning of an enemy invasion!

The entire Gushe Divine Race is in riots, but everyone who can fight will be shot out in an instant, and the sky is full!

“Are you waiting to kill the deity?”

Tianxi standing proud in the sky, facing the people of Divine Race.

Gu She Jing eyes shrank.

“Dare to ask the Lord what is it? So that the Lord rushes into the palace.”

Gu Shejing narrowed her eyes and asked.

But he is sure that Tianxi must have come because of Lin Fan.

“Where is Muyi?”

Tianxi roared, and the whole Divine Race trembled three times under a roar.

Gu Shejing’s heart sank!

Sure enough!

He didn’t know what was going on with Lin Fan, he actually provoke this true god.

But without the slightest consideration, Lin Fan must be covered, his eyes narrowed, and he said: “Master Mu Yi has always been in the clan, and I don’t know what has disturbed the Lord.”

Tianxi said with a malicious smile: “Gushe Jing, it’s best to think clearly about speaking. Are you sure Mu Yi is in this Gushe Divine Race? If the deity finds out that he is not there, you can shoot Divine Race Bear the price of this lie?”

Gu She Jing complexion slightly changed!

Where is Mu Yi now?

Where does he know?

That is an absolutely free man.

Suddenly, his pupils shrank sharply!

Could it be…

Is that the shocking battle just now?

“jié jié…you can’t guarantee it? Then get out of the way! The deity must thoroughly investigate this Divine Race.” Tianxi roared.

He is more certain.

Lin Fan is definitely not going to shoot Divine Race.

As long as he caught evidence that Lin Fan did not shoot Divine Race, he had some methods and means to force Lin Fan to subdue. Forcing Lin Fan to admit that he had to fight against him was his deity!

“Tianxi, I haven’t seen you for a long time, your temper is getting bigger.”

Suddenly, there was a cold female voice.

Tianxi’s pupils shrank sharply and suddenly turned back, saying: “Chasing the moon?”

Of course, Liu Chaiyue came out.

She received a subpoena from Lin Fan and asked her to reach for a moment. Just a moment is enough. Lin Long has already entered the clan, and only needs to appear from a suitable place to round out the lie.

“I don’t know why you are looking for my Husband.” Chaiyue looked at Tianxi coldly, and said: “Well, he is also my Divine Race Prince Consort. You are overbearing like this, don’t you think it’s too much?”

Tianxi’s eyes narrowed: “Chasing the moon younger sister, you should know that no one can stop me, including you.”

“Hehe, your honor is really too much… the wife of the master, you are so affectionate, but you want a fight?”

Lin Long is here.

He didn’t hesitate to urge the valley to increase the speed to the extreme. Even now, the breath has not been adjusted and calmed down, but it has been forced.

“Are you in the clan?”

Tianxi’s pupils suddenly enlarged!

No sense!

Really makes no sense.

If the person who fought with him is really Mu Yi, how could he appear in Gushe Divine Race during this time period?

But if the person who fought with him is really not Mu Yi, then, who is the intelligence he has been targeting?

Is it really the second king?


“Mu Yi…”

Tianxi’s eyes narrowed, and he unexpectedly appeared with double pupils at this moment, shooting out two cold brilliance, and spotlighting on Lin Long.

“Tianxi, you passed!”

Lin Long stopped drinking, and raised his hand to cut off the two brilliance, Bingsen said: “Really you are a leather dish? This Venerable also is free to visit?”

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