Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3256


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Tianxi is in the roar!

Can’t believe this scene!

This wood is easy to appear, and he detected that there is no injury on his body, Essence, Qi, and Spirit are all at the top.

This is strange and incredible.

Tianxi is sure that in those three moves against her, that person must have been injured, and it is impossible to harm him!

“What the hell is going on!”

Tianxi is howling angrily and can’t figure out why this happened.

Are you really wrong?

From at first, he was preconceived, and then he mistakenly mistaken the True King of Senluo realm for this Muyi, which led to this humiliation and defeat!

“What the hell is going on? Who can tell me!”

He is really stunned!

On the one hand, the subordinates who controlled their lives and deaths returned the confirmation news.

But Mu Yi stood in front of him nicely, who should he believe?

“What are you screaming at here?” Lin Long complexion ashen, coldly said: “Can the heavens be able to break into the palaces of other peoples? Can I think that your heavens are scorning Divine Race, Or are you Tianxi going to shoot Divine Race?”

He pressed, his eyes were too cold and severe, and he stared directly at Tianxi, as if to kill.

“Shut up!”

Tianxi roared, the twisted color in her eyes even worse!

“Shut up?” Lin Long’s eyes were weird, and then said with a malicious smile: “Forced into someone else’s home, but the owner is not allowed to speak, not to speak, your heavenly clan is so majestic, so grand, if so What I know is pretty good. It seems that the Celestial Clan doesn’t have the right to break into another clan, right?

“The deity told you to shut up!”

Tianxi was furious, and raised his left hand to suppress and kill Lin Long.


Lin Long raised his hand to greet him and made a rumbling sound.

“Why? Do you want to kill someone by breaking into another clan? Who gave you the courage?”

Lin Long grinned, then said: “Tianxi, you passed.”

Tianxi’s face is getting more and more ferocious and terrifying!

He was caught in that strange thinking circle and never came out.

Is thinking, what is wrong, or is it wrong from the beginning?

“Tian Xisun, if you are still so domineering, I have no choice but to do it and take you back to the Celestial Clan to wait for the Celestial patriarch to fall.”

Gu Shejing also sneered, and said: “Even if my Gu She Divine Race is down and down, but it is always a bit dignified and will not be trampled by anyone.”

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up all of you!”

In Tianxi’s eyes, a bloody brilliance came, he stared at Lin Long grimly, angrily roared: “The deity still doesn’t believe it, he is impossible to lie to me!”

His silhouette disappeared in an instant, and when he reappeared, he actually appeared beside Lin Long. He stuck out a big hand and buckled Lin Long’s shoulder.

Lin Long’s eyes showed ridicule, and a layer of fine dragon scales suddenly grew out of his shoulders, and Tianxi’s big hand grabbed it, and it turned out to be splashed with fire.

“Are you really going to fight?”

Lin Long blasted a soft strong wind to chase the moon away, and then struck the sky with one hand, ka-cha, a thousand zhang silver lightning fell from the nine heavens, and then turned into a True Dragon. Coming towards Tianxi, baring fangs and brandishing claws, the dragon’s eyes are dense and blood red, and it is extremely infiltrating.

“It’s not you…not you…how could it not be you?”

Tianxi’s eyes are even more confused and struggling.

He roared, it turned out to be a True Dragon that came to him, transformed into a Divine Thunder, and burst open.

“How could it not be you!”

There is another roar, Tianxi retreats a thirty thousand zhang, and stands at the outermost part of the Divine Race Temple of Gushe.

At the moment of the fight, he again tested out that Lin Long did not have any internal injuries on his body, and even every strand of hair was so perfect and flawless.

This is not the man who fought him at all.

In this case, it can only prove that he was indeed wrong, very wrong.

“Heh… the deity understood.”

Lin Long smiled and looked at Tianxi mockingly, his eyes fixed on his self-slashing right arm, and said: “I was chopped off by someone, so I wanted to find a place here? You made a mistake. Attention, can you really be deceived by the deity? Come on, don’t you have to fight against me long ago? Come on, I will perfect you.”

Lunar calendar of Tianxi eyes.

But he didn’t speak, he flashed once again, and went out of the Divine Race God’s Mansion, which disappeared.

Lin Long let out a long breath!

This difficulty is over!

But it’s really dangerous and dangerous, even if one of them is missing.

If it weren’t for him to just return from the realm of the sun, if it’s not that Divine Race is just a stone’s throw away, if it’s not for the moment of delay in chasing the moon and giving him a chance to hide into the pill room, he will be caught Xi grabbed it this day.

When the time comes, I am afraid that boundless Calamity Tribulation will come.

“Sir…Did you do it?”

Gu Shejing spoke, and he lowered his voice to ensure that no one except Lin Long, Chaiyue, and him could listen.

Lin Long narrowed his eyes, smiled and looked towards Gu Shejing, and said: “The deity…I don’t know what you are referring to.”

Gu Shejing also laughed, laughed heartily, and said: “I know, definitely not the husband. The husband has always been in the clan, and he has been pill concocting in Pill Recipe. He has never left the palace for half a step. Of.”

Lin Long nodded, then turned around with Chasing Moon and headed towards the floating island.

“Good risk.”

After Lin Long left, Gu Shejing wiped the cold sweat that hadn’t come out until then.

On the floating island.

“He is understood.” Lin Long looked gloomy and heavy.

Lin Fan said: “He is okay understood.”

Lin Long narrowed his eyes and said: “I know it’s okay, but I always feel it’s wrong. It’s like a pigtail being caught.”

Lin Fan shook his head and said: “Don’t worry, at least until his aunt Divine Race has not recovered all his glory, he is impossible against me. No matter what, as long as the real genocide is not touched, he will You and I stand aside.”

Chasing the moon said: “Can you be more careful in the future? It really worries us, that kind of battlefield, that kind of compact killing is too scary, we are all worried.”

Lin Long glanced at Lin Fan, twitched his lips and left.

Lin Fan said with a smile: “It’s a real risk this time. I just wanted to save Yaksha beforehand, but I really went deep into the game and realized that all this was for me.”

Chasing the moon trembling in fear, said: “Does anyone know your true roots? Or has the relationship between you and Rakshasa been confirmed?”

The expression in Lin Fan’s eyes became cold: “Someone should have reported all kinds of things to Tianxi, so Tianxi set up a strategy against me.”

Chaeyue’s eyes are even more worried.

Lin Fan suddenly sneered and said: “Actually, today’s catastrophe is vicious, but it is a surprise, and I am afraid that from now on, I am afraid that I will fall into self-doubt. I dare not confirm it, at least it can dispel it. There are so many suspicions in his heart about me. This is a great thing and I can make good use of it.”

“Tianxi won’t give up unless he achieves his goal. You really have to be careful. He is an all-rounder. The ancestors praised him more than once.”

Liu Chaiyue spoke, and then faintly said: “In fact, Tianxi is the husband-in-law that the ancestor had always wanted to find for me.”

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