Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3257


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“Yo…Rival in love?”

Lin Fan looked at Chayue jokingly.

Qiuyue’s face flushed suddenly.

Lin Fan laughed, pretending to be furious, and said: “I knew this had happened. I really should have cut one of his ears today, or he should have scored dozens of knives on his face.” /p>

Qiuyue has a red face.

Too embarrassed.

“I don’t want to talk to you anymore. I won’t talk to you tomorrow, so don’t come to me.”

Qiuyue screamed for a while before she said this threatening remark.

It’s just that she blushes, and she adds soft words, which is completely ineffective.

Lin Fan laughed, pecked fiercely on her rosy lips, bewitchingly said: “Are you sure I won’t come to you at night?”

Qiuyue’s face turned redder.

“Are you bullying Qiuyue younger sister again?”

Qingcheng is here, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

During this period, Lin Fan’s favorite thing is to tease Qiuyue, whether it is in the boudoir or in no one.

Lin Fan has embarrassment on his face.

“Sister Qingcheng…”

Qiuyue spoke, pursing her red lips, and said: “We will ignore him.”

Qingcheng said angrily: “Every time you encourage the sisters to ignore the Husband, you are the first to put him in his arms every time, or sneak into his room in the dark. Do you really think the sisters don’t know?”


Qiuyue covered her face with her hands, she had no face to see people, angrily said: “It is clear that this bad guy is playing tricks on me in every way.”

“He can’t resist you into the room, right?” Wu Qingcheng smiled.

Chasing the moon almost buried his head in his feet.

She actually thought about it carefully, wishing to get pregnant in the shortest time.

Because she has a hunch that she will leave this world.

So I very much hope that Liu Yingshu can see her child when she leaves, even if she takes a look.

“If you ignore you, you will bully others.”

Chasing the moon, this little girl panting with rage, is actually disguising the embarrassment in her heart. She ran out all the way.

Lin Fan smiled, then looked towards Qingcheng, stroked his robe, and motioned Qingcheng to sit down.

Qingcheng fiercely glared at him and said: “I’m here to talk business with you, not to mess with you.”

“Very wrong, I just think the carved Wannian Nanmu chair is too hard. I want to provide you with the most comfortable seat, without any other thoughts.”

Lin Fan spoke seriously and earnestly, with an upright gentleman on his face.

“Do you believe this?” Wu Qingcheng glanced at Lin Fan, and said: “Whenever I sit down, I am afraid that I will put my hands down, when the time comes, what business will I talk about?”

“You can’t live this day. You each and everyone have become refined, and you won’t want to eat at the slightest loss. I was too clear by you.”

Lin Fan has a bitter face, he’s making trouble.

Wu Qingcheng fiercely glared at him, and said, “Do you want to discuss things? If you don’t need me to go back, the past few days, the sisters are all knitting cute little clothes for the baby who will be born. Where do you come from? Fooling around with you at your time.”

Lin Fan rolled the eyes and said, “I don’t know whether those two little things are male or female. Besides, why bother? When the time comes, they cut some mother gold and weave a set of mother gold swaddling clothes for them. Isn’t clothes better?”

“Go away, where do you understand the thoughts of a woman’s family?” Wu Qingcheng said in an annoyed manner, and then said: “Since you don’t talk about things, you have thought about it, then I will go first.” /p>

Wu Qingcheng will certainly not be like other women, but whenever Lin Fan acts like a baby or a rascal, he will obediently submit.

She sees Lin Fan too thoroughly and clearly.

“Wait.” Lin Fan looked resentful, the same as a woman of hundreds of years.

Wu Qingcheng thought it was funny; of course, it was more warm.

The name of Mu Yi, whenever it is mentioned, the entire Primal Chaos World will tremble.

But in front of women like them, there has never been the slightest change.

Wu Qingcheng sat down and was three chairs away from Lin Fan.

“Is it necessary to be this far?” Lin Fan sighed and said: “Qingcheng, you are getting worse.”

“If you have something to say, don’t delay me, my picture of flying to the moon is much worse.” Wu Qingcheng glared at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan shrugged and said, “Okay.”

Wu Qingcheng narrowed his eyes and said: “How do you arrange it?”

“How else can I arrange it? It’s nothing more than a bloody kill.” An angry look appeared in Lin Fan’s eyes!

When it comes to business matters, these two people are unambiguous, just like the tenderness and laughter just rushed away.

Wu Qingcheng frowned, and said: “Are you arrogant killing?”

Lin Fan said with a sneer: “How could it be said that it was a brutal killing? It should be normal revenge.”

Wu Qingcheng frowned, and Lin Fan said: “Don’t you think that the two kings of the dignified forest world were killed in ambush and almost died, so just give up?”

Wu Qingcheng shook his head and said: “Of course I don’t think so. If you really choose to calm down, it will be even more inappropriate and will arouse people’s suspicion. If you really bear it, this is not in line with the way of doing things in the Senluo world.”

Lin Fan nodded.

Wu Qingcheng said: “I’m just thinking, can I make this revenge more sensational, bloodier, and simply expand the situation to the maximum.”

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and said, “You said it.”

Wu Qingcheng said: “We can do this…”

After a long while, Lin Fan was nodded: “This way, not only can Tianxi’s suspicion on me be completely eliminated, but also Divine Race can be eliminated, which is very good.”

Wu Qingcheng smiled proudly and said: “Is there any bad reason for the method that my palace has come up with?”

Lin Fan laughed, his speed is extremely fast, like a wind sweeping, Qingcheng is already on his shoulders, laughed heartily: “Madam, please let me be a lady of the village?”

Qingcheng blushed, constantly hammering the fan fist fiercely on Lin Fan’s back, and said: “It’s day, and many sisters are still waiting for me.”

“hmph! Do those women dare to disturb Husband’s Yaxing? Annoy me, except for Qingyue and Qingluan, all of them have come to rectify the Fa!”

Lin Fan jié jié laughed, like a flower picker, like a big devil, and then lowered his voice, bewildered: “Besides, you have been humbled by her, do you really want to Husband me?”

The eyes of Allure are as charming as water.

She… why not?

I just thought I already had a daughter.

Just let Leyao and Lin Fan get closer.

This is Pill Recipe.

Beside the pill furnace, there is a bed. This is for Lin Fan pill concocting to rest after getting tired, but at this time, it has a better use.

Sin Luo world.

Rakshasa has a gloomy face!

When I learned from Lin Long, because of the news sent by the Sun Luo world bullets, Lin Fan was almost robbed. She ordered the Eighteen Slaughter Order in a day, and the whole Sun Luo world was faltering with wind and rain. , Wan Ling trembled.

Ning killed a thousand by mistake, not missing one person!

This is the meaning of King Rakshasa, and it is also the purpose of Yaksha King.

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