Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3258


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Sin Luo world, the wind is bleak, all souls are rustling!

As the only emperor in the forest world, Rakshasa’s words and deeds can easily stir the wind and the rain, and it can be Heaven and Earth Reversal.

Only the first day the order was issued, the Yaksha King actually caught hundreds of people!

All of these hundreds of people have been found out, none of them are innocent, they are all spies sent by outsiders.

Of course, some of these people may have not had time to send news to the outside world, or they may have been in this world for thousands of years and have never sent any news to the outside world.

But this doesn’t prove that these people really regard Senluojie as their home. Maybe it’s just because the master behind them has no use for them.

When there is a paper order, these people may immediately turn back and notify the outside world of the news of the Sun Luo world.

So, they are dead.

On the second day, Yaksha King found out four more clans.

These four big clans can be said to be deeply ingrained in the Senluo realm. They took root in the double imperial city. After thousands of years, they were finally pulled out by the Yaksha King and found out their most original roots.

So, they too are dead.

All are destroyed.


For half a month, the turmoil in the forest world has been raging, and almost every family has closed their doors, but they dare not open the door to minimize the needs of life.

But this strangulation and cleaning will always come to an end.

So Rakshasa just strictly ordered Xiaoyou to investigate the world during this period of time, so as not to cause any troubles, apart from this, there is no more requirement.

While the turmoil of the forest world is raging, the chaos begins Divine Race, and the same is true, even worse.

In the beginning of the Divine Race, there is a piece of plain.

The hundreds of people who died were all Peak cultivators, so too many people used them as their blood source.

The entire beginning of the Divine Race was covered with a sorrowful cloud.

But everyone who started Divine Race knows that this is only the beginning of sorrow, not the end.

Everyone knows that the revenge of the Senluo Realm will come, and when the revenge comes, it must be foul wind and bloody rain, it must be gloomy and gloomy. I don’t know how many clansman are still in revenge.

The Chamber.

The first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race seemed to be many years old in this short half month. He was silent, looking towards the people below.

This discussion hall can only be entered by clansman in the realm of gods. Each chair represents a clansman.

The powerhouse was crowded by black people.

But now, there is a lot of space left.

“Ancestor, this is the disaster of the heavens, why should we start Divine Race to bear for them?”

An Elder roared with tears in his eyes, and screamed: “Isn’t Tianxi very strong? Isn’t he very capable? Why didn’t he dare to come forward to fight against the disaster he caused!”

“That’s right! This incident has nothing to do with the Divine Race, and it’s just Tianxi!”

“The ancestors, we must make a statement to the heavenly race, bully intolerably! After causing this great disaster, pat the ass and leave, how innocent I started Divine Race!”

Each and everyone Elder was so angry that they couldn’t do it, and the murderous aura soared to the extreme.

“Are you asking me to go to the Celestial Clan to claim responsibility? Or are you going to ask for compensation from this Clan?”

The ancestor of Hajime Divine Race lightly spoke lightly, and then gave a tragic laugh, and said: “Do you think that if I really go, really ask for the crime, and ask for so-called compensation, what will happen?”

What will happen?

There are nothing more than three.

The first one was directly thrown out by the Celestial Clan.

The second one was invited out by the Celestial Clan.

The third one is very serious, and may be directly detained by the violent Celestial Clan for unwarranted charges.

“The first ancestor… I am embarrassed since Divine Race!”


each and everyone Elder yelled, heartbroken.

The first ancestor of Divine Race was silent.

Another Elder said: “Ancestor, we really dare not go to the Celestial Clan to inquire about sins, but we can go to the Senluo Realm to explain and clarify our frustration!”

“Yes! It should be so!”

“The twin emperors who want to come to the Senluo realm are not unreasonable people, nor are they weak and afraid of things.”


Divine Race Divine Race ancestor Yin said with a smile: “My race dare not go to the Celestial race to find the bad luck of this race, do you dare to do so? nature, what about the emperor?”

“Could it be that when I started Divine Race, I really could only passively wait for the butcher knife to be cut down?”

Someone yelled.

The first ancestor of Divine Race closed his eyes painfully, and said: “Abandon all areas, resources, minerals, and business roads that are 3000 li away from the gods, and find all clansman outside the clan… to avoid the war.”


Elder growled lowly.

The first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race sighed: “This may be shameful and the loss will be great, but I really don’t want to see the Manchus do their best, and there are crying all over… Lost resources, mineral veins, one day I can take away Come back, but the dead will never come back again.”

At this moment, there was a Divine Race subordinate who stumbled into the chamber, his face looked terrified, and his feet hurried.

He stumbled on the threshold and fell to the ground, gu lu lu rolled forward.

All the people in the whole chamber started Divine Race, and my heart sank!

Are you here?

“The ancestor…Twenty people in the 1300 Tianyan mine vein, all dead.”

The head of the man who came to report was stuck on the ground, and he did not dare to look up!

The first ancestor of Divine Race closed his eyes.

The time to come, after all, came, sighed, and said: “Is it so fast? Originally I just wanted to give those clansman the last ride…”

Tianyan mineral vein.

1300 Divine Race clansman at the beginning of the 20th century, all dead!

Except for the absenteeism of the foreign surname, no one was left alive.

The first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race is just above the veins. He looked at each and everyone clansman lying in a pool of blood.

Then, I looked towards those big characters built out of bones-Divine Race, this is the beginning!

“Sinluo, every injustice has its perpetrator, is it possible that you don’t know the root cause of this? What choice do I have when I started Divine Race? Or, the kings and the twin emperors of the Snluo world are just bullying and fearing hardship after all Generation!”

The first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race spoke lowly, but he knew that someone from the Senluo world would hear it.

Standing quietly in the sky, the ancestor of the Divine Race faintly said: “The Divine Race is supported by the deity. You cut me, and the Divine Race is bound to die. Why not take me as a goal?”

Of course he won’t be ignored.

Just when the ancestors of Haji Divine Race were far away from the divine palace, when they headed to the mine vein, Xiao Zuo and Lin Long personally led the team. There was a team of more than two hundred people, composed entirely of Heaven Grade killers, and had entered the Divine Race divine palace. Outside.

Lin Long stared coldly at the towering mountain gate ahead, with a grin, the Dragon King sword pointed forward, and suddenly fell to the black silhouette, cutting through time and space, and rushing towards the gate of Shenfu Mountain.

“Enemy attack!”

“Enemy Attack!”


I have to say that the alertness of Hajime Divine Race is too terrifying, and when the silhouettes of these killers occasionally appear, there are sharp sirens.

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