Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3259


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A violent scream.

Lin Long’s silhouette turned out to be integrated into the Dragon King’s sword like water, and then a seven-clawed Divine Dragon suddenly appeared in front of the gate of Haji Divine Race, crowded with the sky, and it was even more than many mountains!


Dragon roar bursts, everywhere all is dragon shadow; dragon scales are rugged, reflecting the sky.

Bang, the chaos begins. The gate of Divine Race trembles violently, as if it is about to collapse!

“A group of fanatics tried to break through the gate of our race? Wishful thinking!”

Since the Divine Race top executives came, the murderous aura was awe-inspiring, but he never stepped out of the mountain gate, but shrank inside the mountain gate, staring viciously and viciously at the terrifying Divine Dragon.

At the beginning, the Clan Protecting Great Array of Divine Race was really horrible. Even if Lin Long completely motivated the power of the Dragon King’s sword, he could not break through the seemingly thin layer of chaotic fog in a very short time!

Also, when Lin Long attacked Clan Protecting Great Array, a magic mirror appeared from time to time on the highest floating island of Divine Race, ups and downs.

But Lin Long saw that the entire chaos Divine Race’s Clan Protecting Great Array was actually based on this mirror.

“hahaha…come! Arrogant child, the deity is standing here, come and kill me!”

An Elder laughed and danced. He pointed at the Divine Dragon that Lin Long had turned into.


Suddenly, a terrifying sword light pierced Chaos Energy into a very small crack, and then the surging sword light came to death and cut towards the laughing Elder’s brow.


This Elder roar!

He didn’t believe him when he was killed.

This group of ants and field mice in the Slow World can break through this Clan Protecting Great Array and cut a sword directly at him!

“get lost! ”

Elder roared, both of his hands blocked his eyebrows for an instant, and there was a pair of dark gloves on his palms.

This is his soldier, giving him infinite attack and killing power, while also sheltering his pair of fists.

“Want to kill the deity? You can’t come in person!”

He roared wildly, and as a result, pu’ sound, his fist cracked, the sword intent pierced his palms, and the point of the sword blasted his eyebrows.

The whole body of this Elder suddenly startled, his eyes are astonished and unbelievable, but soon, all the gods in his eyes disappeared, turning into emptiness and silence, and he tilted his head back and fell straight to the ground.



A group of Elders around roared, and they were all cracking.


“Quick Back!”

“No one is allowed to approach the mountain gate hundred zhang, otherwise the family law waits!”

Elder gave the order quickly, and stared at the Divine Dragon that was still raging with fear!

Is this another king of the Senluo Realm?

Why is it so scary?

But it seems that none of the four kings of the Senluo Realm exists.

Could it be the new king?

At this time, hundreds of thousands li far away.


With a roar, it suddenly exploded, and the entire Tianyan vein was shaking, and many mines collapsed!

“Mouses shame me!”

The first ancestor of Divine Race roared.

He was caught in the plan to lured the tiger away from the mountain.

The meteor rushes to the moon, and the ancestor of Divine Race cut through space, condensed time and space, and stepped out in one step, which means millions and millions of mountains and rivers pass by.

The Divine Dragon that Lin Long turned into was distorted, and then the real body was revealed again. Of course, what appeared in front of everyone was the face after disguise, with a face of unwillingness and anger, and roared: “Divine Race, a group of coward that’s all , Also with the name of Divine Race?”

“The rat generation will leave, and come to fight with the old man, kill all of you!”

Si Divine Race, the ancestor roars, he is here, his real body is still billions of miles away, but his soul is reflected here!

With a buzz, he shook Lin Long directly.

The clouds distorted, the earth collapsed, and a huge handprint slowly shook down from the sky.


Lin Long shouted, and slapped up a palm as much as possible, temporarily slowing down the speed of the palm, and successfully delayed the assassin’s departure for a second.


Lin Long coughed up blood, but he succeeded in retreating. When Hajime Divine Race arrived, he had completely disappeared.

On a mountain top far away.

Lin Long’s silhouette appeared, sneered, and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth.

“Old waste, my mouthful of blood may confuse you?”

He whispered.

Lin Long was injured pretendingly, and the blood he coughed up was forced out by himself.

Soon, worry appeared in his eyes.

He and Lin Fan, of course, will not be so stupid that they really want to capture the Divine Race Palace, and they have never expected that they will be able to break the Divine Race Palace.

If it is really that simple, I am afraid that Hajime Divine Race would have been destroyed hundreds of times.

Where is this 100,000 years of glory possible?

The reason for such an exciting attack is just to send Lin Fan into the Divine Race.

Beginning in Divine Race.

Lin Fan was sent in with a sword by Lin Long. At this time, he hid below 30,000 feet underground. All his auras were shielded by him, and he suppressed himself with the help of the thunder pool to ensure that all his auras would not escape. Leak the slightest.



The first ancestor of Divine Race returns.

I saw the blood corpse surrounded by the crowd at first sight, and didn’t speak for a long while.

After that, he looked up at the tiny crack that was cracked, his eyes narrowed slightly.

“The ancestors, the gangsters were rampant, and they dared to hope to break through the gates of our race and enter the mansion of our race.”


“Ancestor, where is anyone beaten to the door of the house without fighting back?”

The ancestor of Hajime Divine Race stood quietly, and said after a long while: “They are not worried, they can’t even hold a palm of my soul shadow, but if they really meet on the battlefield, within three moves, they can cut that one. Small dragon, just wait for now, don’t go out, otherwise life and death will be unpredictable.

As long as you stay firmly in the clan, and forgive him that there is nothing to do in the Senluo world. A group of clown that’s all, the two emperors will not come out. In either class, none of them can fight.”

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