Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3260


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Start Divine Race, dare to use chaos as the prefix, and there is a word “beginning” at the front of the race group, which is grandeur.

At this time, Lin Fan was in the clan and felt even more amazing. There were clouds steaming and Xia Wei everywhere, and there were beautiful mountains and rivers everywhere. This is a treasure of Supreme. After careful investigation, Lin Fan was horrified!

This is the Supreme immortal spirit land of Nine Dragon Guards Yizhu.

Eight Dragon Veins, which are spread over ten thousand li, come from all directions. This is very conspicuous and generally speaking, but anyone who knows a little bit of Feng Shui can see it.

But this is not the extreme terrain of this place. There is also a dragon hidden in the haze of chaos. Coming from nine days, Lin Fan sees it with rune’s eyes. It is a nine-claw True Dragon that has condensed the sky. Jia Senran, the dragon eyes closed tightly, as if nap.

“Not right.”

Lin Fan frowned suddenly.

This dragon is supposed to be imaginary, but it can only take on its shape, impossible to change, as if to become a real creature.

God forbid.

This is also the rule of the sky.

The Dragon Vein in the starry sky has grown to this step, very heaven defying.

Is it not watching for a while? So did not lower the Calamity Tribulation in time?

Lin Fan changed his angle, looked again, and horrified: “Who has the courage to set up such a heaven defying array, with the Spiritual Qi living in the Divine Race divine mansion for a long time as a screen. Isolate Heavenly Dao’s prying eyes and help this True Dragon. If he really becomes a real creature, made in Heaven and arranged by Earth, Zhong Heaven and Earth is a spirit show, I am afraid that he can be born and invincible, and there is none in the long river of history. Few people are the enemy.”

Lin Fan have one’s hair stand on end.

Which sage’s great generosity is this?

This kind of plan, it takes millions of years to see some results, and even if you really want to see the roots of this plan, you need to count with the era. If you want to wait for its blossom and fruit, I am afraid that the era needs to be destroyed. Just drop hundreds of times. ,

“A God’s handwriting?”

Lin Fan was shocked. He watched carefully. After a moment, he said: “The Nine Dragons guards a pearl, but the Nine Dragons are already visible. Where is the one?”

Lin Fan as it should be by rights looked at the floating island at the highest point, and searched all the way to 30,000 feet underground, but didn’t notice the location of this’bead’. Suddenly, a bunch of moonflowers were reflected. Back to nine heavens above.

“Is it? The magic mirror of Divine Race?”

Lin Fan was really shocked, terrified!

Nine Dragons guards a pearl, as a human being, everything is for the overhaul of life.

But in the beginning of the Divine Race, the opposite was true. The nine Dragon Veins were condensed and the heavenly blade perception was blocked by the medium of all spirits, which was actually just to achieve the magic mirror.

This is incredible.

In the eyes of Lin Fan at least, any heavy weapon, Supreme Treasure, etc., should only serve people, and always impossible above living things.

But this scene at this time overthrew his inherent cognition.


Lin Fan moved his gaze inch by inch, staring at the True Dragon, and then said in horror: “Is this magic mirror prepared for you?”

The True Dragon, which seems to be dozing and sleeping, is of course impossible to answer Lin Fan’s question.

But Lin Fan is more and more convinced of the guess that he suddenly appeared in his mind.

It must be so.

This Divine Dragon can be said to be a real immortal spirit. It is born and cultivated. It will last for at least millions of years in the world, and it is one of the most strange Dragon Vein in this world. I am afraid that it contains it. Supreme Great Dao.

With the arrangement of the sages, these great formations will be supplemented. After they become real creatures, they will be accompanied by a mirror of growth, fearing that it will really break through the past and present, and they can fight against the gods at any time across time and space. .

“Who on earth is working hard to make this happen regardless of the epoch as the unit of measurement?”

Lin Fan’s expression is very complicated, can’t figure it out, can’t see through.

The higher the cultivation base, the more he feels that he knows too little.


Lin Fan was surprised, and then said with a sneer: “I’m afraid that even the Divine Race was deceived in the beginning. I don’t even know that the great good fortune, which should have belonged to them, was arbitrarily taken away from the house. Right?”

He walked forward, going to look in the mirror.

This is very risky.

But there are no other methods, just because Gu Shejing once said that the reason why Hajime Divine Race was able to imprison and suppress the sun shooting divine bow was because of the same ultimate weapon and supplemented by many background suppressions. .

After searching the entire Divine Race and there is no trace, I can only take a risk.

The mirror is unnamed.

So far, this magic mirror is also the most mysterious and most unknown ultimate weapon in the entire Primal Chaos World.

He is black, even a mirror, floating in Chaos Energy, like a black hole being held up and down by endless Xia Wei from time to time.

Lin Fan was frightened, this magic mirror is really worthy of a magic word!

Even in cultivation, autonomously vomiting the sun and the moon and Heaven and Earth Essence, and nourishing yourself in tempering avenue debris.

“Someone moved their hands or feet?”

Lin Fan came to a distance of less than three hundred feet from the mirror. He discovered that the Great Power of the World’s horror array had been modified in the most subtle ways, which led to this plan for hundreds of millions of years. The big plan has changed.

“Good means! I also said how could someone be so kind, letting go of the great opportunity of Seizing Heaven and Earth Good Fortune, regardless of the need to fulfill this Dragon Vein, it turns out that the back hand has long been buried in the big formation .”

Lin Fan sighed, and then looked towards the True Dragon that only manifested in the eyes of rune, sighed: “You have Good Fortune of Heaven and Earth, and everything in this radius is millions and millions li Living beings are your nourishment, but in the end your result is very sad, I want to be a wedding dress.”

Lin Fan’s figure disappeared in an instant. He found a starry sky Sanshenghua at the most unremarkable place at the very edge of Divine Race.

This starry sky three-flowered flower is indistinguishable from weeds. Even the most experienced Pill Master will make a mistake without checking.

But it can be undefeated forever and never fade. Of course, this is a beautiful premise without human factors.

“Really good method.” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, he moved forward with one hand, and plunged into time and space, as if he had moved something, a small golden portal flashed away, and Lin Fan disappeared!

This is a not-so-wide space-time cave, which was laid before millions and millions years.

In this, there is no decoration, only a long altar carved with Primal Chaos Stone!

On this altar, there is a lifelike True Dragon. His four dragon claws are fastened firmly by chains made of mother gold, and the reverse scale is also nailed by a blood-colored silk thread, connecting to the unknown. Place.

At this time, the True Dragon was roaring and struggling. The dragon’s eyes were full of viciousness and hatred. I wish I could swallow Lin Fan alive.

Lin Fan was silent. He saw more than one pit on the Primal Chaos Stone, and there were patches of dragon scales running across the dragon’s blood in this pit.

“Is this suicide?”

Lin Fan whispered.

At this moment, he was actually lamenting for the dragon.

From birth to death, even under the control of others, this is indeed the worst major event in the world.

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