Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3261


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Don’t blame Lin Fan for giving birth to this Divine Dragon idea of ​​suicide in the first place.

Because of this, there are no more creatures except this dragon soul.

If it weren’t for its autonomy, how could there be that many blood-stained potholes in this chaotic history?

“I’m not free…or rather die, it’s so powerful.”

Lin Fan sighed in a low voice.

You know, this is Primal Chaos Stone, a kind of mother gold. Although it is full of weirdness and unknown, no one can deny its hardness and hardness. If it is not too taboo, it is enough to sacrifice the ultimate weapon of heaven defying.

But even so, each and everyone potholes appeared.

Think of the strength of this dragon soul’s death ambition.

Unfortunately, he was born and born. For the rest of the cultivator, he has the same life expectancy as Heaven and Earth. He is at your fingertips. I never thought that this is enough to make this world’s millions and millions of creatures envy the ultimate luxury, but at this time It became a burden, and became the most annoying innate talent of this dragon soul.

“You should not hate me, this matter has nothing to do with me.”

Lin Fan looked at the dragon soul and inadvertently saw its dragon claw, there were seven dragon claws in total, and another one was also growing.

The pupils shrink slightly.

Lin Fan exclaimed, this is equivalent to at least Old Ancestor Level creatures. If they grow a claw, they can be compared to the ancestor.

But the dragon soul, clearly nine claws is not its limit.


A deep dragon roar shook the space-time cave.

“I can help you.” Lin Fan looked at the angry dragon soul quietly.

He sounded abruptly. Why did he always feel wrong when he discovered the True Dragon from the outside world? Such a real body did not have any vitality.

But Lin Fan frowned quickly, thinking that the reason Heavenly Dao not at all noticed this place is also related to it, right?

Otherwise, if the dragon soul and the dragon body are both present, I am afraid that it would have been discovered long ago, or that it would have experienced tens of thousands of Heavenly Dao Thunder Tribulation.

The dragon soul is struggling, and the mother Gold Chain tied to its dragon claw is struck oh la la.

“I can really help you, I can’t help you live, but I can help you die.” Lin Fan smiled bitterly and apologized: “I really only have this ability. This is too big and scary, no matter what you plan to do. Whoever is, can easily blow me away in one breath. I can’t help you get out of trouble, but I can give you a medicine pill and make you die.”

Dragon Soul no longer struggles, but just looks at Lin Fan like this.

“Human, can you really help me? Whether you help me live or let me die, I am grateful and will give you great luck.”

The dragon soul seemed to be crazy. He directly sent Lin Fan out of the medicine pill and swallowed it. In an instant, black flames appeared on his golden-bright and dazzling dragon body.

This is the fire of Heaven and Earth, most aimed at Divine Soul, and there are nine cold flames roasting from the inside out.

The dragon soul showed pain, but still laughed wildly.

“Send the Buddha to the end…boy, let me borrow that old bastard thing to help you and see how far you can go!”

The dragon soul roared.

Actually, its cultivation base is really not high. If it is changed to another place, Lin Fan is confident that it will be equal to him.

But this place is the beginning of Divine Race, his birthplace.

Lin Fan felt that here, if the two most powerhouses of the Celestial Clan came, this dragon soul could barely fight.

What frightened Lin Fan the most was that the dragon soul summoned the illusory shadow of the sacred mirror, hanging down hundreds of millions of brilliance, enveloping him, and then, the dragon soul tempering his own Tao and essence, transformed The most pure surging essence also drowned Lin Fan.

“Are you going to hold me to death!”

Lin Fan roared in anger.

But soon, all this yelling disappeared and turned into a painful coldly snorted.

To die!

Those rules, the essence of Taoism between Heaven and Earth, etc., are drilling into his body within the body autonomously, even if he is only a rudimentary Tao fruit, they are all supported in an instant It exploded several times!

But every time he is blown up, he will quickly heal and be reborn with the help of the dragon soul.

This dragon soul is really invincible here. Lin Fan is even wondering whether he can compete with the powerhouses of the cultivation powerhouses in the world of Sun Luo.

“Hey… there is a heaven defying person who took that path.”

The Dragon Soul spoke words that Lin Fan didn’t understand.

“Since ancient times, one after another, but in the end how many people can go to the heavens?”

The Dragon Soul sighed, said with a malicious smile: “The old bastard must know that he didn’t have the ability to withstand the breakthrough, so he planned for hundreds of millions of times to enslave me as a servant.

It’s just that the old bastard thinks simply, even if I can really come to the expected and legendary step, with him, can I really fight the two in history? ridiculous! “

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