Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3262


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The golden dragon body of the dragon soul is shrinking at a speed visible to naked eye.

But the Dao Ze and so on that wrapped Lin Fan became thicker and thicker.

It’s dying.

This is Lin Fan’s feeling.

At this time, whenever he inhales, the spiritual Qi that is so intoxicating will turn into spirit strength. Water fills his mouth and throat.

Those Dao, etc., are even more terrifying. There is no need to understand, he just needs to read and see!

The reason is that these avenues and rules have all been interpreted by the dragon soul and turned into the most obvious and easy to understand rune. There is no need to clear comprehension, just rote memorization.

“It’s not bad…Who is the chosen one.”

The dragon soul sighed, and then said with a bitter smile: “I know the existence of those two, but how can they know that there is another admirer in this world?”


Time passes.

The dragon soul is about to disappear completely.

This is already the fourth day.

During these four days, the dragon soul became more and more shocked.

Of course I admire Lin Fan more and more!

Only because, in these four days, Lin Fan had at least dozens of breakthrough opportunities to enter the Sixth Realm of God, but he was given up by him, compressing his Taoist fruit more than once, and forcing him to return to his realm.

Only polished in Linshen Six.

There was a clear comprehension in Lin Fan’s battle that day.

Oneself can’t be called Invincible in the same realm.

This doesn’t work, it’s not the result he wants.

What he wants is to overpower the past, the present, and the future.

Because there are various signs that there will be a cruel battle that will affect All Heavens Myriad Realms in the future. Otherwise, why do Medicine God and Thor plan hard?

He even brought him from the water blue planet and gave him the ultimate Martial Spirit of Lightning Martial Spirit?

This can only prove that even with the horror of the two gods, at best it can only be equal to the enemy.

Even from the perspective of some long ago battlefields, the two gods are afraid that they are at a disadvantage.

Then, if he doesn’t have the strength to overpower the past, the present, and the future, even if he finds two gods one day, it will be just a reincarnation.

“Little Brat…I really want to see, after swallowing so many thousands of years of storage, where can you go, it’s a pity… can’t wait.”

Dragon Soul sighed, and then proudly said: “old bastard, after all, I was liberated! You have been planning forever, and it is a pity that you did not see you flustered and exasperated.”

But at this moment, the dragon soul that was already floating in the air was pulled back by a powerful force.

This mighty force is beyond description, but it reverses yin and yang and reverses life and death!

The dragon soul that has completely dispersed is actually showing up!

And, at this time, a picture appeared in front of the dragon soul.

That is an old man with divine poise and sagelike features!

Can’t tell how old he really is.

You said he is a good man, yes.

You said that he has two arms, that’s fine.

But if you say that he has crossed several epochs and watched the rise and fall of stars and moons, that’s okay!

At this time, the old man was roaring wildly. Hundreds of stars exploded under this roar, completely turning to ashes.

“hahaha……old bastard! Are you feeling this scene now?”

The dragon soul was laughing, and then he bowed deeply.

An elegant man illusory shadow appeared here.

Just an illusory shadow.

But it is reassuring.

It seems that as long as there is this silhouette here, even if the sky collapses, even if Great Xia is about to fall, he can pull strongly against a crazy tide, and he can recreate the universe with one hand.

“I already knew about you.”

It was Thor, he smiled, and then said: “This is the right chance for my good son-in-law, so I haven’t taken any action.”

The Dragon Soul was almost frightened to death.

He looked towards Lin Fan, who was still struggling with the rules and the sea of ​​sunshine.

Almost kneel down!

“Don’t go, not when you meet.”

Thunder God prevented Dream God’s visit, and said: “You and I are detached from the outside. If you are connected with them, they will be infected with you and me, and they will attract those weirdness and unknowns. It is very bad for them. You Just take a look, don’t get close.”

The Dream God is crying.

But in a flash, they all disappeared, left, gone.

The dragon soul who disappeared with Thor and Dream God.

Today is very restless outside the heavens.

An old bastard who lived longer than Thor wait for an unknown number of epochs was furious. He killed 30 realms in a row and said wildly that he would kill an ant within the six realms.

As a result, as soon as he spoke, a great tripod fell in the world he opened up.

Following this cauldron, another azure blue mansion slammed into him, shooting him coughing up blood.

Whether he waited for any response, another giant hand formed entirely by the spirit of thunderbolt slapped him directly.

A total of three strikes, representing three different Revered Divinities.

Come and go in a hurry.

From the move to the departure, no words were left.

But it made this plan for hundreds of millions of years, but in the end it was the Old Guy who fulfilled Lin Fan’s fright and shrank into his Small World. He didn’t dare to speak for a while, and closed the door directly.

Of course Lin Fan doesn’t know all this.

He has forgotten to compress his realm for the dozens of times.

But at this step, he felt that he could not unscrupulously absorb the rules left by the dragon soul, otherwise he would not be able to suppress it anymore and would directly break through the realm.

This is not good, stop quickly, and then woke up leisurely.

At first glance, Lin Fan saw the empty Primal Chaos Stone, sighed sadly, bowed, and then pushed out the door, and entered the Divine Race again.

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