Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3263


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Lin Fan didn’t know that the Dragon Soul was not dead at all and was taken away by Thor.

Slightly sad, but laughed in the end.

“Although you are dead, you are seeking benevolence and benevolence, and you are free from being manipulated. You are happy, so farewell.”

Lin Fan whispered and smiled, his silhouette completely hidden.

At the moment the magic mirror appeared just now, Lin Fan knew where the sun-shooting divine bow was, and it was indeed the place he had guessed, under the radiance of the magic mirror, in the underground ten thousand zhang.

That is the burial place, that is the place where the corpse is hidden, and it is also the place of the horizontal coffin, in which lies all the details of the Divine Race.

Lin Fan was silent for a moment.

Will you go?

It’s very dangerous, aside from the power of the gods, just the sleepy background is enough to make him tired.

But soon, Lin Fan smiled.

When did I become so terrified and over-cautious?

Although Hajime Divine Race has many backgrounds, but he has a thunder pool beside him, and he can hide in the sky at any time. Even the divine mirror hanging in the center of Hajime Divine Race God’s Mansion is impossible to be the opponent of the thunder pool. .

So what is he afraid of?

With a flickering figure, Lin Fan went deep into the ground.

Under ten thousand zhang, there is an open space, occasionally lava water underground, ding dong noise, in this dim and gloomy environment, it is very infiltrating.

Lin Fan is quiet, he saw it!

The big bow that almost caused him to be robbed at this time was trapped by several Divine Order Chains and locked in midair.

The thickest one, poking down from the surface, lustrous shine, should come from a divine mirror, and there are seven Divine Order Chains, which are held in the hands of seven corpse-like silhouettes.

The seven silhouettes, like dead, have no vitality leaking out, but Lin Fan knows that these people are still alive, but they are suppressed by the magic mirror to isolate the body within the body from leaking vitality. They continue their lives in disguise, so that they can continue to live while struggling on whilst at death’s door.

Lin Fan watched quietly.

He is thinking, if he also walked to the end of lifespan, would he choose this?

Find a place where the sky is invisible and suppress yourself with the ultimate weapon, just to live longer.

Finally, he sighed and shook his head. If that day comes, he will choose to die generously, and he will not choose like this. The hero I, how can he be so lonely, even the day is not visible, if the day is really a walk , Hongyan and Brother, etc., must have been dead bones long ago, why stay here?

Suddenly, Lin Fan’s mind is tense!

Because he saw a corpse-like silhouette whose fingers seemed to move.

Did you find him?

“Uncle Feng.”

The first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race came, very respectful, and spoke to the dead body that had just moved his fingers.

“Are you…coming?”

Feng Yi said, he seemed to have not spoken for hundreds of years, and his silhouette was unpleasant, like a night owl who was thirsty for several nights.

The first ancestor of Divine Race bows down.

“A lot has happened…I know, but it’s okay. We are still here, so Divine Race won’t die.”

Fengyi opened her mouth, and at the same time, the other corpses sighed.

Si Divine Race bowed to the mummy next to Feng Yi and said: “I have seen Old Ancestor.”

Gufeng, he should be a handsome man when he was young, even if he has turned into a corpse now, he can still see the grace of the past and his nose is very pretty.

“A group of field mice can’t turn over the waves. Don’t lose your normal heart.” Lone Feng said, then sighed, and said: “I always feel that I can’t hold it anymore. This kind of day, life is better than death, if it is not for Family…”

His painful roar.

The rest of the dead bodies also opened their eyes.

They are all very weak. They have stayed in a dying state for too long. Maybe it only takes a battle and they will exhaust the last blood essence within the body and die completely.

“Wait and see…If those ground mice are too noisy, let’s take a trip.” Feng Yi said, said with a malicious smile: “I can’t hold it for long, there will be at most a hundred days It’s better to live better than to die on the battlefield.”

Lin Fan looked at these dead corpses.

They once slapped Fang Qiu and pointed to Jiangshan, high-spirited and vigorous, but now they are reduced to this step. People are not people, ghosts are not ghosts, is it worth it?

The first ancestor of Haji Divine Race bows down again.

I sincerely thank these corpses, and live without hesitating to lay down their dignity in order to protect the race.

Feng Yi was sad and laughed, he pointed to the piles of coffins in the distance, fearing that it would be no less than tens of thousands, and said desolately: “They are all former sages of the Divine Race I started, and in the end they all chose this path. We It’s just walking along the path of the sages, and just walking, for the ethnic group… the ethnic group…”

The first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race bowed down again and said in a low voice: “Everything is for the race.”

All the corpses are nodded, and there are some dusty coffins that are trembling slightly.

It seems that I am deeply impressed by this sentence.

“Everyone, Old Ancestor, grandson came here, just want to ask, can this sun shooting divine bow really be used for your own use?”

The first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race sighed and said: “The situation is critical. Today, the people in the forest world dare to come and force the mountain gate, and the ethnic group urgently needs to kill everything in the world.”

“This is the ultimate weapon. If you ask me if I can use it for my own use, it is a mistake in itself. This is an alternative continuation of the gods. Can you and I innumerable living beings impose changes?”

Feng Yi sighed, and said: “The reason why he can be trapped here is entirely with the help of the power of the mirror, otherwise it will rely on us Old Guy, no, not worthy.”

“Can you let him go, then?” The ancestor of Hajime Divine Race showed distress in his eyes.

Said with a bitter smile: “It’s easy to ask God to give it away. He has hatred and murderous intention towards our race. If we get out of trouble, I’m afraid Divine Race will usher in an unprecedented killing. In fact, in the past few days, he awakened many times, and the soul of the ultimate weapon within roared, and he almost broke free from the shackles many times. If it weren’t for the magic mirror…”

Si Divine Race, the ancestor has an ugly face!

didn’t expect At that time, he was greedy and brought this bow back to the clan, but he ushered in such a catastrophe, unable to advance or retreat, and even so tired that he dared not use the clan weapon.

At this time, Lin Fan is trying to communicate with the sleeping ultimate weapon soul in the sun shooting divine bow in an inexplicable way.

He felt it!

That’s a shining silhouette like the scorching sun!

This is a terrifying creature, although it is only a soldier’s soul, but like a god, flesh and blood, too majestic, quietly leaning in a pavilion to sleep, from thousands of zhang, let Lin Fan’s soul body About to explode, this silhouette can’t look directly at all, but can only look up and admire it.

It was also when Lin Fan saw this ultimate weapon soul that Lin Fan realized that the gap between Zhu Tian and Zhu Tian was really huge, the worlds apart.

“Senior, wake up.”

Lin Fan called, and took advantage of the power of the thunder pool.

The soul of the ultimate weapon awakened, and the divine light in his eyes skyrocketed: “Who are you? Why can you invade the mansion that the Lord has transformed for me?”

Lin Fan’s heart suddenly clenched!

He saw the killing intent in the eyes of this majestic silhouette, and he hurriedly said, “Junior has no malice. It is Divine Race with the surname Supreme Great Elder. This time he just came to pick up Senior home.”

The majestic silhouette is coldly snorted, and two cold lights are shot in his eyes. It turns out to be domineering to visit Lin Fan’s Soul Sea and memory.

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