Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3264


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Lin Fan’s eyes are slightly cold!

At this moment, the thunder pool almost broke out, so we must directly suppress and kill this ultimate weapon!

If it is not for Lin Fan to stop quickly, a major event will occur.


The majestic silhouette said strangely: “Why just now, I seemed to feel a real god overlooking me? First I offended him inadvertently, and Soul Destruction was about to die.”

He was muttering, whispering, ignoring Lin Fan.

“Senior, time is in a hurry, please tell me how I can take you away.” Lin Fan took the initiative.

Said with a sneer: “You want to take me out too? Even if the Divine Race family comes here.”

He resented and said gloomily: “That damn mirror is too strong, I am afraid that only the heavenly mirror or the dawn knife can compete with it.”

“Senior, even if you tell me the method, it will work, my business, or tell me, your business.”

Lin Fan speaks.

There was a hint of curiosity in the eyes of the Ultimate Weapon Soul, and said: “Little thing, you are a real person. Even if you become the Great Elder of Divine Race, you are not loyal. Even if you want to take me out, it’s just for It’s just a cunning method.”

“It’s true.” Lin Fan said frankly, “Gushe Divine Race and I should be regarded as using each other, but the interests are closely linked.”

“Tell me about the plan.” The Ultimate Weapon smiled, and then said: “Don’t worry, since I am an attribute, no one in your deity can find the horse is the damn mirror for a hundred years. , At least within a quarter of an hour, you are safe.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, and after a moment of silence, he didn’t hide it; he dragged his plan out.

The soul of the ultimate weapon quietly listened, and then hehe smiled and said: “Interesting, brought trouble to others, sit on the mountain and watch the tiger…You kid, be bad.”

“Senior, this is not the time to tease.” Lin Fan’s eyes were not happy, and said, “Although this is for my selfishness, if this happens, it will do no harm to Divine Race. .”

Ultimate Tool Soul ridiculed: “I am only loyal to the Lord, not the bloodlines he left behind. I don’t care whether Divine Race is advantageous or not.”

Lin Fan’s pupils shrink slightly.

The Ultimate Weapon Soul sighed, and said: “After all, we are only weapons, not real creatures. Therefore, we cannot refuse the orders of the man who created us, but we can only follow orders. Fortunately, my lord not at all insists on me. I only need to keep his bloodline constant. The others have nothing to do with me.”

“Are all the ultimate tools like this? For example, the mirror of Hajime Divine Race, such as the whip of the sun, such as the sea god cover…” Lin Fan asked many ultimate tools.

The Ultimate Weapon Soul was silent for a moment, and said: “I don’t know the others, but the Seagod’s cover is not complete. The sun whip is very good, but the mirror…this dead thing, whether it was the originator of Divine Race or not is unknown. , The origin is too mysterious. It seems that even the first ancestor of Divine Race was just a puppet.”

Lin Fan is frightened!

This is a big secret, and he wants to hear more.

But obviously, this ultimate weapon soul doesn’t want to say much. The reason why I said such a long sentence with Lin Fan just now may be because he has been lonely and alone for too long.

“Senior, it is said that the ultimate weapon is an alternative continuation of the life of the gods, but I have seen the battle of the ultimate weapon, I always feel…”

Lin Fan frowned, he didn’t know how to describe it.

Ultimate Weapon Soul said with a sneer: “You are talking about the battle between Rakshasa soldier and Poseidon Hood, right?”

Lin Fan nodded.

Ultimate weapon soul said: “The Rakshasa soldier is an evil soldier. The strength of the person he holds can explode to how much strength, or how much strength the holder can sacrifice, he can double his strength. The superimposed, that girl can’t do it, of course it can’t spur the full strength of the Rakshasa soldiers.

The Little Brat of the Sea Madness is not bad, but I miss him at least 108,000 li, even more how the Poseidon Mantle is incomplete. Naturally, it makes you feel that the ultimate weapon is nothing but heaven defying as in the legend. “

Lin Fan smiled awkwardly.

The soul of the ultimate weapon sighed: “In fact, those of us who are left here by the Lord can fight the ultimate battle? Who dare to fight the ultimate battle? What level are you at? There is a corresponding level of restriction, and if you want to challenge the restriction, that is death and death.”

Lin Fan is really horrified!

so that’s how it is!

He said that these Divine Races clearly have the ultimate weapon, but why they never use it, but treat it as a strategic threat, and the ultimate weapon does not take seriously the so-called race wars. , So that’s how it is.

“Okay, boy, you have enough heaven knows today.” The soul of the ultimate weapon said that if you turn your face, you turn your face, and then blame said with a smile: “Take me away, it’s very simple, go to the strongest Just split the Divine Order Chain.”

Lin Fan was silent for a moment, and said: “Okay, Senior, you are ready, when I cut the Divine Chain, you must break free from the other seven shackles, and then come to protect me, otherwise the god mirror will be angry. I’m sure skeleton doesn’t exist.”

“jié jié…” The ultimate weapon ghost smiled: “Don’t worry, as long as you can cut the Divine Chain, no one can stop me. The following little things can be blown away by them. Turning into a fan, this is no longer restricted, but…can you do it?”

Lin Fan glanced at the Ultimate Weapon Soul, did not say anything, the silhouette disappeared in an instant.

At this time, the ancestor of Hajime Divine Race looked ugly.

Feng Yidao: “You should know that Shenjing will not intervene in this kind of war. Please don’t move him, unless someone is holding the ultimate weapon to destroy the clan, otherwise…”

At this moment…


The lonely wind roared, the murderous intention suddenly became a big hit, and he raised his hand to pat forward.

In silence, the void all collapsed, and was directly captured into nothingness by a huge five-fingerprint.


A sharp sharp knife suddenly burst out of the nothingness, and the blade glow 100,000 zhang actually evaporates the soil of this ten thousand zhang in an instant. The sky suddenly illuminates the space hidden in the dark night. There is a miserable howling from those coffins.


The first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race snarled, and, the divine mirror moved, it was too terrifying, it just shot a ray of brilliance, it actually covered the day, and the sky could no longer come through.


The knife was cut down, facing Divine Chain!



“Shoot the idiot of Divine Race, that is the Divine Chain with the divine mirror hanging down. How can you break the trifling?”

When I saw the ultimate goal of this blade, there was one after another sneer and ridicule rising from everywhere.

They were nervous!

Just because this blade is strong enough, whether it is against any of them, it is a small disaster.

But when they saw the target of this blade, everyone laughed, mocking and impudent, regardless.


The Divine Chain was chopped, with a crisp bang, and then the ka-cha slammed open!

Densely packed cracks appeared on the lustrous shine Divine Chain.

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