Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3265


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The pupils of the Divine Race at the beginning were all dilated, staring at the split Divine Chain like this, and it didn’t come back to his senses for a while.

The impact is too great.

This shouldn’t happen.


A roar suddenly came from the sun shooting divine bow!

In it, the Ultimate Weapon Soul got up, and the huge chain that had tied his spine bones was broken by him!

so that’s how it is, when he had just talked to Lin Fan in detail, he never got up, it turned out that his limbs were locked.

“Not good!”

Feng Yi shouted, he waved his big hand forward to reconnect the abruptly disconnected Divine Chain, but it was too late. A dazzling light rose from the sun-shooting divine bow and finally turned into three arrows. Ya flew out of the crack in the Divine Chain and pierced the hands he held tightly.

“Who is it!”

Someone shouted, snarled, and frightened at the same time!

Who is this person?

Why are you tough to this step? To sneak into this place, you must first avoid many defenses on the surface, break through the divine sense net, and hide the suppression of the magic mirror, and finally need to hide so many people from them again.

This is sensational.

“Could it be that an ancestor-level creature invited a clan weapon to come here?”

Gu Feng opened his mouth, his eyes were too sharp, as if two sharp knives were cutting across, he searched inch by inch, but still couldn’t find the final trace.

“Who the hell is here? See you there!”

Someone stopped drinking again, so angry!


Suddenly the divine mirror shook down a lot of dim apertures, and if the smoke ring suddenly condenses after it spreads, it will all suppress the divine bow that is trembling with the sun.

But obviously, it was too late. Gufeng, Fengyi and other mummy corpses were all bleeding and falling into flight. Some people directly exploded in mid-air, becoming fragments and flying around, but there was not much blood splashing.

These people are all those who have survived, and their blood has long been burnt away by the years. At this time, the divine bow trembles when the sun is shooting, and the shock wave is enough to kill them.

“Broken the mirror, it’s this step, still want to suppress me? You are dreaming!”

The soul of the ultimate weapon manifested, and he bent over with the bow in both hands, the bow became a full moon, and the arrow was shot out with a crash!


weng weng!

The sky shook and the earth shook, and the Star River hung straight into the sky, but the magic mirror was really extraordinary, the mirror was slightly tilted, and it actually reflected this arrow away, with a bang, and the stars above the nine heavens were wiped out. One by one, one by one.

Lin Fan hides in the dark, shocking inexplicably.

He is sure that neither the shooting bow nor the mysterious mirror has done his best. It is more like a greeting 1st Strike. It is so terrifying, it is probably comparable to a sea mad. The full strength attack!

The ultimate weapon is really terrifying.

“Senior, go fast.”

Lin Fan sound transmission.

The Ultimate Weapon Soul did not seem to have heard it, but there were countless arrows of various colors appearing around it.

“What are you going to do? If you dare to do this, Heaven and Earth will not allow you.”

The mirror finally spoke.

Lin Fan was surprised that it turned out to be a sweet female voice.

Although it is cold and majestic, it can’t conceal its melodious sound.

“No one stopped me, so naturally I wouldn’t do it. If I stop me…”

Sit the sun divine bow sneered.

Lin Fan is anxious.

Because, he noticed that there was an unimaginable divine might that he could not resist. He searched for his existence every inch, and finally hovered around him.

This magic mirror is too sharp!

Even if it is sheltered by the thunder pool, it can’t accurately find his location, but he can still perceive a general idea.

“Who is it! Who is it!”

The first ancestor of Divine Race is drinking, murderous aura masterpiece.

Because, when the divine bow broke free from the shackles of order just after shooting the sun, the divine might be mighty, not only the many backgrounds exploded directly, but the coffins full of the backgrounds were shattered and suffered heavy losses.

Actually, not only the ancestor of Divine Race is roaring, the rest is also in Hah!

Under this ground, never seen the daylight, in this closed and lonely environment, they are company with each other, they have long forgotten their seniority, age and become best friends, old friends, but now too many die.

“No matter who you are, Divine Race is irreconcilable with you!”

There is a deep roar.

Lin Fan did not listen to these words at all.

I’m thinking, how can he leave this place?

The divine mirror is vast and divine might, still hovering around him, he is hard to find.

“Senior helps me.”

Lin Fan speaks and transmits the divine bow sound to the sun.


Suddenly every ray of light hits directly three meters in front of Lin Fan, just a light hit, let Lin Fan have one’s hair stand on end, if it hits him, he will only have body dies and Dao disappears .

“Mirror, you are not up to the rules.” Divine bow sneered: “If you dare to move, I dare to kill.”

The mirror is silent.

Shooting the sun divine bow said with a malicious smile: “Your responsibility is different from mine. I don’t believe you don’t care about the life and death of this race. If you dare to hurt him, you should know what I will do.”

The vast divine might, really slowly dissipated!

This made Lin Fan’s heart pressure drop sharply.


Shoot the divine bow lightly and Lin Fan approached it.


At this moment, Shen Jing suddenly showed his power. Of course not at all, he really attacked Lin Fan, but it forced Lin Fan’s silhouette to appear.

“Damn it!”

Lin Fan scolded.

Fortunately, he has not let down his vigilance, even when he confirmed that the magic mirror impossible shot him, he is not his true face, otherwise he will be dangerous.

“Damn mirror, you are forcing me!”

Shooting the sun bow furiously shouted.

“I didn’t really make a move.” Shen Jing said coldly.




The first ancestors of Divine Race, etc., all shot together, with a hateful blow, all are killer moves.

Relatively speaking, I don’t hate shooting the divine bow, but I regard Lin Fan as the culprit who killed all the backgrounds. At this time, all of them are shot and Lin Fan is to be completely eliminated.

“You’d better not do it, otherwise, even if I don’t move you, the sky can’t tolerate you. Don’t forget the rules that have been added to you and me.”

The magic mirror implies a warning.

Shooting the sun, the divine bow did not dare to move.

strictly speaking, they are artificial creatures and have too many restrictions.

Lin Fan was howling angrily. He even raised his hand to capture a mountain and condensed it into a treasure seal and shook it downwards, actually smashing all the attacks and so on.

“A fanatic, die!”

“A fanatic, go to death!”

The first ancestor of Divine Race roared, and the rest of the details were also shouted, shaking out again.

None of these attacks should be underestimated.

Especially when Lin Fan can’t use his own stunts, and he still has in his heart, when he wants to use the techniques to pull the Imperial Family as much as possible, he feels that he is restricted everywhere.

But I have to say that this gift of Dragon Soul is really incredible, and his strength has skyrocketed. Otherwise, if he encounters such a Calamity Tribulation, he is afraid that he can only use his best killer.

That would be too bad.


Suddenly a blood-red Lei Suo slammed into it, dancing wildly here like a thunder snake, shattering a lot of kills.

Lin Fan got rid of the blockade of many attacks for the second time, and rushed straight to the sky, shooting the sun and hanging the divine bow at the end to prevent the magic mirror from suddenly attacking and killing.

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