Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3266


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Obviously, I think too much about shooting the divine bow.

Even if the magic mirror raised the heaven-shattering murderous intention several times, it didn’t really come down.

The sky rules are second.

This magic mirror is mainly for worry. If you really kill this madman, the divine bow will also be a big kill at the beginning of Divine Race regardless of the rules.

It’s not impossible.

Furthermore, even if the magic mirror is indeed stronger than the sun-shooting bow, it is also the ultimate weapon, which is too impossible.

If the sun shoots divine bow and kills people, even if it is a magic mirror, I am afraid that it will not be able to stop it.

“escape alive!”

All the worries in Lin Fan’s heart have disappeared. The farther away from the divine might enveloped by the divine mirror, the safer he will be.

But how can Hajime Divine Race be so willing to suffer and not attack?

This is basically impossible and unrealistic.

Headed by the first ancestor of Divine Race, dozens of terrifying powerhouses that are above the four realms of the gods are chased and killed.

Lin Fan smirked and sneered: “I’m afraid you won’t come after.”

The soul of the ultimate weapon hangs on top of Lin Fan’s head, mainly to prevent the mirror’s attack. At this time, he sighed and said: “I will give you one month, this month, I will fall into a deep sleep , It doesn’t matter where you left me. Once the time is up, I will return to Gushe Divine Race.”

“Many thanks Senior.” Lin Fan said.

All the brilliance of the sun-shooting divine bow disappeared, dimmed, and fell into Lin Fan’s hands.

“Mice, don’t go!”

The first ancestor of Divine Race roared.

He is an ancestor-level creature, how fast?

And he burned blood essence more than once during the pursuit in exchange for a faster degree.

But even if it was so, it was impossible to draw the distance between the two sides.

This made him more sure that the person in front of him must be an ancestor-level creature, otherwise the impossible has kept the distance between the two sides.

“Which old fart are you? See you in person.”

The first ancestor of Divine Race roared fiercely, and the sound shook the whole country.

This plunged Primal Chaos World into a major earthquake.

At the very beginning, the vast power of the two ultimate weapons rushed directly into the sky, and the Star Domain nine days away was destroyed in an instant.

Already alarmed All Souls.

At this time, the ancestor of Hajime Divine Race personally led the team to attack.

The major event of Divine Race has been corrected.

Lin Fan sneered. If he did his best, he would be able to get rid of these chasing soldiers in the rear.

But he did it on purpose.

“The ancestor, ahead is the territory of the Hai family.”

Someone reminded.

The first ancestor of Divine Race eyes shrank.

Could this be the work of the Hai family?

But it should not be.

With the reckless personality of the sea mad, it will not be so concealed.

In the Haijiashen’s Mansion, a divine might soars up, pointing finger towards Divine Race entire group towards the beginning. Of course, he has not forgotten to lower the vast majesty and pointed directly at Lin Fan.

“Old Monster Hai, I have no intention of opposing Hai Family.”

The first ancestor of Divine Race was shouted.

The illusory shadow of the sea mad appeared, and looked towards the ancestor of Divine Race, and then the pupil light turned to Lin Fan, who was running forward, and a ray of helplessness appeared in his eyes.

One after the other, all turned into streamers and disappeared in the Haijia area.


“That kid is really going to mess up the world.”

Liu Yingshu smiled, and said: “I’m so courageous, I can really bring out the sun shooting divine bow.”

Hai Kuang sighed: “If he is not courageous, how can he get to where he is today?”

Nodded, approved by Liu Yingshu, said: “I just don’t know if this kid’s plot can come true.”

“How could it not be possible?” Hai Kuang sneered, and said: “Just ask, if a sleeping ultimate weapon suddenly appears in your Divine Race, how would you choose?”

Liu Yingshu’s pupils shrank sharply, and said with difficulty: “Always see if this ultimate weapon belongs to.”

“Belonging?” Hai Kuang sneered, and said: “How many ultimate artifacts are there in the world, can be counted, and where is it possible to have no owner? But suddenly appearing in the clan and sleeping, then, would you want to A fluke?”

Liu Yingshu smiled bitterly.

Hai Kuang sighed: “It’s not that similar things have not happened in history. The rise of that clan is because of the Romance of Heaven? Although in the end, the clan illuminates a very short period of time and space, at least Brilliant.”

“Yeah…” Liu Yingshu smiled bitterly, and said: “This kid’s strategy is really not brilliant, it can even be said that it is too simple and straightforward, but partiality is the biggest test of human nature; it is directed at people’s hearts. The thing, generally speaking, is the most difficult to refuse.”

“This is actually his power, right? You know he is harming you, but you can’t find any reason for refusing.” Hai Kuang smiled bitterly: “Especially for the current royal family, or Liu As far as the family is concerned, one ultimate device and two ultimate devices are not as simple as superposition.”


“The Rat, even if you escape to the ends of the earth, it is useless. Today, I will kill you at the Divine Race.”

Hajime Divine Race roared fiercely, he almost exploded.

He has tried his best, but he can’t keep up with him.

Thinking about it more than once in Soul Sea, he knows and knows who these ancestor-level creatures are so good at Dao of Space-Time.

But I just can’t think of it.

Also, he has a feeling that the person in front seems to be teasing him deliberately.

Whenever his speed drops, the speed of the person in front will slow down accordingly.

But if he increases the speed, the speed of the person in front will also increase accordingly.

Walked the mountains and rivers and five mountains.

Except for the Celestial Clan, all Divine Race territory has been visited.

“Old bastard, you won! My ancestor can’t catch up with you!”

Even the first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race said such frustrating words.

Knowing, just keep chasing like this, there is no result at all, can’t catch up.

Also, this person has been going around in circles, it is impossible to really settle down where he really came from.


Lin Fan finally stopped and looked back at the ancestor of Haji Divine Race and mocked: “You really can’t, go back, of course, if you still want the deity, the deity can play with you for hundreds of years.”

The first ancestor of Divine Race was silent, but surprisingly did not refute.

“Let’s go!”

The first ancestor of Divine Race was shouted, full of unwillingness.

The clansman, the beginning god behind him, looked towards him incredibly.


“Go!” The ancestor of Haji Divine Race had cold and severe eyes, and then turned out to take the lead, heading towards Haji Divine Race’s territory.

The people behind him, of course, can only follow.


Lin Fan ridicule!

He is sure.

At the beginning, the ancestor of Divine Race retreats is false. It must be the first three of these remaining clansman, and then come alone and hide in the sky, chasing his progress.

But he was calm on his face, pretending not to understand Hajime’s Divine Race tricks.

Moreover, he deliberately and deliberately went around dozens of big circles.

As Lin Fan guessed.

Hajidi Divine Race The ancestor fell far away at the end, staring at Lin Fan with a gloomy and ridiculous look, and mocked: “The speed really can’t catch up with you, but I thought that just like this, I can escape the ancestor’s tracking? “

Then, the ancestor of Hajime Divine Race’s face suddenly sank, said with a malicious smile: “No matter who you are, if I find out your ultimate roots, don’t think about it.”

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