Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3267


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The first ancestor of Divine Race is in Hah!

No matter who it is, no matter which house he is from, even if the murderer is from the Celestial Clan, he must ask for an explanation today!

The background is dead.

This is an amazing major event!

This hasn’t appeared several times in the Divine Race history of the last tens of thousands of years.

The background is condemned, it is a tragedy that can only happen after the extinction of the clan, or the sacrifice to the heavens, when the ultimate weapon is used for clan wars or world wars.

If you don’t ask for explanations, don’t pursue the roots, and don’t kill the culprit, how can you relieve your hatred? How to let the sleeping secrets rest in peace?

Also, when he came, all the details were boiling, and the coffin lid was trembling in peng peng, and they were all disabled to bear, and they were about to come out and wash the world with blood.

If it were not for his repeated guarantees, he would surely be able to bring the guilty culprit to justice and bring him back, letting all the details fall, this matter would be great!

The background is all out, tentatively no matter what the World Society has been raging into, but after the First World War, how many backgrounds can he have left after the Divine Race?

Lin Fan was sprinting ahead. He was very’cautious’ and’cautious’. He was still walking around, entering and exiting various forbidden areas and the edge of Danger Land. He disappeared many times and almost got rid of the track of Divine Race. .

At first, Divine Race became even more angry.

The person in front must have no demeanor and demeanor of Peak expert, as slippery as a loach.

Is it necessary?

You have to hide your eyes and eyes, cross the sea, enter and exit various forbidden places and Danger Land, plus many powerful Divine Races. It is too cautious. If you really believe that it is a big Calamity Tribulation, Divine Race is the enemy everywhere.

Actually, he has always suspected that this was the work of the Sea Knife. Looking at the current Xeon group, it seems that there are only a handful of people such as the Sea Knife. They have this kind of strength to sneak into him. Divine Race is not discovered. , And also holds the ultimate device, which can sever the Divine Chain hanging down from the mirror.

But when he saw Lin Fan wandering in front of Haijiashan many times, he dismissed the idea, and grinned, mocking the murderer’s overestimate one’s capabilities, thinking he is an idiot?

Simple and clear framed and framed, can’t he see it through?

If he couldn’t even understand this kind of superficial tactics, he really had lived on a dog at an age, and he thought he could find a dog’s tail and hang it directly.


The first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race cursed and was very angry!

He once again lost the culprit in front of him, only to go around a mountain, and then he lost his trace and breath.

How many times is this?

He was so annoyed that he couldn’t wait to rush directly to fight someone and kill a heaven falls and earth rends.

But the ancestors of Hajime Divine Race knew that this was not power at all. The man’s speed was too terrifying, he had the world’s highest speed, and he couldn’t even touch the man’s side. How could he fight?

In fact, now Lin Fan is also cursing the old bastard, the ancestor of Divine Race.

I feel that this person is too useless. He has already reduced his speed as much as possible without attracting attention, and leaked his breath as much as possible.

As a result, this old man still loses him many times.

Lost him, just forget it.

Every time after Piansheng was lost, this old guy would sneer and say, ‘Do you think you can escape the palm of the ancestor? Looking for you, with no difficulty. ’

“You old dog, you don’t have the ability to fart, but bossing has one.”

Lin Fan was very angry.

This old bastard has a face of victory in hand.

But he felt that he was too difficult!

Every time this old fellow loses himself, he must be forced to expose his trace.

Piansheng had to pretend not to be a trace, and was discovered by this old bastard.

It’s simply too difficult.

“hmph, are you running?”

Hajime Divine Race ridiculed, he felt Lin Fan’s breath again, just 8,000 miles ahead, divine rainbow flashed under his feet, he went away in an instant, found it, and locked Lin Fan’s aura: “This time you still Can you escape?”

Feeling the breath of the ancestor of Haji Divine Race, Lin Fan relaxed.

He was really afraid that the old man wouldn’t find him.

one after the other, gallop here between Heaven and Earth.

“Royal?” The ancestor of Divine Race narrowed his eyes.

Lin Fan entered the imperial palace and circled.

At this time, Lin Fan was also entangled, wondering whether to throw the sun-shooting divine bow into the royal family or put it into the Liu Family.

This is really a problem, which is worthy of discussion and consideration.

After a while, Lin Fan sneered.

He decided that this ultimate weapon must be thrown at the royal family.

Because the gap between the two races was born early. At this time, they are in mutual restraint and resentment. Only a little fire star is needed to make the two races collide with hot sparks.

Of course, impossible is such a simple cause of trouble, it is too obvious.

“This old dog! I’m so careful, is this another planting? Isn’t it a royal handwriting?”

The ancestor of Hajime Divine Race spoke gloomily, and then he muttered to himself, “Carefully calculated, this Imperial Family has a lot of reasons to take action, and Liu Family.”

He thought about it carefully, and after a long while, he affirmed: “Excluding the Hai family, the most likely thing is that these two races have grudges and hatreds with our race, especially this royal…just the old bastard of the royal family. , Do you have the courage to sneak into our divine mansion? This is questionable.”

Lin Fan silhouette flashed and disappeared again.

“No?” The first ancestor of Divine Race narrowed his eyes and said with a malicious smile: “That’s obvious. Ninety percent is Liu Family! Liu Family! Good means, damn!”

He thought about all the Divine Races that still existed in the chaos, except for the Divine Race.

Because there is no ultimate weapon in Gushe Divine Race, and Gushe Jing is not at the ancestor level. It is basically impossible to break the Divine Chain hanging down from the mirror.

The ancestor of Haji Divine Race, chased after Lin Fan’s breath, but after chasing out ten thousand li, he suddenly roared–“Damn! In the middle! This is not the person’s real body at all, just a mosaic It’s just a puppet full of Divine Soul imprints! His real body, at this time should be…”

Since Divine Race, the ancestor’s pupils shrank sharply, and he ignited his only remaining supernatural charm, and there was a slight pain in his eyes.

Meteor rushes to the moon, fast as lightning.

He rushed to the Imperial Family Palace, and happened to see a Dao Body shadow disappearing at the Royal Gate!

After that, he exploded and became angry.

“Imperial Family, come out and die!”

The first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race roared, and he suddenly used the law of heaven and earth, transformed into a giant with ten thousand zhang high, raised the soles of his feet, and stepped down towards the entire Imperial Family!

This sole of the foot is too huge, too terrifying, it turns out to cover the Imperial Family Palace covering more than 10,000 mu!


If you step on it with one foot, the brilliance is billions.

The Imperial Family Clan Protecting Great Array is activated autonomously, and the bright blue mask immediately envelops the entire Imperial Family.

“Are you begging to die? How dare to insult our race like this!”

The roar of the ancestor of the Imperial Family.

This is too deceptive.

Too humiliating!

Raise your foot on the palace.

For Divine Race, this is not much different from the hatred of annihilation.

“Old bastard emperor, don’t say anything. If you come out for a battle at this time, you will be killed, old bastard with three swords and two sides!”

The first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race was rude, mainly because he was so angry.

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