Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3268

“Get out and die!”

The beginning of Divine Race, the ancestor drunk.

He is even more angry.

I can’t understand the ancestor of the Imperial Family, commiting any imaginable misdeed, but he is innocent and innocent.


The ancestor of the Imperial Family tore the guardian mask, appeared directly in front of the ancestor of Divine Race, raised his hand and punched the ancestor of Divine Race!

This is an ancestor-level battle. Several states are about to be destroyed at every turn. If they try their best, I am afraid that Primal Chaos World will be broken up.

“A battle outside the sky!”

The ancestor of the Imperial Family roars, he is in a canthus.

Only because his punch was blocked, and the shock wave that swayed afterwards made the entire Shen Mansion sway, and dozens of floating islands collapsed and fell from the sky. I don’t know how many clansman killed, and I don’t know. How many have been damaged, such as rare flowers and plants and beasts that were carefully cultivated and cost a lot to feed.

“I’m afraid you won’t be an old bastard? The sky will kill you!”

The first ancestor of Divine Race grinned, but did not forget to continue to attack the Imperial Family Palace.

The ancestor of the Imperial Family roars, but he can only resist the rogue play of the ancestor of Divine Race in embarrassment.

This is not to show that the ancestor of the Imperial Family is too far away from the ancestor of Divine Race, but because offense is always easier and easier than defense.

The two battled, but in the end, the first ancestor of Divine Race was still dragged by the ancestor of the Imperial Family, entangled into the sky.

Lin Fan is now in the Imperial Family.

I have to say that the Lightning Martial Spirit is really heaven defying, it can break all the falsehood and the big array, even the Clan Protecting Great Array of Divine Race, in front of him is like a fake.

It just so happens that the Imperial Family is still in a mess. All clansman is in panic. No one would have thought that at this moment, someone would even sneak into the clan to plot a major event.

This is the ancestral shrine of the Imperial Family. A golden mace is enshrined on the dome, and the misty golden flower hangs down.

After Lin Fan came here, he didn’t dare to move forward, for fear that he would wake up the sleeping ultimate weapon soul, that would be too bad, and the major event would be bad.

Furthermore, he was communicating with the ultimate weapon soul of the sun-shooting divine bow, asking him whether this great mace could suppress him.

The Ultimate Weapon Soul replied with a sneer.

Lin Fan immediately understood.

The sun shooting divine bow is slightly worse than Divine Race’s magic mirror, but at least it is equivalent to or even slightly stronger than the imperial family magic mirror.

“Then I’m leaving.” Lin Fan sound transmission, said: “Senior, please help me once to make this happen.”

“Go, this can be regarded as your reward for bringing me out, but in the future, you and I will be settled, and there will be no cause and effect.”

Ultimate Weapon Soul is very solemn, focusing on cause and effect and grievances.

Lin Fan left, left the Imperial Family Palace, and then soared up.

The battle of ancestor-level creatures is too rare. Maybe you can’t see it once in an era. This is a chance.

Of course, you also need to have the ability, and with that strength, you can wait and see this kind of war.

A battle of this level of creatures, even if it is palm wind, can easily destroy hundreds of thousands of places.

At this time, the battle between the two is too intense!

The ancestor of the Imperial Family was actually stained with blood. A thumb-sized hole appeared in the shoulder blade, and blood gurgled out of it.

Since the ancestor of Divine Race was also robbed, his thigh was sunken, and a fist mark remained on it, and he has not recovered until now.

As for the starry sky where they are fighting, it has long since become a black hole, and nothing exists anymore.


Suddenly there is an expert in Loose Cultivator, a powerhouse in the four realms of the gods, which is stirred into the aftermath of the battle, and can only let out a miserable scream, he disappears, directly becomes a fan, and then is imperial. The ancestor of the Family sucked in those dusty powder, evolved into essence, and merged into the divine might of a punch.

Lin Fan is intently absorbing the essence of fighting this realm.

The move is not important, nor is the style important. Raising hands and feet is the ultimate move. It seems that tangible moves and styles have been integrated into the blood.

“This is indeed a qualitative change.” Lin Fan whispered.

Maybe the current self can indeed fight these ancestor-level creatures, but if you really want to cut them across realm, it is almost impossible,

Of course, this is in a head-to-head battle and fighting. If there are other conditions, it can be killed. It was not that he had not killed the ancestor level earlier.

“Old bastard, you are really bully intolerably!”

The ancestor of the Imperial Family roared fiercely, and both of his hands fiercely pulled, and a dark unrolled bolt of white silk appeared in his hands, and then turned into two black light balls.

Hajidi Divine Race’s pupils shrank sharply, revealing an unprecedented grave expression. He slowly stretched out one hand forward. It looked like a simple action, but it was indeed a chaotic time and space, and all roads appeared. Then the hand extended to him gathered together until it turned into a huge glove.



The first ancestor of Divine Race punched.

The ancestor of the Imperial Family makes a move.

It looked like a bland blow, but it spread to the entire sky, and it was shaking. Even Lin Fan let out a faint groan, and his blood rolled and boiled.

After one move, the two were separated by hundreds of thousands li.

Since Divine Race, the ancestor has a murderous intention: “Don’t you know what you have done? You still sell badly here? Old bastard, I look down on people like you, through childhood, you dare to pat your chest and tell what you are. Do any evil things? Rats! Are you worthy of being called the ancestor? Ashamed of you to be an ancestor!”

The ancestor of the Imperial Family grinned: “Is there anything I dare not say? Yes, during this period of time, the assassins who ravaged your house and killed all the good players in your family were made by Lao Tzu! It was Lao Tzu’s order to kill! But So what? It’s just A Tooth For A Tooth. Why did you start Divine Race and my Imperial Family couldn’t do it?”

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