Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3270


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The words of the first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race are like a few shocking Divine Thunder blasting directly on his Soul Sea.

All the words etc. were blocked back.

At this time, what else can he say?

It seems that no matter what you say, it will be regarded by the people of the world as showing weakness and surrendering to the ancestor of Divine Race.

“jié jié ……”

The ancestor of the Imperial Family smiled, rampant and arrogant, and pointed to the ancestor of Divine Race: “It’s what the deity can do for you!”


The first ancestor of Divine Race only responded with this word.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “It’s safe.”

Regardless of the circumstances and conditions in which the ancestor of the Imperial Family said this sentence, since it came from his mouth, it can only be done by him, even if it is useless to argue in the future.

“Living together.” Lin Fan chuckled: “I am tired all day long, but after this time, I can take a good rest. The two races will definitely fight for life.”

Lin Fan left, and went straight to Divine Race.

The battle between the ancestor of the Imperial Family and the ancestor of Divine Race, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

It turned out to be killed for a full three days and two nights, until the big thing of the Celestial Clan came forward, and this calmed down.

According to the information received by Lin Fan, this great thing dispatched by the Celestial Clan was originally intended to reconcile the conflict between the two clans.

But the bloody and unkempt Imperial Family ancestor directly refused to accept it, and said bluntly in front of the great things of the heavenly clan, unless the ancestor of Divine Race apologized to him, and all the ancestors should be invited out, as everyone Only in this way is he willing to quell this battle.

When I heard the words of the first ancestor of the Imperial Family, the great creature of the Celestial Clan, my face suddenly became cold!

And when he heard the words of the ancestor of Haji Divine Race, he directly coldly snorted and left!

Just because the words of the first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race are even more excessive!

There is only one condition.

That is, the ancestor of the Imperial Family followed him back to the Divine Race, went to the underground palace where the foundation is located, apologized, and broke his arms.

How is this possible?

The mediation failed.

Of course, before the great things of the Celestial Clan leave, the Celestial Clan can ignore the battle between the two races.

But there is one condition, that is, the war between the two races must not involve other races or forces, let alone expand the battle.

The meaning of this sentence is that the two clans can only fight with their own clan, and even the affiliated clans of the two clans cannot participate in this battle.

When Lin Fan heard the news, of course he was disgusted.

Actually, he intended to completely plunge these two clans into the battle, and eventually the battle conditions expanded and swept the entire chaos; until the one clans were destroyed.

It’s just that with the sentence of Heavenly Clan, it is destined to be impossible as he expected.

In the Chamber.

“Mr. Means is really brilliant.”

Gu Shejing smiled and clapped her hands: “The two races are in the midst of an attack on each other. Recently, they have both retreated from the territory originally belonged to Gushe Divine Race.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “Separation is inevitable. Look at it. The battle between the two clans has been protracted. I don’t know how far it will be.”

“Neither clan is a good thing, I wish they were destroyed together.” Elder said in a cold voice.

The two races have suppressed, squeezed out and occupied Divine Race more than once or twice.

The entire Gushe Divine Race has no good impressions of these two races.

Lin Fan said with a smile: “It should be impossible to destroy the two races together. At least when the battle reaches a certain level, the two races will be calmed down. Of course, this is to exclude us from continuing here. It’s because of the manipulation during the war, but since I provoked the matter with one hand, naturally I would not allow them to calm down so easily.”

“Mr. Lao has planned everything.”

Gushe worshiped.

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and said: “Does patriarch not blame me for sending my uncle Divine Race to the Imperial Family?”

Gushe Jing startled, and then sighed, said with a bitter smile: “If you say that there is no bitter of anger in your heart, it is a lie. Don’t dare to deceive your husband. When I heard the news, of course I was angry, but the last thought, But I want to open it.”

“oh?” Lin Fan raised his eyebrows and said, “I really want to hear how patriarch persuades me.”

Gu She Jing miserable said with a smile: “The sun shooting divine bow has not been in the Gu shooting Divine Race for a long time. To put it awkwardly, if the shooting Divine Race is eliminated, then the sun shooting divine bow is a masterless object. Whoever gets it, powerhouse gets it… Anyway, it’s not the Divine Race.”

Lin Fan nodded.

Gushe Divine Race glanced at Lin Fan, said with a bitter smile: “If the sun shoots the divine bow for a long time in the Divine Race, we really can’t do anything, but in the Imperial Family…then , Divine bow will come back by himself one day, it’s not the old man who underestimates his Imperial Family, but his Imperial Family really doesn’t have that ability, like the Divine Race in the beginning, he will force divine bow.”

Lin Fan nodded, said with a smile: “Patriarch thinks thoroughly, but that saves the heart.”

Lin Fan glanced at the Elders, said with a smile: “In fact, I just determined this. I am sure that his Imperial Family does not have the ability to force the divine bow to shoot the sun, so he sent the divine bow to his house. If it were not for this certainty, I would not dare to risk this strange risk and make such a plan.”

Many Elders look guilty.

Indeed, after they knew that Lin Fan got the divine bow, but turned around and sent to the Imperial Family, they didn’t know how annoyed they were.

But now it sounds like they did not think well.

“I once reprimanded the following idiots, but they didn’t listen, but the husband can punish them fiercely.”

Gu She Jing is coldly snorted.

Lin Fan laughed and said: “All the Elders are also dedicated to the race, what’s wrong? Why are they punished?”

“That’s Mr. Big belly.” Gu Shejing said, and then coldly snorted, and said: “You are waiting to apologize to Mr.?”

Lin Fan waved his hand and said: “No need.”

But all the Elders present respectfully bowed and apologized to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan smiled bitterly and received the gift, then looked towards Gu Shejing, and said: “Has the patriarch arranged for someone to take over those sites? Area?”

Gu She Jing nodded.

Lin Fan said: “Don’t worry, don’t seek instant benefit too much. Otherwise, it’s easy to be pointed at something. You have to know that the eyes of the whole world are attracted by the battle between the Imperial Family and the Divine Race. Now, for the time being, no one will take action on the territory of Divine Race. Besides, with me in charge, no matter who wants to move Divine Race, they will always consider it.”

Gu Shejing said: “Everything will be arranged by Mr.”

Then, Gu Shejing tentatively looked towards Lin Fan and said: “Can you have arrangements for Liu Family…Mr.?”

Lin Fan shook his head and said: “This clan has been abandoned, it is not worth the trouble of the deity, patriarch can dispose of it whatever he wants.”

Gu Shejing’s face suddenly turned gloomy: “Then get revenge!”

The word revenge is light and fluttering.

But it is murderous aura, hatred as deep as the sea.

Several murderous intentions burned in the entire hall.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

He tried to persuade him. He felt that Divine Race could be dragged for a while. When Liu Family got messed up by himself, he could make a shot at that time and minimize the loss.

But in the end, he did not speak.

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