Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3271


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Who can be sure about the future?

At this time, he and this Gushe Jing and Gushe Divine Race are indeed in the honeymoon period, but what about the future?

If the decree of the Celestial Race is promulgated, what choice will this Divine Race make?

If you meet on the battlefield, will Divine Race keep your hands?

these all are uncertain.

Also, Lin Fan feels that Gu She respects this person, the kind of person who is used to the rules and dare not challenge the rules.

Under the order of the Celestial Clan, I am afraid that I can only obey orders.

So even after weighing the pros and cons, Lin Fan felt that after waiting for a while, after Liu Family really fell into chaos, revenge at that time would surely be able to avoid and lose a lot of losses.

But he didn’t say anything.

This is in the interest of the future.

“Since patriarch has decided, I won’t say anything further.”

With these words, Lin Fan made a foregone conclusion about this matter.

Gu She Jing’s pupils followed, thinking whether it was the revenge he had just said, and didn’t ask Lin Fan what he meant, just such a hasty and grand decision that angered Lin Fan, so at this time he was angry, and there was This discourse.

I apologize: “Sir, I’m annoyed, but I’ve been waiting for Divine Race and Liu Family for a long time, so whenever there is a chance for revenge, I will be impatient.”

Lin Fan glanced at Gu Shejing in surprise, and immediately cleared his scruples and speculations, laughed, and said, “Everyone has a heart of revenge. There is nothing wrong with patriarch’s move.”

Gu She looked tentatively towards Lin Fan and said: “Then, please sir, please advise on this revenge battle.”

Lin Fan laughed and said: “The Liu Family is already half disabled, and the strength of character is lost. This clan is already out of shape. Naturally, the Erlang who shoots Divine Race can easily flatten this clan. It really doesn’t require me to bother. .”

Gu Shejing frowned.

Lin Fan said: “Patriarch really has to think about me, because the Liu Family at this time is really not worth my trouble. For so long, it is indeed tired. Let me rest in this gap. The road is still long.”

Lin Fan spoke again and again, but Gu She Jing was nodded.

In fact, for so long, everything about Divine Race has been determined by Lin Fan. Even in many cases, he has become accustomed to following orders, let alone other Divine Race. clansman?

Therefore, he is also thinking, in the long run, will this aunt shoot Divine Race or his aunt shoot Divine Race?

Furthermore, I am used to one word worth nine sacred tripods, and I am accustomed to uttering everything in one word. This period of time is indeed suffocated.

So, after confirming that Lin Fan had no other thoughts, Gu She respected her gloomy eyes and shouted: “Gather generals, point soldiers!”

The drum beats!

The horn blows!

This hasn’t appeared in the Gushe Divine Race for too long.

For a long time, the pawns raised by Divine Race could only support and fight the fire like a fire brigade.

Every time I go out, I go with a certain death mind.

Only this time!

When the gathering drum sounded, the whole family was boiling!

There is a wife who is personally arranging the shirt and battle armour for the husband, and a parent and child are wiping the sword for the father who is about to go to the battlefield.

They are both happy laughter and cheerful voices. It is not like going to war, but like playing.

Lin Fan stood quietly on the highest floating island, overlooking the dark army below.

I don’t know what the expression is in my eyes, but in the end it is a sigh.

In fact, if he were to arrange this revenge battle, he would definitely use a strategy to kill the ancestor of the Liu Family, and then directly sack him in the Divine Race!

When the ancestor of the Liu Family died suddenly, and the entire Liu Family was like a tiger without teeth, what’s the fear?

But this aunt shot Jing, obviously unexpected.

Also, if the drums are not sounded, and the horns are not sounded, just like this secretly enters the Liu Family territory, and then bursts out suddenly, wouldn’t it be better?

But this Gu Shejing is going to make trouble in the world.

At this time, the world is in chaos, and Wan Ling’s sense of smell is already extremely sensitive.

Who can’t care about the battle drums and horns? Who can’t care?

“Liu Family! A grudge!”

Gu Shejing is roaring. This is normal. The reason before the expedition is to fight against the same enemy as the soldiers in order to be all right.

On this point alone, this Gu Shejing did a perfect job.

“Guys of Divine Race, the chance for revenge is here, kill Liu Family!”

The sword glow in Gu Shejing’s hand is bright, and a sword glow of ten thousand zhangs directly kills the sky.

“He is an idiot.”

Qingcheng appeared behind Lin Fan.

Lin Fan laughed and said nothing.

Qingcheng said: “The more publicized he is, the more people died when he shoots Divine Race when the time comes, and he feels high-spirited and vigorous at this time, slamming Fang Yao.”

“Normal, it’s just a release after being suppressed for too long.” Lin Fan smiled.

Qingcheng was silent for a long while and said: “How long do we have to go back?”

Lin Fan frowned, sighed, and said, “It should be soon.”

“Qingluan younger sister and Qingyue sister, are about to give birth.” Qingcheng quietly said, “I always feel that it is not good for two children to be born in this realm.”

Lin Fan Shen Shen nodded: “I also have this perception, so during this period of time, I dare not let them walk out of the thunder pool for half a step. For this reason, the feeling is too strange, as if it is, but everyone was born in this world , Will be marked with a certain kind of mark, and be marked as normal.”

“Since you also feel this way, then it is true. This matter must be taken seriously.” Qingcheng warned, “In the big things of heaven, no child is important.”

Lin Fan was silent and nodded, and said: “After watching this battle, watching the Imperial Family or Hajime Divine Race die out, after watching Gu Shot Divine Race’s revenge, we will leave.”

“You can grasp it yourself, but you can stay here at most half a month, at most half a month.”

Qingcheng smiled bitterly and said: “The birth of a child cannot be controlled, even if you are a god, it is impossible to control it.”

Lin Fan smiled and said: “I understand.”

“Actually, the two of her should have given birth long ago, but they have been in labor until now.” Qingcheng sighed and said, “Maybe the Little Brat in the belly of the two younger sisters is also a monster, maybe they also feel It’s not good to be born in this session, so it’s been very stable.”

“My child, who is not Queshi genius?”

Lin Fan dashing eyebrows picked one, spoke proudly, and said: “Whether it is Xiao Nuo, Xiao Xi, or Tian’er, who is not the millions and millions li to pick one? These two Little Brat are definitely not listed. .”

“Small smelly, is there anyone who praises my child like that? I am not afraid that others will hear the joke?”

Qingcheng laughed and cursed, and then the beautiful eyes narrowed, looking towards below: “Did you open it?”

Lin Fan sighed and saw the majestic army stepping out of the gate of the God’s Mansion in an orderly manner, said with a bitter smile: “How many people will fight back? Most of them are white bones with yellow sand and red faces guarding empty girls. I hope the world is beautiful. Peace, no war.”

Qingcheng Road: “This can only exist in your fantasy, as long as there are powers, surnames, kingdoms, disputes, etc., they are indispensable.”

Lin Fan sighed, and said: “Maybe you want to come to the sages to make your wish? It’s just that so many gods haven’t done it…”

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