Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3272


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“Why do you think about it so much? Qingcheng comforted, and said: “In fact, why do you live so tired? You have shouldered enough, our family, the brothers of Divine Court, and those big fans that seem to be endlessly explored, you should let go of your burdens and live more joyously and freely. “

Lin Fan smiled and looked towards Qingcheng, and said: “You and I are all members of all spirits, and are not the gods of aloof and remote, detached from the heavens, how can you not be responsible, how can you not think about it How is the world?”

Qingcheng frowned and said: “I always don’t have so many visions for you. In my opinion, this world has anything to do with me? As long as the people I care about live well, it’s enough. No longer in my thinking, even if Heaven and Earth turning upside down, even if time and space collapse, all souls are dead, I don’t care, I just want the people I care to live.”

Lin Fan teased: “Why do you lie to yourself? Once you also created the Chamber of Commerce, don’t you also have the world in mind?”

Qingcheng was silent for a long time.

That is a memory long ago.

After a long while, Qingcheng faintly said: “I have seen the sky collapse and the earth collapsed, and the great world collapsed in front of my eyes. I have seen life as thin as paper and all spirits as dung. When the Star Explosion where you live is opened, You don’t even have the qualifications to be the dust.”

Lin Fan is silent.

Know that Qingcheng was talking about that scene.

Qingcheng said with a smile: “The impact of that scene is really great. People who have not witnessed really don’t understand what life is like an ant, and what life is thinner than paper. After experiencing that , I just knew that this thing was really cheap, and I felt that I used to have the world in mind, it was really a joke, the world is the world, what is the world? The world is in front, all spirits are in the world, then…the world doesn’t care, I What do you care about?”

“You seem to have gone to extremes.”

Lin Fan whispered, and pityingly took Allure into his arms.

said: “That many fans, although you and I only know a little bit, but I can probably guess something, remember that there is a row of words on the Tongtian Ding-I dare to call the sun and the moon to change the sky, I don’t know it’s the medicine god Stay, or be sealed by the a God later, but I guess that medicine gods, thunder gods, etc., should all be working hard for that matter.”

“Do you think you can succeed?” Qingcheng was weaker than ever.

Just because it’s too difficult to understand and incredible.

So far, say you can really tell what is ‘heaven’?

No one!

At least the hundreds of millions and millions of creatures alive are unknown.

Lin Fan even felt that even if he dragged out a God from the long river and tortured him, he could not give a complete answer.

Lin Fan shrugged and said, “Where do I know if it can be done? But that many tragedies, that many tragedies, seem to be related to him… So, how can you not try?”

“Very dangerous.” Qingcheng said: “Desolate God, Time and Space, Reincarnation, The Other Shore, Broken Sky… Then a god who can crush Eternally Blue Sky has failed. How many people are walking with Thor and others? , We don’t know, but in the present world, how many people are there who can beat the invincible gods of the past, the present, and the future?”

Lin Fan was silent. After a long time, he said with a bitter smile: “I have one thing, I kept it from me for thousands of years, so I will tell you now.”

Qingcheng squinted and said: “You want to talk about Xiao Nuo?”

Lin Fan’s pupils shrink sharply.

Qingcheng said with a bitter smile: “Can’t hide from me, maybe Leyao waits and don’t know, but I guessed it a long time ago.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “There have been rumors in the world that time and space and reincarnation are the gods who chased the impossible fall. Even Thor personally admitted that even if he really falls, these two people will live well. .”

“So, are you telling me that the future will not be too desperate?” Qingcheng sighed, and said: “In fact, it is only about strategy, courage, etc. I am not weaker than anyone in this world, so the so-called comfort Wait, you don’t have to use it on me.”

Lin Fan did not speak.

But I know, what Qingcheng said.

If I only talk about strategy, I am afraid that there are few people in the world.

“The most important thing is…” Qingcheng suddenly raised his head and looked at Lin Fan, said with a smile: “Since you have followed the emperor, you will naturally follow life and death. Even if the future is a dead end and cut off the road, anyone who dares to take another step Will die, but as long as you walk in front, I will follow.”

Lin Fan did not speak, but just kissed gently, and said: “I dare not say that I can protect the world, but I can still do it if I want to protect my relatives, even if there is really the existence of’Heaven’ How? You can kill it without fear.”

“Kill the sky.”

Qingcheng smiled bitterly: “Just when I heard it, it felt like a joke.”

Lin Fan solemnly shook his head and said: “I don’t think this killing the sky is a joke, otherwise, how could there be that many burial pits in this world? There are also burial places?”

Qingcheng said: “Do you really believe that the corresponding place really buried the sky, really buried the sky?”

Lin Fan said: “Could you forget the sky where the god summon came out? Didn’t he just come out of the sinkhole?”

Then, Qingcheng asked Lin Fan have one’s hair stand on end a question-“If they are all heaven, how many days are there?”

This sentence, let Lin Fan have one’s hair stand on end!

It suddenly occurred to him that when he was in Senluo Realm, the door-blocker told him that there were more than 90 doors to be blocked in this world.

What is blocking?

But God?

“I don’t want to.” Lin Fan smiled bitterly, and said: “I never undervalue oneself, but when it comes to this kind of thing, I always think it’s a joke based on my current cultivation base.”

Qingcheng smiled slightly and said: “You and I first met the little things of Body Tempering Realm, so I walked step by step to today, even in the chaos are giants, did you think of today?”


Lin Fan sighed in his heart.

He intended to comfort Qingcheng because he felt that Qingcheng’s mood was not right.

But now Qingcheng is indeed comforting him in turn.

It seems to be the same every time.

“I will finish here as soon as possible, and then we will go home.” Lin Fan said.

Qingcheng said with a smile: “I think it doesn’t matter where we are. As long as there is Divine Court, as long as the peaks are still there, it is our home.”

Lin Fan smiled.

Several peaks in the mouth of Qingcheng.

Of course, Yiyuan is waiting for the main peak of Holy Land.

Several Great Holy Lands fell apart due to the catastrophe. Lin Fan only kept the one yuan and the spirit pattern at the time, but after that, he did a lot of work and found all these relics.

There are even a few peaks among them. Lin Fan searched for debris in the sky, and the debris was pieced together little by little.

“I feel that as long as we are in the same family, we will always be home.”

Leyao also came, smiled, and said: “What more are you talking about?”

Lin Fan laughed and said, “I’m talking about how to let you, a little girl, give me a big fat boy quickly.”

He didn’t want Leyao to be overwhelmed by the heavy future and teased deliberately.

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