Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3273


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Leyao pretty face red and red.

But soon there was self-pity and sadness appeared in his eyes.

“What are you little girl thinking?” Lin Fan scolded himself for being stupid.

Leyao has always wanted to have children. This is her heart knot.

In fact, even his father Lin Zhen has been paying close attention to this matter.

The old man always loves his Adopted Daughter, and all the women know that in Lin Zhen’s heart, only this Leyao is the eldest woman and Lin Fan’s wife.

Therefore, I have always wanted Leyao to have a son, and I have read it hundreds of times unconsciously.

Just a few women know that although Lin Zhen has this idea in his mind, it is normal. After all, Leyao is his daughter-in-law and he grew up hand-in-hand. It’s just this feeling that no one can compare Come on.

Qingcheng fiercely glared at Lin Fan, comforted: “This thing always depends on fate, don’t think about it.”

“I’m really useless.” Leyao was upset.

When she was in the Celestial Realm, she could help Lin Fan anyway, but as the Lin Fan realm increased, she felt that she became more and more useless, which was a terrifying sense of gap.

Now, she feels even more frustrated that she can’t even give birth to a child and a half of Lin Fan.

Lin Fan said: “I am a spiritual master, the number one in the world, I can make sure that you really have no problems, maybe the problem lies with me.”

Leyao was amused by Lin Fan’s words and said with a smile: “What can you have a problem? If you have a problem, then what’s the matter with Xiao Nuo? Can you speak without going through your brain often?”


“What are you little girl talking about?”

Lin Fan pretended to be angry and said, “You are so gutless, you must teach you something.”

Allure covered her head silently.

This is Lin Fan’s Supreme magic weapon against their sisters.

Rational and unreasonable directly resist taking it away on the shoulder, like an animal.

“You are bothering you, don’t drag me.” Qingcheng said, and hurriedly prepared to leave.

“Can you still run? Come on together, little girl.”

Lin Fan hehe lowly laughed.


Liu Family.

Gu shot the Divine Race army into the battle, and only in one day, he broke through the heavy cities and gates of his Liu Family, and directly surrounded the gods of his Liu Family!

At this time, the Liu Family is really like a turtle in the urn, and the whole family is crushed into the clan.

“Gushejing! Why bother to be so compelling?”

The ancestor of the Liu Family roared, angrily roared: “Could it be that you forgot, you and I have concluded an alliance! We are allies!”

“Allies?” Gu Shejing grinned, and said: “When my aunt is in trouble in shooting Divine Race, why is your Liu Family not in alliance with my aunt in Divine Race? You have to wait until your Liu Family is in trouble and no one responds You just came to form an alliance, don’t you think it’s ridiculous?”

“Auntie! Are you trying to break your promise and get fat?”

Liu Family has Elder roar!

Actually, after forming an alliance with Gushe Divine Race, many people in this Liu Family are really grateful for Gushe Divine Race’s great favor.

At least, the most critical moment of Liu Family was when Gu shot Divine Race assisted and gave up a few business ways to alleviate the terrorist crisis of his Liu Family.

That is provide timely help.

But now…

“Beat your word and get fat?” Gushe Jing ridiculed: “When did Patriarch make a promise? It seems that when the alliance was formed, you did a one-man show, where did you swear, and what to do, Patriarch did not agree with you.”

The ancestor of the Liu Family almost didn’t get angry with a mouthful of old blood!

so that’s how it is!

This scene did happen during the alliance ceremony.

It’s just that the two True Fires were hot at the time. In the close contact, how could he think about it?

It turned out that this alliance was a joke from beginning to end.

It’s ridiculous. He really thought that his family had found a loyal ally. Thinking of this period of time, he repeatedly showed his favor. In order to deepen the relationship, he even transferred many mineral veins at a loss. He wanted to rush forward and kill this aunt Shoot a few swords.

“old bastard, stop talking nonsense, today I am here to shoot Divine Race, just for revenge! Just revenge!”

Gu She Jing roared, and many Divine Race troops shook together.

The cry of killing shook the sky.

“Gu Shejing, do you really want to fight a clan war? You are not afraid of punishment from the heavens?”

The ancestor of the Liu Family roared.

The Celestial Clan is already the last life-saving card.

“tsk tsk ……a debt of blood must be paid in blood, as it should be, I don’t want to shoot Divine Race. How many sons died in your Liu Family, do you count them well?”

Gu She Jing ridiculed, sneered, and said: “So now, I’m here to collect blood for those erlangs. It’s wrong? Why should the heavens care about me?”

The ancestor of the Liu Family no longer expects this thing to be good, so he looks at Gu Shejing in this way, with surging and vicious murderous intention in his eyes.

“Children, kill! Fight! It is unavoidable. In this battle, it is not that he shoots Divine Race to destroy, it is my Liu Family that ends!”

The ancestor of the Liu Family grinned, and then said: “It seems…the Divine Race weapon of your aunt has not returned, right?”

Gu Shejing’s pupils shrank sharply, and he roared: “Break through the palace! Kill!”

What his long sword refers to, suddenly at least tens of thousands of crossbows and crossbows that can kill the gods are fired all at once, and rounds of arrow rain, just like this, moved towards the gods of Liu Family.

It’s like Lin Fan told Gu Shejing.

Shooting Divine Race against Liu Family, as it should be, holding high the banner of revenge, even the Celestial race is not easy to stop.

Even if they are angry, it won’t work.

But Lin Fan is sure that Divine Race wants to destroy Liu Family, which is impossible.

Lin Fan guessed that when the strength of the Liu Family is weakened to a critical point, it should be about to be completely annihilated, the Celestial Clan will take action and stop the battle.

Then Liu Family was incorporated into the group and became the first Divine Race vassal.

This should be the decision that best suits the interests of the Celestial Clan.

Lin Fan is also certain that the Celestial Clan does not lack this kind of visionary.

After all, supporting a Divine Race that completely obeys your orders is more than any benefit.

Gu shot in Divine Race.

Lin Fan and a few girls sing songs every day, so happy.

It can be described as stealing half a day of leisure.

During this period, I just enjoy this rare quiet time.

What kind of cultivation base, leave it alone.

What kind of world, ignore him.

What future, don’t think about him.

But the whole world is crazy!

First, there is the Imperial Family and the Divine Race. The strength of the two Deity Clan is very different, but they are not too big. They are inextricably killed. Every day, at least the two families will lose thousands of lives.

The battle between Liu Family and Divine Race is also sufficient for heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

Liu Family is weak, but in the desperate situation, a terrifying resistance broke out. For three days, the army that shot Divine Race was unable to break the divine mansion of Liu Family.

As for the Celestial Clan, it turned out that there was no response to the chaos in this world, as if let it go.

In the Celestial Clan.

Tianxi looked gloomy and said: “Father, this world must be messed up by Mu Yi.”

The patriarch of the heavenly race looked towards Tianxi with a smile and said: “I know.”

“Then why doesn’t father make a move?” Tianxi puzzled.

Patriarch said with a smile: “Do you think that the world is rotten and reorganized? Or is it better to keep it as it is?”

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