Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3274


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Tianxi was silent.

This is a big problem. It involves too many issues and involves too many things. It will easily shake the interests of the entire chaos-led class.

How to answer?

Of course, Tianxi knows that this is a small test given to him by his father. From his answer, he can see his overall view and vision.

“Just tell me, you and I are father and son here, even if you make a mistake.”

The patriarch of the heavenly race smiled, very kind, and no more haze and so on to cover his face; he is a very ordinary and ordinary person, when he smiles in coarse linen, there are two very shallow dimples.

Is this the most powerful and powerful man in charge of Primal Chaos World today?

Not at all.

Tianxi frowned, he was thinking.

“Of course, if you are outside, you need to be cautious in your words and deeds. Don’t do anything unless you are fully sure. You can only impudent and make mistakes and domineering in front of me.”

A ray of angry look appeared in the eyes of the patriarch of the heavenly race, and said: “Because I am your father, I can tolerate your fault, no matter what, I will protect you, but other people will not, only laugh You, laugh at you until…After you fail many times, completely ignore you.”

“father, child is wrong.”

Tianxi bowed, with a heavy tone.

When the angry look in the eyes of the patriarch of the heavenly race appears, even if it is not covered by mist, it makes people afraid to look directly at it. It is too majestic and domineering, like a god, like a god coming.

But at this time, he laughed, nodded, and said, “It’s good to know what’s wrong. The so-called knowing what’s wrong can improve a lot, but some mistakes may appear once, but if they happen again for the second time, I will doubt me. Whether you choose the wrong person or see the wrong person.”

There was a look of fear in Tianxi’s eyes.

Actually, he has many brothers, dozens of them.

It’s just that the world doesn’t know that’s all.

The living environment of their brother is cruel, surpassing 99% of the creatures in the world.

Even, their brother had secretly discussed whether their father, this aloof and remote creature, was raising Gu, and they had to cultivate a Gu Insect King from their group of brothers.

“Okay, don’t think too much; father always loves you.” Tianzu patriarch gently pats Tianxi’s shoulder, and said: “You think about my final question, now you first listen to me about you This defeat.”

The murderous intention in Tianxi’s eyes suddenly rises, said with a malicious smile: “If there is next time, I will not lose again.”


Suddenly, patriarch of the heavenly race shot two cold lights in his eyes, which hit Tianxi’s chest ribs like a heavy hammer, causing him to break several ribs, crashing into the wall, coughing up blood.

What is temperamental?

This may be.

The father and son had a deep affection in the previous moment, but the next moment I did it directly, without pity and distress.

“You still have this mentality, and you still have to lose next time.” The patriarch’s eyes were cold, and the vast and mighty pressure suppressed here, making Tianxi difficult to breathe.

“Father be forgiving.”

Tianxi kowtowed, afraid of the pain in her body.

The angry look in the eyes of the patriarch of the heavenly race gradually dissipated. After he was coldly snorted, he raised his hand and shot a ray of energy into Tianxi’s body. His broken bones, etc., healed in an instant.

“Follow me.” After all this, the Celestial patriarch coldly looked towards Tianxi, then pointed to a futon and motioned Tianxi to sit down.

Tianxi sat cross-legged.

“Do you know why I said you are still going to lose?” the patriarch asked.

Tianxi shook her head.

The patriarch of the heavenly race sneered: “Mu Yi, the world praised his wisdom as a demon. There was nothing wrong with it. Even I think that because there are too few praises in this world, otherwise they can all be used on him. .”

Tianxi expression turned cold.

But his eyes are full of envy.

It should be noted that even if he came to this step today, his father never praised him.

Where does the patriarch look at the eyes and face of his son?

Sighed and said: “I’m not afraid to tell you. Actually, for a long time, I’ve been thinking about whether my patriarch will pass him better.”

Terror flashed in Tianxi’s eyes.

Patriarch of the Celestial Race said: “You should know, for me, to change his Bloodline, no effort at all, it’s just that when I learned something later, I dispelled the idea.”

Speaking of this place, the patriarch of the Celestial Race laughed and said: “This may be his misfortune, not ascending to the skies with a single leap to become the most powerful man in the world, but maybe it is also my misfortune, I Each and everyone successor he has cultivated hard is not as good as his.”

Looking at Tianxi, the patriarch of the heavenly race said: “Don’t be convinced, what I said is the truth.”

Tianxi was silent.

The patriarch of the heavenly clan said: “This world has been in chaos twice. For the first time, he revealed his identity, just and honorable telling the world that everything is what he did, and then who moved out to make everyone think Everyone who moved him refrained from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases. This is very rare. Take one step to see ten steps, but where Muyi is, he takes one step to see a thousand steps.”

The murderous intention flashed in Tianxi’s eyes and said: “Could it be that Mu Yi is not a descendant?”

The patriarch ridiculed: “I know what you are thinking, but if he is not someone’s descendant, he is in your position today.”

Tianxi shut up.

The patriarch said with a sneer: “This is the second great chaos in the world. In just a few months, Divine Race, who was stepped on the bottom of the valley and only half a step away from the extinction, has re-emerged. The restoration of Peak is just around the corner. At the same time, the three alliances headed by Hajime Divine Race fell apart, and they even met each other in battle, and they were inextricably killed. Even I was convinced.”

The Celestial patriarch sighed and said: “I have asked myself more than once, if I and Mu are in a different place, if I can do all this, I have no answer.”

Tianxi has more killing intents in his eyes.

The patriarch of the heavenly race glanced at him and said: “If you and Mu Yi change positions, can you do all that he did at this time?”

Tian Xi suddenly raised his head. He wanted to say yes, but when he saw the eyes of the patriarch, he didn’t dare to say more, so he could only lower his head.

“Acknowledging that you are inferior to others is a virtue. You can go further only if you know the gap between yourself and others.” Patriarch said, this is to point and educate his son, and then said: “Know me Why do you say that if you are fighting Mu Yi, you will still lose?”

Tianxi shook her head, very depressed.

“hmph!” Celestial patriarch coldly snorted, said: “Do you really think that all souls in this world are idiots? You think that only you know that Mu Yi is behind all this, and he alone is stirring the wind and the rain ? Who doesn’t know? But… who has the evidence? You have?”

Tianxi said with a malicious smile: “Where evidence is needed, just capture and kill directly.”

The patriarch ridiculed: “You have already fought with him, can you defeat him?”

Tianxi’s pupils shrink sharply!

This sentence, although hard to hear, was too stimulating to him.

But it untied his knot.

No more entangled in the question that almost enthralled him.

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