Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3275


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“Father, since he knew that he was fighting with me that day, why…” Tianxi said.

But before he finished speaking, the Celestial patriarch mocked and asked: “Why didn’t I shoot him directly?”

Tianxi nodded.

The patriarch of the Celestial Race laughed. He looked at his son as if he was watching an idiot, a mentally retarded: “Why do I…why should I kill him?”

A ray of disappointment appeared in the eyes of patriarch of the heavenly race.

“Isn’t anyone dead yet?” Tianxi could only think of this possibility.

But after he asked this question, the disappointment in the eyes of the Celestial Race patriarch became stronger, but it still replied: “That one…”

The patriarch of the Celestial Race seems to be in thinking, and only said with a bitter smile after a long while: “This is indeed my blind spot, I am not qualified to dabble in that realm, but according to some news, who is not dead but is still…”

What he was doing, the patriarch did not say anything.

Tianxi was silent, and then said: “As long as that person is immortal, he will always have an untouchable life-saving hole card, which is indeed unsolvable.”


The patriarch sighed, waved his hand, and said: “If you don’t discuss this matter, I have said so now, do you know why your father will say, if you continue to find Mu Yi, will you still lose?”

Tianxi is panicked, anxious, and trembling!

He knows that this is the limit of his father’s last patience.

If you are not answering badly, the lowest is a punishment.

After thinking about it for a long time, Tianxi smiled miserably: “Father, child is stupid. I really can’t think of a reason why he will lose.”

The patriarch of the celestial clan looked at Tianxi for a long time before he said Shen Shen: “Very well, at least I don’t know how to pretend to understand. This is also a virtue. With this, I won’t punish you this time.”

“many thanks father.” Tianxi bowed down.

The patriarch of the heavenly clan said: “I said before that this person Mu Yi takes one step to see a thousand steps, so now no matter what excuses you use for any reason, if you go to trouble with him, you will fall into the various arrangements that he has arranged long ago. In this trap, fog, and Killing Formation, in the end, apart from causing a commotion and trouble, what is impossible to gain, unless there is some kind of power that he can’t resist, and kill him in one blow.”

Then, he glanced at Tianxi and said: “Since you are established as a successor of the Celestial race, and you know certain things, then… Do you think that such a creature as Mu Yi who is being selected by Was it one strike certain kill?”

Tianxi narrowed her eyes and said: “It’s not necessarily one strike certain kill! If you use it…”

“Nonsense!” Celestial patriarch yelled, saying: “That thing is not genocide or unusable. It must be unmovable. This is an iron metaphor!”

Tianxi complexion greatly changed, and said remedially: “Could this Muyi be really invulnerable?”

“Where are invulnerable creatures in the world? Even gods have weaknesses.”

The patriarch of the heavenly race laughed: “I found a very interesting thing about Mu Yi’s birth, roots and feet… In fact, the reason why I admire him is because I know him too comprehensively. It’s really like a legendary made up of life experience, I will see him clearly.”

“Mu Yi’s background and roots?” Tianxi repeated.

Patriarch Hehe smiled and said: “After you know it, many things must be impossible, so don’t ask, you will know when you know it.”

If Lin Fan knew that the patriarch of the Celestial Clan had already understood his true origin and origin, I don’t know how he would feel.

“Actually, if he really got someone’s inheritance by chance, then I think it’s reasonable to go wherever he goes, just because it’s his descendant, that’s enough.” Celestial patriarch Long sighed, and said: “But it’s not like being born. His strength, no one with no inheritance, has been killed all the way from the blood and the sea. This is too rare.”

Tianxi was silent.

How can you get used to your father constantly praising others in front of you?

The patriarch of the Celestial Race probably thinks that he is a bit too much, laughed, and said: “Okay, let alone other, did you think about the initial question?”

The patriarch looked forward to Tianxi.

Although he already knew from the above several responses that Xi’s answer might not be satisfactory this day, he still wanted to hear it.

Tianxi was silent, and after a long while she mustered her courage, and said: “Since father lets the child speak out, then the child speaks freely.”

“It should be.” Celestial patriarch encouraged.

Tianxi breathes deeply, saying: “This world is of course broken and rebuilt.”

“oh?” The patriarch’s eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a vague expectation in his heart.

Tianxi said: “Ten Deity Clan is not worthy of the name at this time. Most of them are playing the yú to make up the numbers. It’s better to kill them all, and die…”

Tianxi’s words grew faster, as if her thoughts became more accessible.

But he only focused on performance, only focused and narrated, but he didn’t see the patriarch, whose face became darker and disappointed in his eyes.

“Okay, you can stop.”

The patriarch sighed: “You really disappoint me. Of course, this may be because you are young, or it may be because I compare Muyi with you, so today I will not punish you. Not fair.”

Mu Yi again!

Mu Yi again!

Mu Yi again!

Tianxi murderous intention is too luxuriant. I can’t wait to get Lin Fan out now and stabbed him with a hundred thousand knives.

“This world is broken, of course, but it is not about destroying, eradicating, and rebuilding all Divine Races. They still need them. The vitality of this world also needs them.” The heavenly patriarch has a profound meaning. Said: “If I want to unification in this world, Chaos has long been the words of my heavenly family, but I didn’t do that.”

The patriarch ridiculed: “Everyone thinks that I am afraid that the ten Deity Clan will join forces to shake my rule. This is a joke. The trifling ten Deity Clan is not enough for me to press, but… There will be no fish in the Qing Dynasty. If my Celestial Clan really completely rules this Primal Chaos World, then my Celestial Clan will not be far from perishing.”

Tianxi didn’t understand at all.

The patriarch glanced at him and said, “You don’t need to understand now, just write down what I said. One day you will understand. I remind you, a dike of a thousand miles burst because of an Ant hole, the strongest castle, is often breached from the inside.”

“Child, remember.” Tianxi bowed down.

The patriarch nodded of the celestial clan, said: “It is not so much that Mu Yi is wreaking havoc on the world, it is better to say that I let him wreak havoc on the world, I am borrowing his hand to break this World, breaking the original order and rules. I want to re-establish the Order Rule. This is actually just a mutual use. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow, Mu Yi will know my understood, then…”

Tianxi lowered her head and said nothing.

Ten Clan patriarch said with a smile: “Ten Deity Clan, if you don’t listen to the announcement, this will soon become history. I want all ten Deity Clan to be affiliated to my deity clans, but I want them to be independent. Let this Primal Chaos World not be stagnant…”

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