Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3278


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They are all crazy!

Led by Lin Fan, all the people who shot Divine Race followed behind them. However, in Fanzu Temple, there are only two differences between the enemy and your own. There are no innocents, and there are impossible bystanders!

As long as you don’t know the blood energy of the same race in others, you are naturally an enemy, and you can kill with a sword soldier!

This is a clan war.

No mercy.

No matter if he is 30,000 years old, or a baby in a swaddling baby, he will all die.

This is the cruelty of clan wars.

If you accidentally leave a bloodline, it may be fatal to you in the near future.

It’s just that Lin Fan still can’t do a real ruthless bloodbath.

Those old and young, those women and children, Lin Fan didn’t take any action, just slayed Liu Family to the strongest.

The ancestor of the Liu Family roared in rage, he flew up, holding the clan weapon with one hand, his face full of grimness, and roared: “If this is the case, then die together! All die!”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

He has this kind of self-confidence. He who owns World Tree should be able to restrain this Willow Tree.

Moreover, he can feel that World Tree is also acting as a medium with him, as if communicating with this Willow Tree, and this Willow Tree also has a faint sense of intimacy.

But not afraid of ten thousand, just in case.

If this Willow Tree is really in trouble, you can only ask Can Hong if you can’t say it.

“The weapon of the family…My uncle created you with one hand. Now his bloodline will die, and Liu Family will be lost. Please take action to protect his last bloodline.”

The ancestors of the Liu Family are begging.


The Willow Tree trembled lightly, and felt the plea of ​​the ancestor of the Liu Family. To resuscitate, the soul of the ultimate weapon within it would awaken.

Lin Fan’s pupils shrunk slightly, lightly shouted, he was separated from the two worlds, borrowed the power of World Tree, blessed him, and flew up to the sky and flew towards the ancestor of the Liu Family. All the fists slammed out to force the ancestor of Liu Family away from the ultimate weapon.

But the ancestor of Liu Family really gave up, he himself is not at all to the level of the ancestor, but the difference is not too far.

At this time, even if he perceives Lin Fan’s terrifying killing intent and the ferocity of his moves, he ignores it, drags the sky with one hand, and greets Lin Fan’s attack, but he refuses to let go. Impossible from Leave next to the ultimate device.

With a bang, this ancestral temple collapsed, and the left hand of the ancestor of Liu Family dragged the sky cracked, holding the ultimate weapon and fell to the bottom.

“Sir, I will help you!”

Gu Shejing yelled, he came, slashed several people with his sword, and rushed to Lin Fan.

“No, you maintain the situation outside, try not to have too many casualties, this old bastard, I can deal with it.”

Lin Fan yelled, and he slammed his punch again. This is no longer just his power, but also the power of World Tree he borrowed from the Great World.

At this time, his vitality is too terrifying, normal exhalation can nourish all souls, but for a moment, this dilapidated mansion is already towering in forest.

“Clan Tools!”

Liu Family ancestor roar!

According to the truth, the most critical moment of clan extinction has been reached. The clan weapon can recover, hit a strong blow, and save the last bloodline.

This makes sense.

But the ultimate instrument fell asleep again after trembling slightly.

The ancestor of the Liu Family is desperate.

He doesn’t even know until now, all of this is Lin Fan’s handwriting.

“Mu Yi! You are the culprit, the deity killed you!”

The ancestor of the Liu Family roars fiercely. He is crazy, holding the ultimate weapon directly, just like this, shaking down to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan’s pupils shrink sharply!

This is the ultimate weapon, even if the soul of the ultimate weapon inside is not at all revived, but still divine might be unpredictable, so moved towards him, it’s terrifying, it can easily break his bones. Zhe, even if his battle body is almost immortal at this time, even if it is the existence that walks down the road, the impossible is not destroyed under the blow of the ultimate weapon.

Lin Fan avoided, and went away in an instant. But when the first ancestor of Liu Family’s attack was empty, he turned back in an instant, his body was in disillusionment, Zhu Tian in his hand had already pierced the waist of the ancestor of Liu Family, and After the tiger roared, he lifted it into the air to directly shake it to death.

At the same time, in the Celestial Clan.

“It’s almost there, it should be close to the bottom of the Liu Family’s tolerance.”

The patriarch of the heavenly race smiled and said: “Go ahead, bring back the important people of Liu Family, and the others don’t have to worry about it.”

He looked towards Tianxi.

Tianxi nodded, said: “Father, if I go this time, I will meet Mu Yi…”

“Did you not hear what I said? Don’t mess with him, he is still useful.”

The patriarch of the Celestial Clan cast a cold look and said: “Just do what I have explained, don’t listen, don’t watch, don’t pay attention to other things.”

“Child obeys.”

Tianxi bowed down, and then went out.

“hehe…the first Divine Race affiliated to the Celestial Race.” The Celestial Race patriarch’s eyes were full of smiles, and said: “Your sword is really sharp. It’s a pity, the double-edged, but ultimately it is not Don’t break you.”


The battlefield has come to an end.

Only the very few Liu Family powerhouses, such as the ancestor of the Liu Family, are still struggling.

Along the way, the ancestor of Liu Family coughed up blood more than once, and begged this ultimate instrument to wake up more than once, but it was useless.

Of course, the most important reason why these three have survived until now is that Lin Fan is unwilling to expose his hand-held ultimate device, and all those who shoot Divine Race are extremely hand-held The ancestor of the Liu Family refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases.

The ancestor of the Liu Family must die today, everyone knows.

So be very careful, for fear that he will jump the wall in a hurry, for fear that he will drag a few lives on the road before he died.


Lin Fan shook out. After fiercely hit the Liu Family’s descendants who were fighting with Gu Shejing, he coughed up blood, staggered forward seven or eight steps, and was found by Gu Shejing. Opportunity, cut off one of his left arms.

“Mu Yi…I wish I could drink your blood and eat your meat!”

The ancestor of Liu Family grinned, and then he roared: “Even if you die, I will take you on the road together!”

Lin Fan eyes shrank.

The ancestors of the Liu Family are desperate, afraid that they will use cruel and bloody tactics similar to the same.

Lin Fan secretly decided that he could only use the ultimate weapon, and no longer thought about hiding.

But at this moment…

“Gu shot Divine Race, keep your hands!”

There was a roar.

Lin Fan’s face changed again, he looked towards the distance, and four people came here like the stars and the moon!


Lin Fan’s face changed again, and she shouted: “Kill it quickly, don’t keep your hands!”

Everyone, including Gu Shejing, knows that if the ancestor of the Liu Family cannot be beheaded to death in a flash, then this so-called genocide will become a joke.

If the race cannot be completely annihilated, wouldn’t it be wrong for the many children who died in the battle of Divine Race?

Even if I want to come here, I’m afraid I won’t be able to look down.

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