Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3279


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It’s crazy, no matter who it is, no matter what life or death, what serious injury, what soul is going to Jiuyou, etc., they have no regard, and there is only one thought, kill the other person!

The same is true for the ancestors of Liu Family, and the same is true for the people of Divine Race.

There is no possibility of reconciliation between the two sides. At this step, the Liu Family will only remain the ancestor of the Liu Family, and the rest will die in this battle.

Gushe Divine Race also suffered heavy losses, but the cultivator in the realm of God, I am afraid that all of them will have fallen.

So, what else can I say?


Tianxi snorted, fast as lightning, the speed is too fast, one step is hundreds of thousands li, and, while running, not at all, forget to scold and shake.

“Mu Yi! Do you dare to punish him, I will destroy you!”

He turned out to be such a naked threat. Such words made Lin Fan’s eyes cold.

But there was a glimmer of brilliance in Lin Fan’s eyes, and he really took a step back, retreating from the siege circle that besieged the ancestor of the Liu Family, and looked so cold towards the rushing Tianxi.

This defeated is really as arrogant and arrogant as ever.

Under the low-key that can be disguised, it is the most terrifying rampant and believe oneself infallible.

“Mu Yi! Don’t let them stop, do you really have to wait until the deity goes crazy?”

Tianxi shouted, his canthus is about to split.

Just because he saw dozens of Gushe Divine Race supreme powerhouse headed by Gu Shejing swarming up, smashing them down with various weapons, and pouring out to the ancestor of Liu Family.

Lin Fan sneered and said: “You speak so unreasonably.”

Furthermore, no more, no less, just moved ten meters!

These ten meters are so wonderful.

Make sure not to hinder Tianxi’s advancement towards the siege circle.

But when Lin Fan within the body’s murderous intention is still faintly discernible, it has forced many clansman, including Tianxi, to come near him. You must be afraid and beware. , I want to 彳亍!

Therefore, I will buy more time for Gu Shejing and the others.

“Mu Yi! you are courting death!”

Tianxi roared, his eyes were red, and he stared at Lin Fan like this, the killing intent was too strong.

Lin Fan’s eyes moved slightly, and then his pupils shrank slightly!

Although Xi is arrogant and arrogant this day, she is truly one word worth nine sacred tripods!

His broken arm still hasn’t healed by itself, and a length of his sleeves is empty, moving with the wind.

I looked up slightly, looked towards Tianxi, and said: “You are really unreasonable to speak.”

“jié jié…Is it true that the deity dare not kill you?” Tianxi grinned.

Lin Fan brows frowned, said: “Your honorable student is domineering, first he scolded me and told me not to shoot, okay, the officials one rank superior crush the inferior, I retreated, but after I quit the siege, His Majesty ordered me to stop patriarch and the others.”

Speaking of this, Lin Fan saw a ridicule in his eyes, and asked with a smile: “Dare to ask the Lord, you are also under one person above ten thousand people in the Celestial Race, but do you dare to scold the Celestial Patriarch? Dare to order him to stop killing the enemy?”

Tianxi complexion slightly changed,.

Lin Fan angrily said: “Since the superior dare not to trifling a foreign surname Elder, how dare to order patriarch? Is it because the superior does not know what he does not want to do to others?”

Lin Fan’s words are so sharp, they turned Tianxi into a red face.

It’s clearly not the same thing, but in Lin Fan’s words, it seems that he himself is the most innocent person, and Tianxi is like a domineering and unreasonable villain.


Tianxi roars fiercely.

Because he heard the howls of the ancestor of the Liu Family, he saw Gu She respectfully holding the sword edge and cutting off the scalp of the ancestor of the Liu Family, causing blood to splash 100,000 zhang.

“What am I? Is there any error in what I said below?”

Lin Fan sneered and glanced at Tianxi.

But actually, Lin Fan in the heart scolds.

I think Divine Race is really good-for-nothing.

Several dozens of people killed one person, but it turned out to be too late. Moreover, the Liu Family ancestor, who was like a turtle in the urn, was still fighting against the trapped beast. On the contrary, it once again added a lot of casualties to Gushe Divine Race.

“Sir, save me!”

The ancestor of the Liu Family roared fiercely. He was really miserable at this time. Several soldiers were inserted into him, like a human-shaped hedgehog, blood was bleeding everywhere.

“fuck off! ”

Tianxi roared, he strode forward.

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes slightly, and said: “I am bully intolerably! Knowing that you are here, I have given up your main path, but you are still not satisfied?”

“You! I am so angry!”

Tianxi is too angry.

If it weren’t for the patriarch’s repeated orders, for the time being not allowed to compete with Lin Fan, he would be unable to bear and shoot directly.

“It’s really thief crying, “Stop thief!”, I have clearly avoided, but my dignity is not satisfied, do you still want me to retreat to the horizon? Even if the Celestial Clan is the strongest, it is impossible to insult me ​​like this “Lin Fan toughened down, making it clear that he would not retreat.

At the same time, he sound transmission, very harsh—”I can’t hold it any longer, can you hurry up?”

He was sound transmission with Gu Shejing to inform him of his current situation.

Gu Shejing complexion greatly changed, and roared: “Ancestral sacrifice!”

Hearing these two words, everyone’s face turned cold.

Including Lin Fan, his expressions are all slightly startled!

Did the ancestors of Liu Family really have such a horror when they were fighting for their lives?

It turned out that Gu Shejing had to use this bloody tactic.

Ancestral sacrifice, equivalent to the same return of other people.

All the people of Gushe Divine Race showed sorrow, and then all of them were one-knee kneels, all facing Gushe and the others, as if saying goodbye to clansman, and as if saying goodbye to the destiny of no return. hero.


“hong long long!”

A huge explosion that was so terrifying to numb the scalp suddenly rose, and one after another mushroom cloud that swept the world rose into the sky, the four fields trembled, and the sky was shaking. This originally belonged to the Liu Family territory. The great rivers and mountains inside almost fell apart, almost burst into cosmic dust, and were no longer visible.


Tianxi rushed forward three steps, but was forcibly forced back by Lin Fan’s sharp murderous intention.

Of course the ancestor of the Liu Family is dead!

If he can still remain immortal under the ancestral sacrifice method of Gushe Divine Race, it is really a myth. Of course, if he really has that kind of power, he will not be broken into the palace, go Go to this step.

“jié jié…… You shoot Divine Race, good means, so courageous; this is to ignore the deity’s order, who gives you the courage?”

Tianxi was angry and murderous aura stared at Gu She Jing awe-inspiringly, roaring.

Gu Shejing’s eyes were also extremely cold, and she stared at Tianxi without showing any weakness. His words were a little bit hideous, and he said grimly: “I have revenge, why should I stop shooting Divine Race? Why should I follow you? My destiny? I’m going to shoot Divine Race for revenge. It’s justified, the Celestials…have this qualification and reason to control?”

Tianxi’s pupils shrink slightly.

He really didn’t expect, this Gu Shejing would actually refute him so strongly, and it is justified.

“Dare to ask Lord Tianxi, since when, what we do at Divine Race depends on the face of your heavenly race?”

Gu Shejing sneered and asked lightly.

Tianxi’s face was pale, and she couldn’t find any words to answer.

And at this time, he felt a wave of murderous intention.

These murderous intentions are strong or weak, but they are all from the Divine Race clansman.

Then what he saw was a pair of insidious and hateful eyes.

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