Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3280

Sad and lamentable.

Other Gushe Divine Race clansman, of course, are consistent with this Gushejing’s idea, which is the cause of hatred.

By this time, Tianxi actually calmed down.

Looking at Gu Shejing in this way, then he said: “It’s not a bitter force, but I just feel that Divine Race should not be endlessly killed when we live in peace.”


Lin Fan murmured in his heart.

At this time, the best thing is to leave without saying anything.

Then, the Celestial patriarch came forward, or it seemed to be a punishment on Tianxi, or he directly gave a generous apology, and only in this way, can Gushe Divine Race calm down the anger.

At this time, it is like adding fuel to the fire to say the four words ‘peaceful coexistence’ when I was so idiotic that I was so clever.

Sure enough–

“tsk tsk… Peaceful coexistence? Tianxi respects such a big vision, what a big ideal…” Gu She Jing grinned and laughed strangely, and then Sen Han asked: “The weapon is lost in my clan, At the beginning of the next stage, the four races oppressed our race and almost wiped out our race. Only when the God’s Palace suddenly changed to 3000 li and the land was still under control, why didn’t the superior come forward? Why not announce the beautiful vision of the superior to those ethnic groups?

When my race is desperate, crying, and crying, when my race is struggling to survive and die every day, when my race loses hundreds of lives every day, why doesn’t the peaceful coexistence of dignity appear?

I’m really curious about it. Why did it happen that when I was born in my clan just got better, and avenged this Liu Family on the grounds of just and honorable, the peaceful coexistence of dignity happened so coincidentally? “

Tianxi knew she did something stupid.

But in fact, few people can make normal plans and speak normal words under extreme anger and suffocation.

“Gu shot patriarch, at this time you are in anger, and many things are not clear. In the future, the deity will explain this matter.”

Tianxi cup one fist in the other hand.

He was really low enough.


Who knows, Gu Shejing has weird eyes: “How dare you ask for an explanation from the Celestial Clan? If the Celestial Clan doesn’t let down the thunderbolt anger, our race should burn incense, and it’s time for the Celestial race to thank God.”

Tianxi’s eyes flashed with murderous intention.

But it was not aimed at Gu Shejing, and then looked back ferociously, staring at Lin Fan, and said grimly: “Is this what you want to see?”

Lin Fan shrugged and said, “What is your superior talking about? I really don’t know, but he is in his position to seek politics. Since patriarch believes in me and uses me, naturally he must be in order to Divine Race to make a plan and die. And later.”

“jié jié…Is this the scene you want to contribute?” Tian Xi grinned and approached Lin Fan step by step.

The murderous intention flashed in Lin Fan’s eyes.

The past few days came, he was always thinking about whether he should go back.

There has been no decision.

But if I dare to attack him this day, Lin Fan really doesn’t mind cutting it off directly and returning to Three Thousand World.

This can be considered to use Tianxi’s life to make his decision to leave.

But don’t wait for him!

In just ten meters, one after another Divine Race clansman was crowded.

All of them are nailed to Tianxi’s face with a sullen look.

There is no fear in that eye, and death is home.

Gu Shejing hehe smiled and said: “My Gu She Divine Race is a bit blood energy after all. From then on, no matter who it is, if you want to touch me Divine Race alone, my clan, go shopping!”

Lin Fan glanced at Gu Shejing in surprise!

I really underestimated this aunt.

At this moment, when these clansman spontaneously rushed to him and blocked Tianxi.

Speaking of this sentence, the cohesion of Divine Race will reach an unprecedented peak. No matter what kind of strong enemy you will encounter in the future, this race will only press forward. Moreover, the sense of honor of the race will rise to the extreme. .

Good means.

“What do you want to do?”

Tianxi shouted.

Everything today is too strange, all beyond his knowledge.

Actually, in his mind, these Divine Races have always been just subordinates.

At this moment, this Gu shot Divine Race, is equivalent to being forced?

“My lord, don’t know what we are going to do?”

Gu Shejing smiled and leisurely said: “Just tell your master that my Gu She Divine Race is not weak to be bullied.”

“The deity never thought that Divine Race could be bullied!”

Tianxi shouted angrily.

Lin Fan glanced at him mockingly.

After Tianxi roared, his face was ugly, and he backed away.

Don’t dare to move forward, otherwise unpredictable things will happen. If the Celestial Clan headed by him clashed with the person who shot Divine Race, then the matter would be big.

“Mu Yi, do you think everything is in your plan? Do you think you can hide it from the people of the world? You can’t, you don’t deserve it, you wait, your end is not far away, come on Now.”

Tianxi pointed at Lin Fan, and even said so.

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