Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3281


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Lin Fan’s heart is tight!

Tianxi’s unintentional words were scary enough to correct some of his guesses.

The Celestial Clan really knew his origin and roots.

This is a big deal.

If Lin Fan is not calm enough and has experienced enough things, if he changes to another person, he is afraid that he will really turn around and flee.

This is too terrifying. Under the stars, the men with the strongest swordsman and the strongest strength in their hands have already seen him thoroughly, but they have been unable to bear it.

This really exceeded Lin Fan’s expectations.

Actually, he never thought that his roots and feet could remain hidden.

But in Lin Fan’s view, this should be discovered very late. It turns out that he did underestimate the unpredictable power of the Celestial Clan.

Even if he has tried his best to overestimate, but still not enough.

“Which one is in control of the secret?”

Lin Fan’s heartfelt words.

Once, he mocked this person. It was the first encounter with this so-called celestial machine controller when he killed the clansman and several patrol hunters.

But at that time, this Tianji controller was nothing but the case in Lin Fan’s eyes.

He couldn’t find his real body, and couldn’t find the ultimate murderer.

But when you think about it carefully, maybe since then, the Tianji controller has already known that it is him.

Suddenly, Lin Fan’s pupils shrank sharply!

He thought about some details. The secret controller glanced at him inadvertently. At that time, he regarded it as a suspicion, but now it seems that the look in his eyes is clearly teasing and mocking.

“Mu Yi, the deity dare to guarantee that your end will not be good, it will be miserable.”

Tianxi grinned, his killing intent is full.

Lin Fan was silent and didn’t say anything, but everyone at Divine Race was furious and shouted.


Tianxi laughed, and he looked towards Gushejing, and said, “Lin Fan, whom you respect so much, and respectfully call him Mr., but how can you know that he is not taking advantage of Divine Race? Power to achieve some of his goals?”

Lin Fan’s eyes are slightly cold.

This is Zhu Xin’s words.

Who knows, Gu She Jing is laughed, saying: “My dear is stupid, but he also knows what good and evil are. Mrs. does have the suspicion of using Gu She Divine Race, but at least for now, everything he does is for I’m not talented at Divine Race, but I’m grateful, so I don’t care about it.”

A warm color appeared in Lin Fan’s eyes, and said, “It’s hard to tell with this thing. I can only hold a pillow. No matter what purpose I have a relationship with Divine Race, but from the beginning to the end, I never thought of killing Divine. Race .”

“Why do you have to explain, sir?” Gu Shejing smiled, and said: “Mr. She’s great achievements are enough to be compiled by my Gu She Divine Race in the history of the family for future generations to remember and worship. Is it trifling right and wrong? Can you provoke? That villain also underestimated you and me.”


Tianxi was furious.

How can we not be annoyed by being metaphorically referred to as a villain in person?

“Is there anything wrong with your lord? If there is nothing wrong, please go, my clan has to clean up the spoils of war.”

Gu Shejing didn’t give Tian Xi any good expressions at all.

Just because Gu Shejing is not a fool.

He knows that, at least in this matter, the Divine Races will definitely stand in the same place with the Gushe Divine Race, and they will walk together.

And this Celestial Clan doesn’t take any reason at all, so he dared to confront Tianxi like this now.

Tianxi’s face is lunar and ugly!

The remnants of this Liu Family are enough to move people’s hearts, even if it is his Celestial Clan, they are all moved.

But Tianxi also knows that if he still covets Liu Family’s things at this time, then it would be too much and it would be totally disappointing.

Lin Fan stared at Lin Fan on the lunar calendar, Tianxi jié jié smiled: “I’m waiting for your end.”

Lin Fan drowned and narrowed, but did not speak.

“Let’s go!”

Tianxi shouted angrily, and then left directly, clansman also left with those days.

Lin Fan looked at Tianxi who was going away, the killing intent in his eyes, slowly condensing, strong, a destructive energy, radiating from him.


Gu Shejing spoke at this time, said with a bitter smile: “Don’t do it, otherwise…”

Lin Fan looked back at Gu Shejing and sighed.

If he shoots now, he is confident that he will kill Tianxi and the clansman behind him.

But in the end he still didn’t shoot.

Of course, if he does it now, Divine Race will definitely be in the revenge of the heavens, and it must be within his scruples.

Gu Shejing sensed that the rich murderous intention on Lin Fan’s body slowly dissipated, grinned, and said: “Although there were casualties in this battle, the ending is not bad. The possession of Liu Family is enough for me to shoot Divine. Race’s strength has exploded many times.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “It’s just a pity for those clansman who died. If it weren’t for Tianxi’s damn appearance, it wouldn’t have been so miserable.”

A different color appeared in Gu Shejing’s eyes.

He knew that this sentence seemed unintentional.

But it was Lin Fan’s intentional act, and the purpose was to once again arouse the anger of Divine Race clansman against the Celestial Clan.

It’s just that Gu Shejing didn’t say anything, and it is true, faintly said: “The heavenly clan is strong. I don’t know how many millions and millions of years are in charge of the world. How terrifying this clan is. Measure out accurately.”

Lin Fan looked towards Gu Shejing, Gu Shejing smiled bitterly, and said: “Even Mr.’s mentor-which Legendary, I am afraid that he has not accurately calculated the depth of this clan.”

Lin Fan’s pupils shrink slightly.

“If Mr. really took this matter as a conspiracy, it can be said that there is a long way to go. The world says that if the ten Deity Clan alliance becomes a monolithic one, it can shake the rule of the heavens. I can only say that this is Dreaming.” Gu Shejing said with a solemn expression, “Don’t say it’s just ten Deity Clan, even if the ten Deity Clan and twenty Divine Race work together, it’s not necessarily enough to see.”

Lin Fan laughed suddenly and said: “Patriarch has thought about it a lot, I don’t have any vision.”

Gu She Jing startedled, then laughed, and said: “Mr. Talent, I always dare not succumb to others. If there is one day… Gu She Jing is also willing to be a small pawn for her husband.”

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes slightly, laughed: “Patriarch made a joke.”

The two of them talked, and there was a lot of disrespect in their words. If they were learned by outsiders, it could be a catastrophe, so both of them are sound transmissions.

“Patriarch…Liu Family’s ultimate weapon is gone!”

There was a Gu shot Divine Race, everyone suddenly shouted, very panicked and terrified.

Gu Shejing’s face changed drastically, and he roared: “What’s the matter?”

Gu Shejing was originally dreaming. After her own clan weapon disappeared, she had been looking forward to it. After the Liu Family was destroyed, he took Liu Family’s clan weapon and went back to guard Gushay Divine Race.

Lin Fan sighed and said, “Patriarch also knows that it is the ultimate weapon. Of course, it is impossible and easily controlled by us. Why should we force it? Moreover, when Liu Family was destroyed, he did not move, and he was already regarded as an aunt. Fortunately for shooting Divine Race, patriarch must not insist on more.”

Gu Shejing sighed, said with a bitter smile: “How come you don’t know about this? It’s just…always unwilling.”

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