Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3282


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Lin Fan said with a smile: “Where can all the good things be taken up by you? Isn’t that unreasonable?”

Gu Shejing laughed, and said: “Mr. taught that you really can’t ask for more.”

Gushe Divine Race clansman, after finishing the results, it is really too rich.

Even Lin Fan is jealous.

Liu Family is just a Divine Race that has never been left behind. When it was almost annihilated for the first time, it had already been scraped by the Divine Races once.

But since the second rise, there is not much time, but what is hidden is enough to create a side hero-level force in an instant.

This is scary.

“What do you need, sir. Just take it.” Gu Shejing was very sincere, pointing to the various Supreme Treasures in the mountains, and said: “If there is no sir, where can Gu She Divine Race be today? It is a blessing not to be annihilated. , How can you come to revenge so proud?”

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows and said: “Then I’m not welcome.”

“hahaha……” Gu Shejing laughed and said: “Even if you emptied them all, I would not say and so on.”

Lin Fan smiled and cursed: “You are so generous, am I shameless?”

Lin Fan stepped forward, he was choosing treasures according to the situation. Of course, it was in line with his identity. He didn’t look at the magical materials, the spar and the secret skills. All his eyes were on the piles of rare and precious Spin around between the medicine ingredients.

In the end, Lin Fan only took ten medicine ingredients that are hard to find in the world.

“Does sir only need this thing?” Even Gu Shejing was surprised.

In fact, he is ready to vomit blood.

Even if he really made up his mind, even if Lin Fan really emptied all his income, he would not say anything.

In his mind, Lin Fan was really insatiable and took everything away.

Only by asking for something, you can do what you want to control that person.

If that person has no desires and desires, then what do you talk about control and methods?

Lin Fan smiled and said: “Enough, to have these cherished medicine ingredients are more precious to me than anything else, besides, these things are all made by the elders of the clan. I have What face occupies more?”

Gu Shejing said with a smile: “Mr. Big belly.”

Lin Fan did not speak.

But in fact, what he wants to say is that the biggest gain and treasure after the destruction of Liu Family this time has long been taken away by him!

The Willow Tree, now rooted under the World Tree, is flowing and shining.

It is the ultimate weapon of the Liu Family, which was returned by World Tree summon and re-transformed into its body, absorbing the nutrients and essence of World Tree.

“I want to use the power of the clan at this time. There will be no fools who are not afraid of death.” Lin Fan smiled and said: “Then I will return to the clan first and see you later.”

“Mr. Go slowly.”

Gu Shejing bid farewell.

Gu shot in Divine Race.

“He is indeed understood.” Qingcheng looked frosty, then looked towards Lin Fan and said: “How are the Husband going? Leave directly?”

Lin Fan looked at the lunar calendar and said: “If I retreat like this, I always feel unwilling, like I am afraid of the old fogey, but if I stay, it is indeed extremely dangerous.”

Qingcheng narrowed her eyes and said, “You can send the sisters away first, especially Qingyue and Qingluan. The two of them must not be in this Primal Chaos World. If something happens to her, Husband You are controlled by others and can only become a puppet.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “It’s true that this is the same thing, but because of her temperament, I am afraid that she will not leave like this.”

“This matter can still tolerate them? Husband can only do it arbitrarily.” Qingcheng solemnly said, “Sisters are not unreasonable people, and will not blame Husband.”

Lin Fan sighed and said, “Then send them back first, and you and Qiuyue will stay with me here.”

Qingcheng nodded, said: “Send more sisters back. It’s always good for them to accompany each other, but I don’t know the current situation of Three Thousand World.”

Lin Fan said: “Just look at it and you will know.”

“Let’s take a look then.”

Allure is nodded.

Lin Fan is smiling, he is also looking forward to and excited.

It’s been too long, too long, to feel the energy of Three Thousand World, and too long, too long to see the majestic Divine Court.

In the thunder pool.

There is a flashing green light.

That was World Tree by Lin Fan summon. He was looking for the starry sky mark he planted. After a while, Lin Fan raised his eyes and he found the mark. It was his world.

At that time, he planted his world on the edge of a barren galaxy.

But at this time, he actually felt a lush and green, and some creatures appeared on it, such as flowers, birds, fish, insects, etc., such as hidden land of peace and prosperity.

“Xiao Nuo.”

Lin Fan said directly.

At the same time, Xiao Nuo, who was sitting cross-cultivation in Divine Court, suddenly opened his eyes and said with excitement and excitement: “Father!”

“It’s me.”

Lin Fan smiled, looked towards Nightmare, and said: “This Little Brat is very good, the Sixth Realm of God, it is comparable to my realm.”

Yes, Xiao Nuo has come to this step and is on par with Lin Fan realm.

“Father, where are you? Three Thousand World can’t find the slightest breath of you, which makes the child worry.”

Xiao Nuo speaks.

At the same time, the illusory shadow of Lin Fan and the others appeared directly in Divine Court.

“Meet father, and mothers.”

Xiao Nuo knelt down quickly.

Lin Fan’s expression slightly condensed, and then said: “You have an heir?”

Xiao Nuo’s expression was embarrassing, but still nodded.

At this moment, Lin Fan really felt nodded and dizzy!

In this Divine Court, he felt five breaths connected to his Bloodline.

Two of them, of course, are Xiaoxi and Xiaonuo.

The other three are totally unfamiliar.

“She gave birth to a pair of Twins to the child, and the younger sister also has a son.” Xiao Nuo said, and in the most concise words, he described the major events since Lin Fan left.

“They! Want to die!”

Lin Fan raised his eyes and said grimly: “When I return, one after another sweeps over!”

Xiao Nuo’s eyes were gloomy, and said: “Brother Xiao Wu has only four realms. I originally thought that Divine Court would be low-key during this period. The big deal is to wait for Brother Xiao Wu’s realm to be equal to me before going out to sweep, but since father If you will return, you will have no fear and you can ignite the flames of war.”

“Come as soon as I go.”

Lin Fan speaks.

Xiao Nuo’s expression changed and said: “No father, you use the method of overlapping universe. If you are fighting, you will lose control and confusion at every turn, and the universe will be subverted. Why not wait for the return to liquidate.”

“I can’t wait. I dared to make trouble during the delivery of my daughter. How can I vent my hatred if I don’t kill it!”

Lin Fan roar!

That crap, almost killed Xiaoxi, this is a big grudge!

Is there no one in Divine Court?

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