Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3283


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But just this one hand is enough to prove his own out of the ordinary!

It’s just a slight flick, and the terrifying light mask envelops the main star. This is a refuge, this is a barrier. No one can move the main star until he is immortal.

It just so happened that Lin Fan didn’t even think about destroying this star.

“Aren’t you going to destroy the Divine Court of the deity? I’m here, get out.”

Lin Fan snorted.

The main thing is that although Xiao Nuo said it simple and plain, he recognized the difficulties and difficulties.

At that time, Xiao Nuo had only come to the Five Divine Realms. This old bastard and a group of old fart soldiers came to Divine Court. It happened that Xiao Xi was giving birth. What kind of danger was that?

It is said that all the gates of Divine Court have been breached. If it were not Promise’s critical moment to ignite his own Tao fruit, if it were not for Li Guang’s desperate burning of life essence for several times in exchange for Supreme power, if it were not for Wu Jian, he would treat himself as The sacred sword Self-destruction of life, if it weren’t for the Divine Court people who gave up their lives and filled the passage that was killed with their lives, he returned at this time, with only hatred and anger, can he still see his daughter?

Can you still see your grandson?

None of it.

The most important thing is that even now, Li Guang and Wuji have not recovered, they have only been on the verge of death for so many years, if it were not for the firm belief that as long as he returns, everything will be fine, I am afraid that these two people would have long since Can’t hold it.

At this time, how can he not hate?

Want to slaughter this star.

“Lin Fan? Is it you? Are you back?”

There was a shout of surprise, and from the main star, a scary silhouette appeared.

He is wearing a quilt and a straw hat. If he hadn’t been floating in the boundlessness and stepping on many big stars, anyone would treat him as an old farmer.

Of course, under this ordinary appearance, there is a breath of horror, if there are hundreds of True Dragons hibernating on its body within the body.

“I’m back, are you surprised?”

Lin Fan’s gloomy, murderous intention is so strong that the entire Three Thousand World is in a severe winter, the sky is full of big snowflakes, and there is a fiery meteor piercing the sky.

“jié jié, waiting for you for a long time, it will be better for you to show up. I will kill you first today. It will destroy the faith of the people in Divine Court and destroy Divine Court.”

The old man in the clothes opened his mouth like this.

And at this moment, there were three or four terrifying howls, from everywhere, running through the endless starry sky.

Lin Fan’s expression is slightly different.

These three or four long howls are not weak, at least at the level of the Sixth Linshen Realm.

But when he was in Three Thousand World before, none of these breaths appeared.

It seems that he has indeed underestimated Dream God’s methods.

She was afraid that all the ancient stars of life would wake up at once, and when they woke up from the nightmare, they would be completely wiped out by sudden changes, so she revived the sleeping world in batches.

“You Fellow Daoist came right in time.”

The old man smiled, he looked towards everywhere, and there was one after another terrifying silhouette emerging, condensed all around, all staring at Lin Fan again.

“It’s really good, even if this younger generation is in your time, it is enough to create a piece of Heaven and Earth.”

Someone spoke up, commenting in the tone of a senior expert.

“Almost, barely, can be considered qualified to be among the strongest in the world.”

Someone commented again, and nodded from time to time.

“The strongest column?” Lin Fan ridiculed, then looked towards the person who spoke, and said: “It’s just a frog in well, you think that after countless years have passed, when you awaken, those powerhouses will be missing than yours. Think of yourself as World’s First? Feel like you can run rampant in the present age? Run rampant? If you think too much, the Six Realms of Prosperity is just the beginning.”

“Good guts!”

The man who opened his mouth roared and roared: “I have experienced the era of the dream god, watched the gods fight, and saw the supreme powerhouse fall in a pool of blood like a straw. What can you juniors know? “

Lin Fan sneered, sonorously said: “I have not experienced the ups and downs of the gods, nor have I experienced the changes of the epoch, but at least I know that as far as the world is concerned, you and me are just innumerable living beings. With pride, in the world you don’t know, in the time and space you can’t see, there are still people who can shake the sky with one hand, like you and me, he can kill with one hand.”



Each and everyone yelled, and then roared: “How can there be such a strong in the world? We are already at the top of the world, and there is an impossible more powerhouse than us, this world is not allowed.”

“Idiot.” Lin Fan sneered.

These people are used to being arrogant and arrogant. When they wake up from their deep sleep, they look at the starry sky, and they can’t find any breath that makes them jealous, so they think they can only I Am Supreme. .

“The kid humiliated me!”

Someone screamed: “Get out and die!”

Lin Fan’s eyes suddenly cold!

He wasn’t sure whether there were any of these people among the invaders in Divine Court, but that didn’t matter anymore. This time it was only for killing, and killing one is not much different from killing two.

“Fellow Daoist, admit defeat and leave Divine Court, let you sit down with us and talk.”

Someone had a heavy face, and he was speaking, admonishing Lin Fan.

“get lost! Do you really consider yourself a scallion?”

Lin Fan yelled, and took a step forward, pushing towards the old man of Divine: “old bastard, it is said that for so many years, every time against my Divine Court, you are a pioneer and you are not allowed.”

“It’s a pity that Divine Court was not completely breached that time, and the wicked species were not buried directly, so that they can breathe and grow to this step.”

The old man’s face was cold and he said with a malicious smile: “But the opportunity to make up for everything has arrived, first kill you, and today I will play the funeral of Divine Court.”


The old man shouted loudly and stepped out in one step. The Star River hangs upside down, and the universe is overturned. Hundreds of thousands of big stars revolve around it. At this moment, he seems to have become the lord of the stars.

“Good offices for good luck!”

This old man played his strongest move, to kill Lin Fan in an instant, in order to build his invincible power.

This move is terrifying. It has the power of retrospective time and space. After Lin Fan’s projection is destroyed, it can be attacked and killed. It pursues Lin Fan’s place and directly kills his deity.

As a result, he couldn’t do it. Lin Fan lifted this deliberately decisive move with one hand, and gently downwards for a while. The chaotic and inverted universe and order were restored again, and the clarity became clear.

“What are you? Do you really think Only I Am Supreme? Even if the deity is only a projection, but it kills you like slaughtering dogs.”

Lin Fan sipped softly. He took a step forward, emitting golden light, illuminating the entire Three Thousand World, projection in the heart of every creature.

With a bang, the hundreds or thousands of big stars that revolve around the old man can’t bear the terrifying breath of Lin Fan. The hands were directly embedded in the many Divine Chains played by the old man, and then he clamped his neck and lifted him up to him like a chicken cub.

“Only you are worthy of insulting my Divine Race? To deceive my family?”

Lin Fan’s eyes were gloomy and murderous aura. His big hands clamped the old man’s neck, and he imprisoned all of his cultivation base, let him vacate, kicked his legs, and was about to suffocate to death.

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