Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3284


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Everyone was panicked, shocked, and temporarily shocked, Divine Soul was unstable!

Suspected in a dream.

How could this kind of thing really happen in front of you?

Is this still a battle on the same territory?

It’s not like it at all, but it’s like is a Proshen 7 8th Realm’s big things come in a low-key, violent shot.

Good offices!

This is a terrifying killer move. It was said to have lived for a short period of time in their era, which caused headaches for all enemies and feared enemies who were stronger than the old man.

But it was invalid at this time, completely useless. The chaotic time and space, the upside-down universe, were no match for this youngster’s single-handed suppression.

It’s just a palm, calm and tranquil, and ride the wind and waves, directly clamp the old man in the hand, and kill the other person at any time.

“Fellow Daoist, stop!”

“Fellow Daoist, please rest on Thunder’s Fury!”

These people wake up and are shouting.

Lin Fan is too strong, making them all horrified. They are forced to report to the group for warmth. At this time, Lin Fan cannot be killed, otherwise there will be a big mess.

“Stop? Calm down?”

Lin Fan grinned and said: “My grandson was physique weak when he was born, and was sick all day long. Even my daughter could not let my poor grandson recover completely in a very short time with the heaven defying pill technique. But now, you old bastard, what are you talking about here to calm your anger and stop?”

Lin Fan is extremely polite and doesn’t give these people a face at all.

Mainly, he had seen the child with Divine Soul. He was very cute, with a small face, hu hu, and a very beautiful Little Brat, but he was depressed and sick, and his heart was bleeding.

“Fellow Daoist, you have passed it. You must be aware that throughout my cultivation life, everything except the deity is nothingness, and will eventually pass away.”

Someone spoke, his eyes were dark and bright, and wisps of murderous intention exploded from his eye sockets, and he continued to speak: “At this time, Fellow Daoist takes a step back to keep it safe.”

Lin Fan smiled, bloody and cruel, raised the old man with one hand in the air, pointed at the speaker with one hand, and said grimly: “Yi… are you threatening me?”

“This is not a threat, this is a fact.”

Someone answered, coldly said: “From our age to this day, there are only these few people, and one of them is indispensable. If you insist on doing things against him, we can only take action.” /p>

Lin Fan stared at everyone coldly.

“hmph! What is there to say? This is just his projection. The real body does not know where it is, and it has always been supporting the boundary wall and connecting, and the teleportation power that crosses the galaxy is also a great harm to him. First destroy his projection, and when his true body returns, he will be punishable by his deity.”

Someone is very powerful. Of course, this person is also terrifying. The real body did not appear. Far away from a few galaxies, only a faint illusory shadow shone here, but it was too terrifying. His eyes were as huge as a planet, and they were shining. Like every day.

“Are you going to punish me?”

Lin Fan yelled, he still held the old man in one hand, time and time rushed under his feet, and with a squeak, he went away in an instant, and just disappeared in front of everyone.

“Not good!”

“Junior Hugh succeeds!”

“The juniors are rampant! You can’t spare you today!”

Everyone was furious, roaring, murderous aura surging, making the entire Three Thousand World shiver coldly, I don’t know how many Foreign Domain stars exploded directly.

But soon, this projection screamed from the terrifying silhouette here, and he exploded. At the same time, Lin Fan returned, carrying a human head that had not yet closed his eyes and died completely.

These old bastards are all swinging!

This is horrible, but a powerful enemy was killed in the blink of an eye.

This is a god who sits on a star, but he was killed in a flash.


“Only kill, otherwise, when he comes back, do we still have a foothold?”

“Do it, you can’t bear it. Let’s make a move together. Even if he is too strong, it is useless. He will definitely hate this place.”

These old bastards are secretly sound transmission and want to shoot together. They cannot tolerate Lin Fan’s continued impudent and arrogance.

“Do you want to fight in groups? Come, my father and son will accompany you!”

Xiao Nuo is here, and a Resurrection Lily suddenly blooms in the sky, separating Lin Fan from everyone.

Lin Nuo floats in the stamen of Resurrection Lily, like a god.

Everyone’s face changed again!

This is a little invincible.

The prestige that was typed out, the prestige that was killed.

There were ten of them in this group.

But in just a short time since this kid became the Sixth Realm of God, he was searched for by each and everyone, and forcibly killed four people.


Xiao Wu also came, with a long roar, he was like a divine ape, and he jumped from the Divine Court gate to this place in one step.


Xiao Wu came and knelt directly on the ground, his eyes full of guilt, crying, and blaming himself: “Master, it’s useless to learn the discipline, I didn’t protect Xiaoxi.”

He is knocking, tears all over his face.

I really blame myself.

In that battle, not only his child was damaged, but even Xiaoxi also contracted an illness, often chills all over, and the medicine is difficult to treat.

“Good child, you have done well enough. You are not to blame for this matter, it is the fault of the teacher.”

Lin Fan opened his mouth, raised his hand to look at the sky, and said: “I know the difficulties and dangers in the future, and understand that under this sky, these three ancient stars will one day attract darkness. By then, maybe the hundred stars will collapse, Death… Therefore, I have been running around as a teacher, for this world, for the familiar scene before my eyes to not wither, I gave up my life, striving to the utmost, doing my best, but in the end… I almost lost it. Family.”

“hmph! The foolish talk is unreasonable!”

“That is, the world is full of heaven and earth, looking at three thousand stars at a glance, where is the crisis? The future is smooth.”

“hmph, alarmist, want to sing praises for yourself here?”

These old bastard, viewing the sky from the bottom of a well, a frog in well.

Lin Fan ignored it, but suddenly angrily roared: “For this world, I was born to death, but since I can’t protect my family, then this world is a fart?”

“Xiaowu, did these old bastards participate in that battle?” Lin Fan asked.

Xiao Wu’s eyes showed a hideous killing intent, he got up, one after another glanced away with gloomy eyes.

Somehow, as far as the moment is concerned, Xiaowu’s cultivation base is far behind these old bastard, but when his eyes one after another swept across, these old bastard actually felt the invisible coercion, which made them gall. All shaking.

“There is him, there is him, and there is him.” Xiao Wu pointed to three of them.


With an angry rant, Lin Fan shot, and three Dao Body shadows rushed out of his body, fighting wildly!

With a bang, the old man, which was screwed in his hand like a chicken, exploded, completely body dies and Dao disappears.

“The juniors are crazy!”

Someone yelled and was dissatisfied with Lin Fan’s arrogant behavior.

“pu! ”

Suddenly, there was a splash of blood, and the blood bead pierced through many death stars, causing them to explode, and time and space became ashes.

Among the three people Xiao Wu just pointed at, two of them bleed Star Sea.

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