Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3285


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“Xiao Wu, today is the master for you, the world and the overall situation are not for the teacher. I just want to be fair to the daughter, and I just want revenge for the brother. You are leading the way. Today, I want to kill a shock. The world is moving, we must kill a blood flowing into a river.”

Lin Fan was very low, and when he said these words, he didn’t show any anger.

But that’s the way it is, it is even more permeating, and the entire starry sky is silent, and the shaking Three Thousand World is silent.

Xiao Wu’s eyes were bloodshot.

Heaven knows, how he spent this time.

He hates his incompetence and how slow his cultivation is.

Divine Court of Nuo Da, only supported by Xiao Nuo.

The big hatred of his wife and children can’t be a debt of blood must be paid in blood, and the enemies are happy and impudent living under this starry sky.

But it’s all right now!

“Are you going to block the way?”

Lin Fan’s eyes were gloomy, and sword-like eyes fiercely swept across a few people. Bingsen said: “Think clearly, the reason why I haven’t waited now is because that day in the battle, I won’t wait anymore, otherwise you Long ago dead.”

The eyes of these people are also cold.

But after a moment of silence, he stepped back, gave way to the wide road, and dropped his hands to signal that he was unwilling to be an enemy.

This day is very scary. In this vast Three Thousand World, almost every place is full of silhouettes of Lin Fan and Xiaowu. Of course, Xiaonuo is also with him.

In Divine Court, Li Guang and the others are roaring, shaking with excitement!

Their Brother Return of the King, in sweets away the whole world, it is more enjoyable than they have swept the world.

At least prove that their brother is all right and all right.

“Brother…I think you have a hard time thinking!”

Li Guang was on the sickbed. He was already flourishing because of his prosperity, but at this time, he looked old and looked like rotten wood, with tears flowing from his eyes.

Across from him, Wuji was also excited, and his lips trembled with excitement.

“Brother, you are back, very good! We cleaned up those old bastards for us, they were going to be bloodbathed, and none of them were left!”

He was roaring, and angrily roared: “Those brothers…have died wrongly! They are too strong, each and everyone rushed to their Divine Court brother and fell like weeds, but the Divine Court brother is really not ashamed , Press forward, even if you know that going forward is death, it is still strong and invincible.”

The whole starry sky trembles, Lin Fan is too strong!

In his hands, there is no one general.

Even if it is a powerhouse before the era, it is like a child in his hands.

The most terrifying and frightening thing is that he is not the deity descended, just a projection, the real body is far away.

“Are there any more?”

Lin Fan stood quietly in the sky and looked towards Xiao Wu, saying: “Today is the master of the master, if you want to kill, kill them, the sky will fall, and the master will support you. “

Xiao Wu clenched his fists tightly.

But then let go, laughed, and said: “I will take my time for the rest.”

Lin Fan looked towards Xiaowu, nodded after a long while, and said: “Those who are beyond your two realm, you are not allowed to fight hard, there are teachers and promises, but only one realm higher than you kill you, you don’t The enemy, defeat, I will not care.”

Xiao Wu kowtowed down.

Lin Fan said: “This is not about being a teacher and not loving you, but…”

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows and said proudly: “You are my Lin Fan’s discipline and my Lin Fan’s son-in-law. If you can’t kill the enemy across a great realm, it would be shameful!”

This sentence, how arrogant, like a thunderbolt, bombed in this Three Thousand World.

“Whether the deity has a sleeping old fart or not, I don’t know if there is an Old Guy who is well hidden, but listen, in the same environment, even if it’s higher than my son and disciple. Realm, if you shoot them, the deity can ignore it, but if anyone dares to suppress the small, strong and weak, when the deity returns, he will not forgive!”

Lin Fan said this sentence lightly, but this sentence is rumbling on every planet with vitality, like the sound of heaven, the entire Three Thousand World, Lin Fan’s words are spreading .

Coldly snorted is heard from many ancient stars.

This is the echo of the mighty sleeping on the ancient stars.

Lin Fan ignored and stood quietly in the void, faintly said: “Anyone who wants to fight the deity? If not, the deity is gone.”

He is inviting to fight.

There are not enough people killed today, just trifling eight people. One or two murderers have long heard the wind and escaped without knowing where to flee, which makes Lin Fan very dissatisfied.

Lin Fan waited for a while, after no one, coldly smiled, he returned to Divine Court.

The first one I went to see was of course my brother.

“You two guys.” Lin Fan chuckled, but there were tears in his eyes.

This is brother, right?

To live and die together is a promise.

“You fellow, make us so worried!” Li Guang had tears in his eyes.

Lin Fan is smiling, but there are tears in his eyes.

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