Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3286


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“Let the father see you.”

Lin Fan spoke, really guilty.

Among his three children, Xiaoxi is always the most obedient and the one that saves him the most trouble.

Always very well-behaved.

But in fact, he spends too little time with him. It seems that it’s just a dazzling moment. That little thing is already a mother and a wife.

Lin Fan watched for a long time before he grinned and said: “Looks like your mother, but those eyes are like me.”

“Nonsense.” Leyao frowned: “If Xiaoxi’s eyes are like you, can you still see? It’s spooky and frightening. Go away and don’t frighten the child.”

Lin Fan’s face suddenly became bitter, and then he lowered his body, looking towards the three little things staring at him timidly, grinning said with a smile: “What’s your name?”

This little thing that is at least 90% similar to Xiao Nuo has a timid look, but after hearing Lin Fan’s question, he still mustered his courage and said: “Father said, you have to wait for grandfather to come to have a name .”

Another very cute, pink-cut jade girl with a bitter face, said: “The question is when will grandfather come? I don’t want to be called by my daughter or daughter. This name is too common and popular, Divine There are at least dozens of elder sisters in Court by this name.”

Lin Fan laughed, looked towards the little girl, and said: “Then what do you want to be called?”

“I want to be Lin Ruoxian.” The little girl is very opinionated, her eyes are shining, and then she pouted, saying: “But the mother didn’t think it sounded good, and she refused to agree, asking me to wait for grandfather to return.” /p>

Lin Fan kindly scratched the bridge of the little girl’s nose, said with a smile: “Go tell your mother, you will be called Lin Ruoxian in the future.”

“Uncle, really? Can I really call this name?”

The little girl looked expectant.

But his title made Lin Fan stagger.

A little angrily said: “You have to call me grandfather.”

“You are talking nonsense, grandfather is not like this.” The little girl said seriously, “mother took me into the mortal world. The grandfathers of the mortal kingdom are all gray-haired, have white beards and are very kind. You are not at all Like, it looks like Big Brother.”

The little boy raised his eyes and said, “Who are you? Are you a monster? Are you here to deceive the way of change and lie to us siblings? I tell you, hurry away, or I’ll be rude to you.”

He opened his mouth, spreading his hands at the same time, protecting the little girl behind him, and constantly winking at Xiaoxi, and muttering: “Aunt, you can call father and kill the bad guy.”

Lin Fan can’t smile.

But soon, after he touched his chin, he had a beard and white hair growing out. He smiled and looked towards the little girl and said, “If Xian, isn’t it like this?”

Lin Ruoxian’s eyes sparkled immediately, and she clapped her hands excitedly.

“Seeing your grandfather, why don’t you bow down?”

Xiao Nuo is here, very majestic, coming in strides, a strict father.

Behind him, following Little Princess, she bowed down with a shy face: “My daughter-in-law has seen my father-in-law.”

Lin Fan nodded, said: “Thanks for your hard work, the child is educated very well.”

Xiao Wu also came, smiling and looking towards Lin Fan, saying: “Master, this kid is also waiting for your name.”

Lin Fan looked towards the boy who has been beside Xiaoxi, following closely.

His head and brain are full of brilliance, and he knows that he is smart at first glance.

Lin Fan’s eyes flashed rune, and the time was overwhelming. He said: “It’s amazing. These three Little Brats are all Twin Martial Spirits, especially this Little Lass. The one who awakened was a cauldron furnace with sky fire. Accompanied, this is a natural spiritual master.”

Xiao Nuo said with a smile: “I have been waiting for father to return to enlighten her.”

Lin Fan smiled: “It won’t be long until I return.”


Lin Fan looked towards Little Princess, said with a smile: “Since this little thing likes the name Lin Ruoxian, let her follow her.”

“Okay, father-in-law.” Little Princess certainly wouldn’t refuse.

Lin Fan brows slightly wrinkle, said: “As for the names of the other two little things, I have to wait for me to think about them. The names are for a lifetime, so you can’t be vague.”

Nightmare murmured: “When I named Xiao Nuo, why didn’t you see you so seriously?”

Lin Fan’s face was embarrassed.

But did not continue this topic, but looked towards Xiao Nuo and Xiao Wu, saying: “You two will come with me.”

Xiao Wu and Xiao Nuo respectfully stood aside, in the pavilion.

“I will let some people come back later. This matter is top secret. No outsiders are allowed to listen.” Lin Fan solemnly said, “Although I suppressed and killed a few people today, it shocked Xiao Xiao in the dark, but No one can be sure that these people will take the risk and attack you while I am away, so you must be careful before I return.”

“Father, don’t worry.” Xiaonuo was nodded.

Lin Fan sighed, looked towards Xiaowu, and said: “You must not act too hastily. The thing about cultivation is where water flows, a canal is formed, the more impatient you are, the more error-prone you are. In fact, It’s because you are too demanding of yourself. At your age, how many people have your current cultivation base?”

“Remember the Master’s teachings.”

Little Wu bowed down and said: “How long does it take Master to come back?”

Lin Fan frowned and said, “Fast is one month, slow is two months, but at most three months.”

Xiao Nuo and Xiao Wu suddenly felt relieved.

March will pass soon.

“Father, can you tell me where you went?” Xiao Nuo was curious.

Is that another totally different piece of Heaven and Earth?

Lin Fan sighed and said, “Do you still remember the man named Wuxiang who fought with me?”

“Of course I remember, very strong! Very arrogant, trying to seize grandfather’s mirror.” Xiao Nuo’s eyes were gloomy.

Lin Fan nodded, coldly said: “When we went out, we happened to see the door of the term where Wuxiang came was opened, so I slipped in. The experience during this period is really hard to describe.”

After that, it was naturally Lin Fan’s narration.

“What? Primal Chaos World? The rivalry between the two worlds cannot be adjusted?”

Xiao Nuo raised his eyes and said grimly: “That realm is really too dangerous.”

Xiao Wu also solemnly said: “If there is a real world war, Three Thousand World will be a miserable defeat.”

Lin Fan nodded: “So, I have been working on this matter in Chaos, trying to reduce the strength of which session I can do my best. Ten Deity Clan has been eliminated, and the strength of the entire Primal Chaos World is at least lost. 6-Layer.”

“Father’s experience is really colorful, my son can’t wait to follow father around and go to see the chaotic scenery.”

Xiao Nuo’s eyes showed longing.

Lin Fan said: “There will be such a day, but it is definitely not now. You have to train your troops well. I don’t think we can burn the flames of war in the Three Thousand World. It will be Three Thousand World, when the nest is upset no egg is left intact.”

Xiao Nuo and Xiao Wu are both nodded.

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