Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3287


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“Primal Chaos World is very strong, beyond your imagination.”

Lin Fan looked very solemn, and solemnly warned Xiao Nuo and Xiao Wu, saying: “Even if Divine Race is ruined, even if he is declining, at least there are dozens of powerhouses in the Sixth Realm of God. Of course, this number is based on the old bastard that I count those struggling on whilst at death’s door, but is called the background.

But it must not be underestimated. These backgrounds are indeed very short-lived, and most of them are sighed, relying on the suppression of the ultimate weapon to survive until now.

Although they are just struggling on whilst at death’s door, if they are all born, they can burn the remaining vitality in a short period of time, in exchange for the Peak battle strength at the peak period, they are very strong, if you meet these one day Old ghosts must be killed before they can completely recover their battle strength, otherwise there will be endless troubles. “

The two are heavily nodded, and both look solemn and gloomy in their eyes!

It’s terrifying, although Lin Fan not at all explained the power of Chaos in detail, but only a few claws are enough to make them shake!

In this Three Thousand World, the six realms of the gods can be called honorable. If there is a god of the seven gods, it might be enough to become the master of the starry sky, but in Primal Chaos World, the big things of the seven gods are actually enough. There are quite a few, and there are only a few that are known, so what about those who don’t?

The more I think about it, the more I feel that have one’s hair stand on end!

Lin Fan looked at Xiao Nuo and Xiao Wu’s real, laughed, and said, “No matter how strong they are, there is always a way to kill them. Just imagine what our environment is like in the lower realm?”

Both eyes lit up.

Lin Fan stood up, pointed down, and said: “My Divine Court is strong and strong, and my brother is united. I dare to kill and dare to die. You have all grown up. You can all be alone. There is no shortage of descendants of Divine Court. Well-known figure, a giant amongst men and Junjie, when we have time, we will be able to create a Legion that is invincible for a long time. The future is difficult, but it is not without hope.”

“Father is right. The situation is difficult and dangerous, and it can’t be better than the Netherworld.”

Xiao Nuo sneered and said: “At that time, we didn’t even know the realm above, but what? In the end we won and swept the enemy.”

Lin Fan nodded, looked towards Liangxiao, and said: “I’m waiting for you to grow up. If one day you two can walk shoulder to shoulder with me, what is the fear of trifling chaos?”

The brilliance flickered in the two small eyes!

Lin Fan’s divine might today is really enough to shock both of them, making them both yearn and look forward to.

“Don’t rush to break the mirror.” Lin Fan solemnly said, “When I reach the realm of God, I feel that realm is not the main thing, but the consolidation of cultivation, and the clearness of the future. Only each realm. Only when you reach the top can you press forward on Divine Road and sing, otherwise it’s just talk.”

Become a god!

These two words are enough to shake ancient and modern cultivators.

This is the long-cherished wish of every creature who steps on the cultivator, and is striving for this goal.

Walking to this step, Lin Fan can focus on thinking about becoming a god, barely qualified for that, and will be prepared for that realm from now on.


Xiao Wu bows down.

Lin Fan glanced at him and said, “Especially you, don’t rush to break the mirror. You and Xiao Nuo are always different. You have to know that even if he takes the lead in your three or two small realms, there will always be one The great realm stops him, and when you catch up, no one can lead this way. There will eventually be the threshold of Yudao, which will stop 99% of the eternal masters.”

Xiao Wu’s eyes shone slightly.

Lin Fan said: “You brother compete with each other. It’s good, but if you forget the road and consolidate every small realm just for the sake of competition, then it’s really not worth the gain. It’s an outrageous mistake. I don’t allow it. “

He told his real experience, the opportunity that the dragon soul gave him was enough to push him to the Peak of the Seven Realms of God, and even if his aspirations were greater, he only wanted the breakthrough of realm, I was afraid that he would be able to come. God 8th Realm, but in the end he just lays the foundation for the Six Realm of God.

For this reason, he was able to run rampant in the Six Realms of Linshen, able to beat all the people in this realm, ancient and modern.

Even, even if you encounter a large cultivator in the seven realms of God, you can fight without death.

Lin Fan is talking to the two minors, explaining.

This is very important for two small groups, such as enlightenment.

“disciple got it.”

Xiao Wu bowed down and said: “From now on, I will not pursue the breakthrough of realm, but like a Master, to be invincible in the same realm.”

Lin Fan nodded with a smile, said: “When I was in Primal Chaos World, I browsed through an unknown number of ancient histories, and unveiled the tragedy of each and everyone overhauling that amazing time and space. They are riding the dust and leading the same generation. The cultivator has been for several epochs, but in the end it fell on the threshold, and after all, it was lost in the last detail.”

Lin Fan quietly looked at the two little ones, and said: “This so-called last detail may be the shortcomings of every small realm, or the lack of understanding on a great realm, etc., etc., but always A tragedy, and the history of the God of Medicine, I also know too much in Primal Chaos World.”

Lin Fan smiled, looked towards Xiao Nuo, and said: “Do you know how long it took the Medicine God from the Sixth Realm to the Seventh Realm?”

Xiao Nuo frowned: “With the power of the medicine god, I am afraid it will be up to one year.”

Lin Fan smiled and shook his head, looked towards Xiaowu, and said: “What do you think?”

Xiao Wu frowned and said: “Two years?”

He is not sure.

Lin Fan sighed, and said: “According to the historical records, the Medicine God went from the sixth stage to the seventh stage of Lin Shen for a full 38 years, and every time he entered the gate of the seventh stage, he did not hesitate. He turned around and walked out until he was convinced that there would be no shortcomings in the sixth realm of God before he went straight to the seventh realm.”

“38 years?” Xiao Nuo was horrified.

Lin Fan nodded, said: “It’s been 38 years, but it took him only three days from the Seventh Realm of Prosperity to the 8th Realm of Prosperity, and it only took three months from the 8th Realm to the Tao of Pregnancy. It took only ten years to become a god.”

Xiao Wu raised his eyebrows and said: “Why does it take so long to stay in the Six Gods?”

Lin Fan shook his head and said: “I don’t know, but looking at ancient history, every a God seems to stay in this realm for a long time. Thor has spent more than 50 years, but the final becoming a god is just counting Years only.”

“In this way, I am afraid that there is a big fascination in this situation.” Xiao Nuo said.

Lin Fan said with a smile: “Primal Chaos World said that the five realms of the Gods can be called powerhouses, and the six realms of Gods can be called Peaks, but only to become the ancestor level, that is, the gods The seven realms are only qualified to aspire to the Great Dao, and the catastrophe from the fifth to the sixth realm of the gods is also called eccentricity in Primal Chaos World.”

“The five realms of God, are they just mortals in the eyes of Primal Chaos World Zhu Xiu?”

Xiao Nuo exclaimed in an incredible way.

Lin Fan shook his head and said: “I don’t know, but Primal Chaos World does have this rumor, so you two must not rush, let alone focus on the realm. This is my order.”

Lin Fan looked towards Liangxiao, and said: “I have high expectations of you. I hope that you will be in the final position of God. In the near future, Qingyue will return. You can ask her, her family has a wealth of knowledge and knowledge It is even more terrifying, and you can always ask her about cultivation.”

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