Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3288


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Lin Fan spoke seriously and seriously.

Qingyue is perfect, no matter her life experience or herself, it is enough to make people blushed with shame, and she needs to lower her eyebrows in front of her.

What’s even more terrifying is that she has experienced the age of the gods, even if those memories are sealed, but they still have an indestructible influence that can affect her life.

Cultivation So far, Lin Fan has never seen a woman who is as persistent as Dudao, even Leyao and others are incomparable in this respect.

It should be noted that Qingyue dared to abolish a cultivation base that was enough to fight him at the time, and re-enter the Great Saint Road, just this bravery is enough to make the world blushed with shame.

“Follow the orders of father.”

Xiao Nuo, as always, is almost obedient to Lin Fan.

Not to mention Xiaowu, for him, Lin Fan is a god, who cannot be disobeyed or disobeyed.

However, Lin Fan’s eyes are a bit complicated at this time.

Xiao Nuo is always different. All kinds of evidence show that he is really the reincarnation of that great god.

He often wondered, when one day, Xiao Nuo awakened the cultivation base of the previous life, ignited the Tao fruit of the previous life, and awakened the previous life memory. At that time, what was the situation between their father and son?

“Nuoer, do you believe in reincarnation?”

Lin Fan looked towards Xiao Nuo.

Is this his temptation?

Lin Fan actually doesn’t know why he asked this question.

It seems that he had asked a long time ago, but Xiao Nuo’s answer had long been forgotten.

When this problem arises, whether it is Xiao Nuo or Xiao Wu, they all become solemn, and all of them tighten up!

Reincarnation, death.

This is a major event that the entire cultivator’s society is discussing and pursuing. Some people don’t believe it, such as Lin Fan, who just believe that they are invincible, they can push everything horizontally. They don’t need the so-called reincarnation, and they never think about reincarnation. It takes one life to long life same as heaven.

But there are also people who believe that life and death are both considered, and they believe that death is the ultimate for life, and life is all for death. Life and death are just exchanges of rhetoric, which is just another embodiment of life.

There are people who are looking for it, placing hope in the next life, thinking that the regrets and hatreds of this life can be repaid and made up in the next life. It is even more tempting to think that the current life is only the result of all causes, and only the next life is the result. Where.

For example, the extinct Buddhist Sect will be in the afterlife, but at least in Lin Fan’s opinion, this is rateless, and it is not even good for this life, rateless, where does the next life come from?

Also, even if there is an afterlife, according to Lin Fan’s view, it is still a trash and an ant, and will never become the protagonist between Heaven and Earth.

Lin Fan never thought that this question turned out to be Xiao Wu’s first answer. He was serious and serious, and said, “Master, I don’t believe in reincarnation. If there is, then this big universe, all souls in this world, Is it just the reincarnation of a group of people

? Including Master and me, Xiao Nuo and Xiao Xi, etc. Maybe they have met again in the previous life or that life, and have been together? Moreover, our cultivator, as the Master said, only cultivates invincibility in this life, does not seek the next life, forever. “

Lin Fan said with a bitter smile: “Your answer is not counted, it is too deeply influenced by me, so your subconscious mind already thinks so, this is too arbitrary and inappropriate.”

After that, Lin Fan looked towards Xiao Nuo and said: “What do you think?”

Xiao Nuo was silent for a moment, and said: “Yes.”


It was just this one word, which made Lin Fan’s heart suddenly clenched.

“Let’s talk about the reasons for seeing you.” Lin Fan looked towards Xiao Nuo.

“I think what the gods do is to reshape the world and create reincarnation.” Xiao Nuo said, “I have seen the huge bright city I have seen before, as I have seen it in a dream, There is the Samsara Road that suddenly appears, it seems to be based on my bones and blood.”

Xiao Nuo is very low, his eyes are far away, like thinking, and like remembering. After a long while, he smiled bitterly and shook his head, saying: “If father asks, why would I say so firmly that there is reincarnation in the world, I find There is no reason, but this world should have reincarnation and retribution should be unhappy…”

Xiao Nuo has said a lot, but Lin Fan is not listening anymore.

Sure enough, as Xiao Nuo’s cultivation base increased and his realm improved, his memory was slowly recovering.

Lin Fan stared at Xiao Nuo in a daze, and said with a smile after a long while: “Samsara is like a ghost, maybe if you believe it, there will be nothing if you don’t believe it, we all have our own way and belief, this is a great thing. Can go a different way.”

Xiao Nuo nodded and said: “Whether there is reincarnation in the world, this should be answered by people in the realm of the gods. It is not right to talk about these things in the current realm.”

Lin Fan nodded in agreement, and said: “There are some things that you can never touch until a step. The current discussion, thinking, etc., are more like a joke.”

This conversation will stop there.

“Okay, I’m leaving, and I will return to chaos. This method takes too long, I’m afraid it will attract people’s attention.” Lin Fan said, then looked towards Xiao Nuo, and exhorted: “Don’t remember Be impulsive and maintain the status quo. I will return soon. All the hatred will be said when I return.”

“Father, I wrote it down.” Xiao Nuo cup one fist in the other hand.

Lin Fan laughed and said: “This chaotic journey is dangerous, but in general, the rewards are extremely impressive.”

He took out dozens of High Rank talisman rings and handed them to Xiao Nuo and Xiao Wu respectively.

When the two little ones saw exactly what these talisman rings were, they were all shocked inexplicably!

There are many treasures in this, even if they are two of them, they have only seen them in legends and ancient books, and have never seen them.

But in the talisman ring given by Lin Fan, it can only be regarded as a general merchandise, there is no special arrangement, just like this casually.

“These things are enough to elevate the strength of Divine Court to many levels, so make good use of it.”

Lin Fan opened his mouth and said: “To make the best use of everything, you also need to know that your wealth is not white. This Three Thousand World, it seems that the water is still deep, far more than what you and I see.”

“Father, please rest assured.” Xiao Nuo bowed.

Xiao Wu didn’t say anything, but he put the talisman ring into his own talisman ring with a backhand.

“By the way, regarding medicine ingredients, you first give Xiaoxi and let her choose. The reason why her injury has not healed, your uncle has not been well, the uneven medicine ingredients is also the most critical factor “Lin Fan said.

Xiao Wu suddenly burst into light rays of light in his eyes, and it was too late to say hello to Lin Fan, so he grabbed the talisman ring in Xiao Nuo’s hand and ran out.

“This little thing.” Lin Fan scolded with a smile, and then said: “I’m leaving.”

Xiao Nuo frowned. After a long while, he mustered up his courage and said: “Father, don’t you go to see Xiaodie? There are also Chuchen aunt them…”

Lin Fan settled down.

Xiao Nuo said: “Limited to aptitude, their cultivation base has long been set in a certain realm and cannot be improved. Over the years, if it were not for Xiaoxi’s constant supply of major drugs, they were afraid that they would have vanished fragrance long ago. and crumbled jade .”

Lin Fan is silent.

The eyes were very complicated, and after a while, he said: “When I come back, I will go see them again when I come back.”

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