Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3289


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Xiao Nuo spoke, her eyes full of puzzlement!

Just to take a look, is it so laborious and determined?

The women are all in the corner, silently watching everything about Lin Fan.

They should be regarded as Lin Fan’s childhood beauty, right?

It’s just a wrong heart, destined to be Road of No Return.

“I came back to see them, and now I see them, I don’t know what I can say.”

Lin Fan was very low, looked towards Xiao Nuo, and said: “Tell Xiao Xi, treat them well, even if you spend a huge price, you must prolong their lives.”

Just this sentence, Lin Fan left.

Of course, he took Qingcheng and Chasing the Moon away, and the rest of the women, he used means to send them to Divine Court.

“hehe…you are gone, you didn’t even have time to say a word to me…”

Yao Chuchen is smiling, Li Qingxuan is also smiling, but there are tears.

They are not young anymore.

After knowing that Lin Fan was back, they dressed up carefully, put on the red makeup of girls, full of expectation, and the result was another disappointment.

“He is always very busy, don’t blame him.”

Yao Chuchen smiled, she looked towards Li Qingxuan and said: “Just as you and me are now, even if he really comes to see you and me, do you and I meet him again?”

Li Qingxuan was silent, and shook his head a moment later, saying: “No.”

Later, she added: “I don’t know if I still have an impression in his mind, but even if it’s just a luxury, I only hope that he will always remember my most beautiful appearance, not the old age. Ugly.”

“Why don’t I be like this…”

Yao Chuchen sighed for a long time, and then said: “I saw him and missed me for life, but I really don’t regret this life, and I won’t regret it again.”

“He is so heroic, how can he be bound by the love of his children?” Li Qingxuan smiled, and then said: “Old sisters, you and I fought and fought each other when we were young, and never thought that we would end up with us in this life. “

Yao Chuchen used to be beautiful, even now it’s Hefa Chicken Skin, you can still see the grace of the past from the silhouette, hearing this she smiled, even the wrinkles have a little charm.

“Let’s go, and see him again, even if it’s not his deity, it’s enough.” Li Qingxuan looked at the medicine out of the dust, said with a smile: “Don’t be embarrassed as a girl. It’s not easy for her. Hanging for our two old farts.”

“It’s time to go. It’s tiring. I look like…I can’t stand it myself.”

Ying Chuchen nodded.

They are very open-minded.

According to their cultivation base, they should have died a thousand years ago.

It’s just that there is always some extravagant hope in my heart.

There are always some beautiful dreams.

Why are you willing to die?

Only now, no matter how good, the big medicine of heaven defying can no longer sew their battered bodies.

How heaven defying Halting Face Pill can’t smooth out those wrinkles, nor can it dye the three thousand blue silks black.

So the dream is broken–

“I have been waiting for you for the rest of my life… If there is another life, I will be waiting for you, when the time comes, can you look at me more?”

Yao Chuchen smiled. She and Li Qingxuan were sitting together under a blooming hibiscus flower, and a light spot slowly floated out of their bodies, which was in the way of transformation.

“The next life…If there is an afterlife…I don’t want to see him again…I’m afraid it will be another tragedy.”

Li Qingxuan’s choice and prayer are completely different from that of medicine out of dust. I only wish that there will be no other in the next life.


Xiao Nuo rushed, his face full of tears.

He is very strong, and he can be respected in the current Three Thousand World.

But how is it possible to forget that these aunts cared and cared like mothers when they were young.

“Good child.” Yao Chuchen smiled, and Can Ruoxiahua: “The time limit is here. I can live for a thousand years. How can I ask for more.”

“no!” Xiao Nuo roared, he shot a beam of reincarnation, forced out Resurrection Lily, and wrapped the two women, but it was useless and could not prevent them from returning.


Xiaoxi also came, her face was also full of tears, and Lin Ruoxian and others behind her were all crying.

They may not understand life and death, but they know that a loved one will leave, and they have often embraced them under their knees. At this time, they naturally feel distressed.

“Father returned only by means of overlapping universes. The real body is still in his hometown, and he is eager to return due to sudden changes. He also wants to meet the two aunts very much.”

Xiao Nuo was wiping tears, he said something against his will.

Knowing that this is irreversible.

“Is it true?”

The silhouettes of Yao Chuchen and Li Qingxuan became more and more faint, and there were more light spots floating out, but when Xiao Nuo’s words were heard, brilliance appeared in his eyes.

“Really, father also said that as long as he can return, he will immediately come to see the two aunts, but why don’t you wait.”

Xiao Nuo burst into tears, unable to bear.

“Wait?” Yao Chuchen sighed: “I waited all my life, complained all my life, hated all my life, now I am not waiting.”

“Why are you waiting for him? He is very handsome, thousands of years old, but if he is a young official, but what about us? We are old, wrinkled skin and white hair, what do you see? How about leaving clean? .”

Li Qingxuan spoke, and then said: “What are you crying for? This is not worth sadness.”

Leyao is here, with red and swollen eye sockets, just looking at the two women who are slowly dissipating in the bright golden light.

The two women are also watching her.

I have never talked or got along with each other, but they all know each other’s existence.

“this life…you’re just lucky to meet him before me.” Yao Chuchen smiled. In the last golden light, she restored her youthful appearance, peerless grace and elegance, and her manners.

Li Qingxuan is the same, the eyes are like stars, the red lips and the teeth are too beautiful.

But this is the final image.

In the best of beauty, they dispersed.

“Father! Father… When you return, will you regret it?”

Xiao Nuo Yangtian roared, the sky shook.

Leyao said softly: “Xiao Nuo, as a parent and child, bury them.”

Xiao Nuo suddenly turned around and said: “Mrs. Leyao, where should my son bury the two aunts?”

Leyao smiled sadly and said: “Lin Family Cemetery.”

“The inscription…”

“Lin Fan’s wife’s medicine comes out of dust, Lin Fan’s wife Li Qingxuan! Does this still have to be taught by me?” Leyao scolded slightly.

“The child thanked the aunt on behalf of the two aunts.”

Xiao Nuo directly kowtowed to the ground, his depressed cry was blocked by him arrogantly, but big drops of tears fell on the ground.

Two new graves have been added to the cemetery of Lin Family, right next to the cemetery of Divine Court.

It’s just that the cemetery of Lin Family is too big, and the two new graves are too small, they are unremarkable at all.

The funeral is not grand, very quiet.

Lin Fan certainly doesn’t know all this.

Of course, when I returned to Gushe Divine Race, I realized that Gushejing had been waiting outside his door for two hours.

Pushing the door, Lin Fan apologized and said, “Patriarch, please don’t blame it. Pill concocting is fascinated. I really don’t know that patriarch is coming.”

Gu Shejing didn’t listen to this, she looked nervous and eager, and said directly: “It’s a major event!”

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