Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3290


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Lin Fan’s pupils diminished: “What major event?”

Lin Fan is really worried. Is it because the Celestial Clan no longer wants to use him as a sword, but wants to tell the world his true origin and roots?

If this is the case, then that is a big deal.

“Tianxi was demoted!”

Gu Shejing is very solemn and serious.


Lin Fan was surprised, and at the same time his tightly lifted heart relaxed.

“Yes, it is being demoted. It is known to the world. In just a few minutes, the entire Chaos Realm will be shaken.”

Gu Shejing sighed, and then slightly ridiculed, said: “I’m afraid this day is the fastest promoted in history, but also the fastest dismantled successor, it really became a joke.”

“Do you know the reason?” Lin Fan asked again.

I always feel that this thing is not normal.

Gu Shejing shook his head and said: “I don’t know the reason, but he was demoted. The patriarch personally ordered him to be demoted to the chaotic frontier. That is the real Great Ominous Land. Since ancient times, I have not heard of the heavens. The successor will have that kind of fate.”

Lin Fan frowned and said: “Isn’t it said that the chaos is endless and no one knows its end? How can a frontier appear?”

Gu Shejing said: “The chaos is boundless, of course, but if the forerunner moves towards one direction and keeps going, then the place where the forerunner falls will naturally become the frontier of the post-population.”

Speaking of this, Lin Fan is not curious about Tianxi being degraded.

What does it have to do with him?

It’s just being demoted. He hopes that he really wants to make a major event this day to force the patriarch of the heavenly race to be completely cut to death.

But I am very interested in this frontier.

“What’s beyond the border?” Lin Fan asked.

Gu Shejing as it should be by rights said: “Chaos.”

Lin Fan almost choked to death.

What is the difference between this answer and the mountain on the other side of the mountain, and the sea on the other side of the sea?

Gu Shejing was taken aback, and then said with a smile: “I didn’t deliberately fooled Mr., I was talking about the fact that outside the border, it’s still chaos, it’s the real chaos, and no god has created The Pure Land is not suitable for the survival of creatures like us.”

Lin Fan frowned, and Gu Shejing continued: “Therefore, the Celestial Clan calls those creatures in the deepest part of the chaos Tian Yi, or a divine relic.”

Lin Fan sighed.

How vast is this piece of Heaven and Earth, how many big mysteries and how many big worlds are there?

Chaos is beyond chaos, which is like a tongue twister, but it exists.

According to Gu Shejing’s words, Lin Fan knew that the frontier in Chaos Realm’s mouth was just a half-destroyed city wall. There was a supreme powerhouse guarded by the heavenly clan all the year round, just to guard against the so-called gods from the Primal Chaos Abyss. Abandoned in the sky.

Furthermore, this so-called divine relic, abandoned by the sky, is mostly rare beast, with a six-headed fire bird, an eight-armed Heavenly Dog, and a nine-eyed dragonman.

Wars often happen. This is also the side of the Celestial Clan’s merits. It is indeed where they are blocking that Chaos Realm can avoid the disturbance and invasion of those ‘monster’.

According to Gu Shejing’s description, these so-called godless, divine relics, no wisdom, only knowing to kill, swallow their companions, and feed on their fellow clan are all normal.

It’s hard to imagine what kind of tragedy it would be if these ‘rare beasts’ really invade Chaos Realm.

“Mr., don’t underestimate these monsters. Although they don’t have spiritual wisdom, they are too cruel and tough. Peak’s monsters are enough to fight and fight with the powerhouses of the seven gods.” Gu Shejing looked solemn. Said: “It’s just the seven realm powerhouses of the fallen frontier of the Celestial Clan. There are dozens of them.”

“So scary?” Lin Fan was horrified.

In modern times, there are only a few ancestors in the seven realms of God on the surface. There are dozens of ancestor-level creatures of the Celestial Clan who can die across the frontier, which proves those’ The horror and toughness of rare beast.

Gu Shejing said: “It is said that when the sages went wherever they went, it was originally another world, with the gods they worshipped and their kingdom, but the sages condemned their gods due to inconsistent ideas. Ruined their country.”

“Is there such a secret history?” Lin Fan was curious, and said: “Is the god of that world the same as ours this world? Is it a cultivation?”

Gu Shejing shook his head and said: “No, the god of the world, born as a Totem, naturally condenses divine fruit.”

“Totem?” Lin Fan’s pupils shrink slightly.

He is absolutely no stranger to these two words.

At least on that water blue planet, in that turbulent country, there are many Totems, such as True Dragon and True Phoenix, which are the Totems of that country.

Of course buried in that country, True Dragon and True Phoenix are often side by side with immortals and gods.

Unexpectedly, in this distant starry sky, there is actually a kingdom of Totem as a belief.

“Totem is very strong. It is definitely not weaker than the gods of our world. Otherwise, the sages will not die after everything last night. With the power of the last divine fruit, they will curse that world back to chaos, that The spirits of the world are back in ignorance.”

Gu Shejing spoke, and then said: “These are what my father said to me at the time. At that time, my father said that there will be a battle between the two worlds sooner or later. He said that Totem is immortal, but if you enshrine him One of the souls of the spirit is still alive, and there is still blood circulating, he can live forever in between Heaven and Earth, just fall asleep.”

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and said, “Is this another completely different Divine Road?”

Gu Shejing’s pupils shrunk slightly, she appeared in horror, and said: “Mr., please don’t make a mess of Divine Road in this world. Great disasters will come at every turn.”

Lin Fan laughed and said: “I just said casually, with my little cultivation base, where is the qualification to go wrong with the gods?”

Gu Shejing nodded in agreement, Lin Fan looked towards him, and said, “Even if Xi is degraded this day, it has nothing to do with you or me? Why would you describe it as a major event? Shouldn’t it. ”

Gu Shejing smiled bitterly, and said: “It’s true that it has nothing to do with me, but it has a lot to do with her husband.”

Gu Shejing looked around, then gritted her teeth and shot a mask to isolate all around. Then she lowered her voice and said, “Mr. I’m not hiding it, I spent a lot of money to buy a waiter in front of him. The celebrities, learned the gossip.”

Speaking of this, he looked around again and said: “It is said that when Tianxi was demoted, he was almost killed by the Celestial patriarch. He said that Tianxi broke his major event and woke up too early, sir. , Many plans, etc. must be re-planned.”

Lin Fan’s pupils shrink sharply!

He knew what was going on.

said with a sneer: “This patriarch of the heavenly clan is so ridiculous. Xi and I just met on the other day. Even when the Liu Family was destroyed, there was nothing but a verbal battle. How can I wake me up? What?”

Gu Shejing frowned, smiled bitterly, and said: “I also wonder about this. I really don’t think about it, but you must be careful, sir. It is said that after Tianxi was demoted, many Tianjiao Tianjiao suppressed by him be eager to have a try, step on you to get to the top, and even though Tianxi is demoted, but the strength is still there, I am afraid that he will also shoot at all costs.”

“What fear do I have?” Lin Fan sneered, and said: “If you don’t come to trouble me, then that’s all, if you come, at worst is just a blood kill.”

After finishing speaking, he glanced at Gu Shejing pretendingly, and said: “Patriarch, don’t worry, Gu She Divine Race will not be hurt.”

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