Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3291


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“Where did the sir say?”

Gu Shejing showed his unhappiness and said: “Mr. has a great grace for my aunt’s Divine Race. When my husband is in distress, how can Gu She Divine Race abandon one’s benefactor after achieving one’s goal?”

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes, laughed, and said: “After all, this is a group of Celestial successors who want to target me. No matter who can get to that position in the end, as long as Divine Race helps me at this time, it will definitely be I’m hated, if someone is in charge in the future, I’m afraid…”

Gu Shejing’s eyes were gloomy, and he said: “I have seen this clan thoroughly. It may not be prosperous to follow him, and he may not die if he goes against him. After all, it depends on whether he is strong enough.”

Gu Shejing’s eyes were very cold, and he mocked: “Have the Hai Family ever heard the destiny of the Celestial Clan? Ever cared about the Celestial Clan? But what? As long as the Sea Madness is still on, the Celestial Clan will not move the Hai Family , You can only let it go.”

Lin Fan looked surprised towards Gu She Jing.

In his mind, Gu Shejing should not dare to have such an idea.

What changed him?

But Lin Fan nodded in agreement and approval, and said: “It’s true, iron has to be hard. Regardless of the heaven and earth clan, how can he dare to have a rampant cultivation base?”

Gu Shejing nodded, with severe expression flashed in her eyes, and then said: “So you don’t have to worry too much. In other places, I dare not say anything, but as long as you are in the territory of Gushe Divine Race, whoever wants to move her , You have to ask my Gushe Divine Race opinion first, otherwise…a kill without mercy!”

Lin Fan laughed: “Then I can rely on patriarch for shelter.”

Gu Shejing smiled bitterly, and said: “What kind of joke did the husband say? For so long, it has been my husband who has protected my Gu She Divine Race…”

Today’s talk really changed Lin Fan’s view of Gu Shejing.

It’s just that he didn’t pay attention to the revenge of Tianxi that Gu Shejing said, and the challenges of becoming the successor of the heavenly race.

To put it ugly, Lin Fan’s current target and opponent are already at a higher level. He should be a creature of the patriarch level, and he deserves Lin Fan to take it seriously. The rest is not a concern.

On the border city wall.

Tian Xi looked dusty and embarrassed. He, who was the most careful about appearance in the past, hadn’t tidied the shirt on his body for eight days, all of which were covered in blood of various colors, emitting a stench.

Under the city wall, there are countless corpses of rare beasts. The corpses are angry and smelly, and they hit the bridge of the nose.

“The son.”

“Master, please take this pill first to get rid of the foulness and filth within the body.”

His Dao Protector, still followed by his side, did not leave, and was not at all driven away by the patriarch.

It is obvious that the patriarch not at all gave up this son completely.

“Damn it!”

Tianxi cursed and said angrily: “These filthy things are too disgusting, that aura, that can contaminate our battle body, pollute our Divine Soul, etc. How can such a disgusting creature appear under this starry sky? !”

“My son, please bear with me for the time being, patriarch allowed us to follow along. It has proved everything, please don’t be discouraged.”

Dao Protector is comforting in a low voice.

Tianxi’s face was colder, said with a malicious smile: “Everything started from Muyi! Muyi! Muyi! Muyi!”

He called Mu Yi three times in a row, but one was colder than one, and the other was colder than one.

“Don’t worry, the son, Mu Yi’s life will definitely not be easy.” Dao Protector sneered, and said: “After the son left the clan, those wastes thought they had a chance, and they wanted to take advantage of the son no longer in the clan to rise up and replace it. Therefore, after knowing that the son was demoted because of Mu Yi, he would spontaneously go to find Mu Yi and troublesome.”

“hmph, those wastes really have the wrong mind, and they have the wrong idea. How can they replace the position of the son in the center of the clan? As for that position, they don’t even think about it.”

There is another Dao Protector angry.

Tianxi sneered and said: “Only those wastes are worthy of fighting Mu Yi?”

Dao Protector stopped speaking, Tianxi said with a malicious smile: “But I’m really afraid that Mu Yi’s 10,000-times damn chore will accidentally die in the hands of these wastes, if it is really like my anger , Where can my murderous intention vent?”

“You must now remember not to interfere with Chaos Realm, otherwise I am afraid that patriarch will be angry.”

Dao Protector persuaded.

But how could Tianxi listen, coldly said: “The deity didn’t say to move, but he wanted to kill… There are methods and methods.”

Dao Protector’s eyes sink slightly.

I know I can’t persuade you anymore.

Shen Shen said: “If the son really wants to kill him, the old man will kill him.”

Tianxi narrowed her eyes and said, “You may not be his opponents, it’s not that you haven’t fought.”

Tianxi finished saying with a malicious smile: “Please kill order! With my mother’s order to kill him, please come to kill him, is it not related to me?”

Dao Protector’s pupils shrunk slightly, and then nodded: “It is indeed a way, but I don’t know if the wood is easy to die, it will destroy the family’s plan.”

Tianxi’s eyes are darker!

Why is he impatient, he would rather be punished heavily by his father, and call a killer to kill Muyi?

That’s because, on the day he was demoted, his father repeatedly suggested that Lin Fan was intended to be adopted as his son, and then used major means to tamper with Lin Fan’s memory to make him truly believe that it was his father. Parent-child.

The reason for spending this kind of effort is only because his father actually wanted to support Lin Fan and become the next patriarch of the Celestial Clan!

How could he allow this?

“Go, no matter what the cost of the executioners, they must be killed. It is best to ask the King of Killers. I will kill with one blow.”

Tianxi grinned, he was impossible to say what he really felt from his father that day.

Otherwise, he can guarantee that the few Dao Protectors who are still loyal to him will immediately abandon him.

The so-called Dao Protector, in the final analysis, just supports him all the way, and when he reaches the highest position, he will be glorious for life under the feedback of these Dao Protectors alone.

“Mu Yi…The deity does not hesitate to disperse all his possessions in this life, but he still can’t kill you if he doesn’t believe it.”

Tianxi expression on the lunar calendar.

But he didn’t know. When his Dao Protector sent out a killing order to ask the king to kill Lin Fan, the news was only for a while at most, Lin Fan knew.

Lin Fan laughed on the spot, looked towards the ghost-level killer who came to report, and said: “Come on, why don’t you pick up this rich person? Of course, you have to use means.”

Lin Fan laughed and said: “Wait a minute, I will write down the soul letter, you take it to your emperor, she naturally knows how to do it, this is the wealth in hand, so please don’t be polite. It’s a rich man. No matter how you open your bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, the opponent can bear it.”

This ghost-level assassin took Lin Fan’s soul letter, left directly, and rushed to Senluo Realm.

When Rakshasa saw Lin Fan’s soul letter, he smiled and cursed: “It’s really as always…sinister.”

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