Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3292


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Chapter 3,000 taels, Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Two, right hand, all make big money

Xiao You looked at his emperor with a trembling smile, curious, stared wide-eyed, straightened his neck, and tiptoes.

“Want to see?”

Laksha looked back towards Xiaoyou, and Xiaoyou smiled.

“Take it, I was responsible for this matter too.” Raksha spoke, laughing and cursing: “What is your appearance? Anyway, after a great character, you can’t pay attention to your image?”

Xiao You is more sorry, but still can’t help curiosity, accepting Lin Fan’s soul letter with both hands, the beautiful eyes suddenly widened, hehe laughed, and said, “This is really the style of our great master. It’s really miserable to be an enemy of a dead person who doesn’t pay for his life. In the end, this guy named Tianxi has offended Divine Immortal in his previous life, and he is so stupid as to be an enemy of the Great Lord.”

Raksha said with a smile: “Where does Tianxi know this relationship between us?”

Xiao You nodded and said: “This is indeed.”

Raksha glanced at her and said, “Besides, this guy called Tianxi is not stupid, nor idiot, and even less pitiful. His life experience is so noble and scary to death, he will completely become a heavenly clan in a short span of time. The patriarch, this creature is definitely not an idiot.”

The small right pupil shrank sharply, and he was a little worried: “How can the great master provoke such a strong person? You must know that the Celestial Clan is not an easy one.”

Raksha shook his head and said: “I am trapped in this world, where can I know more than you? But on the contrary, I didn’t worry about him, just trifling the Celestial Clan, it should not be difficult for him, his right path It’s far more than just now.”

Xiao You laughed and said: “Wang has a lot of confidence in Dazun.”

Raksha pretty face slightly red, said: “You little girl, you don’t understand dignity and inferiority more and more. Even I dare to tease. It seems that I have to give you a marriage as soon as possible. The guy is very good, a good match.”

“The king bullied me again.”

Xiao You sighed slightly, feeling a little bit self-pity, puffed up, and turned his head to the side.

Raksha looked at Xiaoyou: “It’s just a joke, don’t be angry.”

They are estimated to be suitable monarchs and ministers in history, strictly speaking, not like monarchs and ministers at all, but like sisters.

Xiao You did not speak.

Raksha coldly said: “This time you go out and meet Xiao Zuo, and ask your family to explore Xiao Zuo’s tone for you. If you don’t know your mind, I don’t mind giving the marriage directly. I want to see if he dare to disobey my orders.”

Xiao You suddenly raised his head, a glimmer appeared in his eyes, but soon dimmed, and silently said: “Should marriage be consensual? If Your Majesty orders him, he will naturally marry me, but Isn’t that meaningless?”

The King Raksha looked towards Xiaoyou, Shen Shen said: “I don’t believe that Xiao Zuo has no feelings for you. Leave this matter alone, leave it to your master, he will handle it, you should trust him. “

Xiao You nodded, and then said: “Wang, this time I go out, how should I negotiate terms with him?”

Raksha’s eyes suddenly darkened, and a trace of murderous aura overflowed, saying: “The price has increased a hundred times! And regardless of success or failure, whenever we dispatch Brother to perform the task, he Tianxi must pay full compensation. “

Xiao You said in amazement: “This condition is too harsh, will he agree?”

“Whether he agrees or not, we will accept this condition, accept it, or get out of it if he doesn’t accept it. His Celestial Clan is strong and always can’t control me.” Raksha sneered and said: “Go, Xu You bring a hundred Rakshasa soldiers.”

Xiao You left and went to Chaos.

On the border city wall.

“What? Are they dreaming? Paying for the head and the money, this is the iron rule!”

Tianxi roared fiercely, and when he heard the news from Dao Protector, he was shocked, very incredible.

I think I heard it wrong.

This condition is too harsh!

“Are they crazy? Want to make a fortune from the deity?” Tianxi’s killing intent was intense.

Is it true that the tiger fell to Pingyang and was bullied by the dog, and the Longyou Shoal was played by shrimp?

Even these ground mice dare to bully him.

“My son, what the other party said is that Mu Yi is well-known, he is powerful, and he is protected by Asura King, and he is still in the Divine Race divine mansion. It is too risky to kill him, maybe dozens of people will be killed or injured. Can touch Lin Fan deity.”

A Dao Protector’s face is also extremely ugly.

Heaven knows At the time of the negotiations, what perseverance he used to suppress his urge to kill on the spot.

Of course, he can’t deny that the killer leader wearing a Raksha mask made sense.

Lin Fan is too hard to kill. He is in a heavily fortified sacred mansion, and, if he really kills Mu Yi, he will risk being counterattacked by the Asura King, but the opponent’s appetite is too great, too terrifying.

“He He He Xiong Wei! He He He Xiong Wei! jié jié… He Mu Yi, do you have these two titles?”

Tianxi grinned and looked towards side Dao Protector: “Can you talk about it?”

Dao Protector smiled bitterly, and said: “I have tried my best, but the other party is not going back. To put it more bluntly, the entire world of Senluo, including the Assassin Organization in Chaos Realm, except that the Rakshasa royal court is not afraid of Asura King’s revenge. , No one dares to take this task.”

Tianxi jié jié weird smile: “That is…do you eat us?”

Dao Protector sighed and said: “Yes, the situation staff looked at the other side’s posture, as if it was deliberately like this lion’s big mouth, let us retreat in the face of difficulties.”

“Retreat when knowing the difficulties?” Tianxi smiled, mocking and ridiculing: “Who is the deity? Will it be forced back by the trifling foreign object?”

He sneered, shouted: “go! I just want them to take over this task. Isn’t it a hundred times the price? Isn’t it that I don’t even need to be paid once? I can afford it! Even if I can’t kill. Mu Yi, but he can be scared dozens of times a day, and I feel comfortable.”

Tianxi is really crazy.

Because he feels uncomfortable, he sleeps here with food, sleepless at night, and is often awakened by the piercing alarm when he is half asleep and half awake.

Then he doesn’t want Lin Fan to feel good.

“My son, think twice, this is a bottomless pit!”

Dao Protector opened his mouth, persuaded him, and pointed out various improprieties.

But it’s useless, Tianxi is too arbitrary, so she decided like this, and said with a malicious smile: “Just to let those executioners know what is called rich and imposing, and want a spar? I have it, as long as they have the ability.”

There is Dao Protector sigh.

They are just Dao Protector.

To be ugly, it’s just a slave.

There are some things that can’t be said too much.

Some things cannot be persuaded too much.

“Let’s get in touch now.”

Dao Protector sighed and bowed, then left.

In the Divine Race, Lin Fan is looking at the little friend with a smile, and said: “little girl, long time no see, you are beautiful again.”

“Your honor made fun of others.” Xiaoyou blushed.

Lin Fan laughed and said: “Xiao Zuo, get out quickly, people are not far from million li to find your husband, are you hiding?”

“Your Excellency Hugh is talking nonsense.”

Xiao You’s blush can’t help.

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