Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3293


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“What is nonsense?”

Lin Fan raised his sword eyebrows and shouted: “Xiao Zuo, didn’t you hear me when I asked you to roll in?”

Xiao Zuo’s face was downcast, and he walked directly into the room without daring to raise his head.

Mainly, I am ashamed to see Xiaoyou.

Too much disappointment, too long delay, serious mistakes, and I always feel guilty to see you at this time.

Xiao You suddenly raised her head. The moment she saw Xiao Zuo, there was an astonishing light in her eyes, but when she saw Xiao Zuo’s appearance, her face was miserable. She bowed down and said, “I have seen the big brother Zuo. “

Lin Fan saw this and knew that Xiaoyou had misunderstood.

Xiao You mistaken Xiao Zuo’s guilt for being ruthless.

“Two idiots, on the battlefield, they were so courageous, how can they be so timid in their feelings?”

Lin Fan was angry and looked towards Xiaoyou, shouted: “Xiaoyou, the deity is here, no one is allowed to say false, it is the right to say what we are saying today.”

Xiao You’s heart tightened, and he said: “Senior, please tell me, Xiao You dare not say false.”

Lin Fan nodded, then looked towards Xiao Zuo, shouted: “Where are you?”

Xiao Zuo gave a sorrowful laugh, and said: “In front of your superior, where can your subordinates dare to say falsehood.”

Lin Fan coldly snorted, said: “Forgive you for not dare.”

Then, he walked hurriedly to the highest seat, and the horse golden blade sat down, staring at the small left and small right below with such majesty.

In this scene, the county magistrate Lord is interrogating two criminals as if in a yamen.

“Xiao Zuo, the deity will ask you, is there Xiao You in his heart?” Lin Fan asked directly without any muddling.

Because he knew that Xiaoyou stayed alone for too long, almost wishful thinking for many years, and the one-man show would become very tired and sensitive after dancing for a long time.

Little Zuo suddenly raised his head.

The incredible looked towards Lin Fan.

Obviously, he didn’t expect no matter what, Lin Fan would cut the mess with such a sharp knife, straight to the point, straight to the point, without any cover.

How did he answer?

It was a trance, he looked towards Xiaoyou.

Seems to get a little encouragement from Xiaoyou’s eyes, encouraging him to say something that has been hidden in his heart for a long time.

However, he didn’t see Xiao You’s face and gave a tragic laugh.

I thought it was because I procrastinated for too long, and I was ignorant for too long, and hurt the other person’s heart.

So… he hasn’t spoken for a long time.

Xiao You kept listening with his ears upright. At the beginning, he was restless, but soon, his heart gradually cooled.

But she was still waiting. After a while, after waiting for a long time, she cried and rushed out of the room like this.

There was a daze in the little left eye, then panic again.

“Are you a fool!”

Lin Fan scolded, and then roared: “Hurry up and get her back?”

“How to find? She was hurt by me again and again, will she come back with me?” Xiao Zuo was still at a loss.

“How did you grow up like this?”

Lin Fan was very angry.

Then fiercely fiercely, said: “It seems that you two things, you have to give me strong medicine, you have to cook rice and mature rice, in order to break the last level of relationship, if you let you go on like this, it will probably be delayed Until time that will never come.”

Lin Fan disappeared. After a while, Xiao You was supported behind Lin Fan by a gentle wind and followed him.

“What happened to her?”

Xiao Zuo’s eyes stood up, shouted: “Could it be that Divine Race’s messenger found her and started to do it? Go to Grandma! I’m not alive, I want to kill.”

“You close your beak.” Lin Fan yelled and waved at the same time, a pink mist rushed into the little left nostril.

“Master, what are you doing?” Xiao Zuo was horrified!

He walks the world and kills all beings. What kind of methods have he never seen?

Why don’t you know what Lin Fan is doing?

“Close your beak.” Lin Fan scolded.

“This is not fair to her! I don’t allow it!”

Xiao Zuo shouted angrily and tried to flee.

But it’s basically impossible. How can Lin Fan be allowed to escape here?

Just one-handed suppression, leaving Xiao Zuo unable to move.

“How do you know that she is unwilling? Maybe she is willing to do it?” Lin Fan became fierce and didn’t care about anything, and also used means to urge Xiao Zuo to send medicinal power within the body, and watch him When he blushed and breathed, he just stopped.

“Ma De! Your woman is here, don’t look at me with such a look, panic.”

Lin Fan scolded, and then looked towards Xiaoyou, saying: “little girl, I’m offended, but you won’t blame me if you want to come. I really can’t bear to see a pair of lovers miss it.”

Lin Fan draws a gourd by the gourd, and also gave the small right down method, and urged him to activate the medicinal power within the body and help him wake up.

“Okay, live together, rest assured, I will leave you at least ten seconds of awake time, and then the antidote is on the table, think clearly.”

Lin Fan laughed, left directly, and didn’t forget to cast a light curtain for the two of them to isolate any sounds and words inside.

Lin Fan stood quietly outside the door.

He didn’t believe that they would choose to be sober.

Sure enough, after a minute, there was no door knock, Lin Fan smirked, and said: “These young couples should give me a respect, at least I am a matchmaker.”


Lin Fan didn’t even know, he crossed this hand, making it easy to find Dao Protector who was dispatched by Detianxi who was ready to negotiate.

For three days, the Dao Protector, who was preparing to negotiate, was so angry that he wanted to kill.

Gu shot in Divine Race.

Lin Fan looked towards Xiao Zuo with a smile, and said: “Why don’t you say thank you?”

Xiao Zuo chuckled, like an idiot.

On the contrary, Xiao You said angrily: “I have to go back and report to Your Majesty, just say you bullied me.”

“Big sister, you figured out that I found you an ideal husband. Do you dare to say whether you are excited and excited in the heart? Do you dare to say that if I were not unreasonable and used this kind of abuse, Driving you to a dead end, will you now hold hands with you?” Lin Fan asked the sky silently, “Is this the bride to the door and the matchmaker into the water?”

Xiaoyou puci smiled.

If you are an ordinary woman, you are always ashamed to meet people after experiencing such things.

Fortunately, they are both cultivators and they happen to be loved in my heart. Naturally, there are not that many taboos.

“By the way, if it is this time, the small Zuo Spear Art is accurate, and when he is born into the soul, whether he is a child or a girl, he must recognize Laozi as a guardian. If I want to come to Laozi’s reputation, I will never be insulted. Heir of you two.” Lin Fan said, chuckled.

Xiao You bowed his head in shame.

Only Xiao Zuo suddenly raised his head and said: “The Supreme Being is one word worth nine sacred tripods. Don’t shame.”

Lin Fan proudly said with a smile: “The deity is always one word worth nine sacred tripods, of course, except for enemies.”

At this moment, Xiaoyou complexion slightly changed and said: “Tianxi’s subordinates are looking for me frantically, looking for me for three days.”

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows and said: “It seems like a double happiness, big business is here, hurry up, fiercely blackmailed, you can rest assured, no matter how big your appetite, they will be satisfied, I have taken Tianxi’s waste personality.”

Xiao You nodded, and then looked towards Xiao Zuo a little bit reluctant.

“Come on, let’s go together, I am safe here.” Lin Fan joked and waved.

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