Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3296


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“Understand, understand, of course understand below.”

The ancestor of the Imperial Family is smiling, feeling very excited, and his shoulders are shaking with excitement!

It should be noted that just now, he was still sad here and sad here.

That terrible battle damage ratio, every time he thinks about it, it makes Divine Soul painful, and his whole body is like a knife.

But now it’s alright. With the presence and support of these two kings, why start Divine Race?

It’s all a joke. From now on, Divine Race is bad and bad luck. It can only tremble under the butcher knife of his Imperial Family and Twin Kings.

“Well, since you all understand, let’s talk about terms.”

Lin Long speaks, very cold and severe, he has always been like this, it is in line with the temperament of Asura King.

Even, even if there is an old Asura King down here, I am afraid that it may not be possible to find that Asura King is just a fake.


The ancestor of the Imperial Family was stunned, surprised, and asked: “What conditions?”

“Do you think we will do nothing for your Imperial Family and lose a lot of lives without asking for the price?”

Yaksha King stared at the ancestor of the Imperial Family like an idiot.

“Aren’t you taking revenge? It’s a bit ugly, but with the help of this clan war to stir up the wind and the rain, just take advantage of the trend.”

The first ancestor of the Imperial Family spoke and argued hard, saying: “In fact, if it weren’t for my Imperial Family to fight with Hajime Divine Race, I would restrain him and Hajime Divine Race’s many powers. Even if you want to take action by the two kings personally, I’m afraid I can’t get it. Okay?”

Lin Long sneered, but didn’t say anything. The ancestor of the Imperial Family was coldly snorted and said: “This is just cooperation, not our people.”

Yaksha King’s killing intent flashed in his eyes, and said: “You want to be clear.”

“hehe…” The ancestor of the Imperial Family smiled: “I have thought clearly enough.”

Lin Long turned around directly, and reached the curtain of the handsome tent in just one step, and said grimly: “You are too small to look at us, take revenge, and you must choose your clan to fight within this time period.”


The ancestor of the Imperial Family is still confident and sneered: “Since the two kings are unwilling to cooperate with the Imperial Family for the purpose of cooperation, then let go. I want to use my Imperial Family’s ability to barely cope with the Divine Race, but I really want to see what it will be like when the two kings take revenge on Hajime Divine Race alone in the end.”

“Think clearly.” Yaksha King ridiculed: “Negotiating terms at this time is just a life of 100,000 Jin, but if you refuse this time, the next time I see you, it will be one million Jin.”

“Two kings, please go slowly.”

The ancestor of the Imperial Family sneered.

It’s just two slaughters, obviously they are catching up with the door to ask for cooperation, but the bias is too high.

What’s even more ridiculous is that he was asked to pay revenge from the Imperial Family.

This is simply a big joke.

The ancestors of the Imperial Family are sure that even if they do not agree to this condition, the twin kings will definitely take advantage of the opportunity of the two races to avenge Divine Race.

Just because, this opportunity is really rare.

At this time, the two kings avenge the Divine Race, at least it can reduce several layers of casualties.

If the twin kings were not idiots, they would not leave this wonderful opportunity for revenge.

But he was wrong.

Lin Long and Yaksha King were both gloomily laughed, and then left directly, leaving only the ancestor of the Imperial Family with a dumb face.

Up to now, he hasn’t come back to his senses, how the two kings walked so resolutely and simply, there is no half of the reluctance.


An Elder walked out with an ugly face and said: “The twin kings are here, this is a great thing for my Imperial Family, why refuse to accept it?”

“The ancestors shouldn’t… The twin kings came at this time. As far as the Imperial Family is concerned, it is really provide timely help. They just ask for trifling rewards. Could it be that my Imperial Family really didn’t fall into this step? Can’t you get even a little bit of stone?”

Someone spoke again, and said: “The subordinates think that no matter how many spars, they can’t buy the life of the son of the clan…”

These Elders are puzzled, they all look at the ancestors of the Imperial Family.

“hmph!” The ancestor of the Imperial Family was coldly snorted, and said: “What do you know? To be clear, the two kings decided to take revenge early, but they didn’t want to fight for nothing, so they came to blackmail our clan. How can this seat be fooled?”

Then the ancestor of the Imperial Family ridiculed said with a smile: “Wait, I’m afraid it’s midnight, at most tomorrow morning, the twin kings will definitely return. When the time comes, let’s see how this Old Ancestor satirizes them.”


Gushe Divine Race.

“Normal, it is normal for old bastard to have this kind of reaction. Without this kind of reaction, I would really be uncomfortable.”

Lin Fan smiled and looked towards Lin Long with an iron face.

“That old crap is just an idiot.” Lin Long cursed.

Lin Fan shook his head and said: “You are wrong. He is not an idiot. On the contrary, he is too smart. The smarter the person, the easier it is to fall into extremes. He thinks he is in charge of the world and is self-sufficient.”

“Great Master, what do we do?” Yaksha King’s face was cold, and said: “This is indeed a good opportunity. At this time, I will avenge Divine Race with no difficulty, but if you want revenge, sacrifice and casualties after the clan war, At least it needs to be doubled.”

Lin Fan said with a smile: “How long do you think this clan war will end?”

Yaksha King frowned. After a while, he said, “It will take at least half a year.”

“So…what are you anxious?” Lin Fan shrugged and said: “Don’t worry, the Imperial Family will only be more anxious than you and me. I don’t bother to care about him. At most three or five days, the entire Imperial Family will fall into the old In the dissatisfaction of bastard, if the old bastard fails to cooperate with you in a day, his life will be uneasy, and eventually he can only obediently roll over and ask for your cooperation.”

Lin Fan sighed and said: “My hands are really itchy, I want to make a move, but this time, I need to retreat behind the scenes.”

said with a bitter smile: “My methods and methods have been thoroughly studied by others, and I have to change to another talent.”

Lin Long laughed and said: “I think it’s time to change people. To be honest, you are not a sister-in-law in terms of strategy alone.”

Lin Fan as it should be by rights said: “I admit it.”

Lin Long startled, smiling and scolding: “Shameless.”

“Why is it shameless? Why don’t you be ashamed of your own daughter-in-law?” Lin Fan grinned, and said: “I wish my daughter-in-law all of them are stronger than mine, so I can have a good life Past.”

“Pretty boy?” Lin Long despised.

“You know a woolen yarn. Being a pretty boy also requires skills.” Lin Fan chuckled, glancing at Lin Long with a slight sarcasm, and said: “At the very least, you can’t be a pretty boy. Besides, with the temper of your family…hehe, do you dare to mess around?”

Lin Long was furious and shouted: “It’s okay to bury me, and even Xin’er is arranged by you. What’s the matter? Hurry up and fight.”

Lin Fan looked bitter and said, “You’re afraid you’ve always wanted to fight, right?”

“What do you think?” Lin Long didn’t hide it.

I really wanted to fight Lin Fan a long time ago.

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