Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3297

But Shadow Kill involves too many things, time and space, reincarnation, cause and effect, etc., like everything you can think of, the highest Profound Truth, you can touch this technique.

Lin Long said in a deep voice: “This technique, impossible, appeared in the hands of Golden Dragon. A thousand years ago, I had this idea, but I didn’t say it. Time passed, realm improved until now, and I become more There is nothing wrong with this idea of ​​firmness.”

Lin Fan frowned, and then slowly, nodding solemnly, and said: “Heaven, Earth, Profound and Yellow four major ranks, there are emperor Dao points above, and there are magic skills above them, this Shadow Kill should be classified as a magical skill.”

“Exactly.” Lin Long nodded, and then there was a little sadness in his eyes, and said: “I even think that the so-called Shadow Kill body is just a Poisonous Insect, just to complete the Gu Insect King, and Gu Insect King, This is the deity.”

“What do you think?” Lin Fan was furious, and said, “tentatively whether the things you and I are discussing today are true, even if they are true, do you think I will do that?”

Lin Long shook his head and said, “I’m afraid that it will be the last step. I can’t help you. Maybe you have a pair of big hands long ago, manipulating your life. In the end, you can only go to the end planned by those big hands. “

“If there are such big hands in arranging my life, one day, I will cut him off with a halberd, and I want to cover my life with only one hand, even if the sky is not good, the gods are not worthy.” Lin Fan sipped softly and said: “Don’t think too much, there are two brothers in a world, never distinguish between you and me, where your troubles are, all are imaginations, all are nightmares.”

Lin Long laughed, open-mindedly said: “Don’t talk about the future, just talk about the present, let’s come to a battle, the way you and I follow is stronger and weaker.”


This battle is very difficult.

The same applies to both Lin Fan and Lin Long.

Too familiar, familiar, the next moment the opponent will use the most terrifying killer moves, it is clear, how do you fight?

So until the end of exhaustion, the two did not really tell the difference.

Of course, Lin Long himself knew that Lin Fan had the strength to defeat him.

At least Lin Fan’s One Yuan Tiangong and Mountains and Rivers Chart were not used.

It just so happens that Lin Long does not possess these two terrifying great skills.

Both of them were wet with sweat, lying on the Ancient Battlefield of Gushe Divine Race, smiling pleasantly.

So far, I am afraid that only this Ancient Battlefield can support the fierce and terrifying battle between the two of them. It will not work in another place. If this level of battle occurs in the real world, the sky will collapse and the earth will collapse. If it is normal, it will destroy the creatures of all domains at every turn.

“Happy!” Lin Long drank long.

Lin Fan also laughed heartily, saying: “You and I both walked on the broken road at the same time, but the perceptions are different, and the understanding of Tao is different, but for now, you and I are both right, proving what we are walking The directions are all right, and it’s hard to tell the difference.”

Lin Long nodded.

Lin Fan said: “But your Golden Dragon three strikes have a little loophole that can be remedied.”

Lin Long frowned and said: “I know that this technology is incomplete, please give me some advice.”

Lin Fan nodded and stood up, using the halberd as the sword, to perfectly display Lin Long’s Golden Dragon three strikes. It only changed the most subtle points, such as the angle of the sword, the Great Dao that involved the release of the moment, etc. It is this slight change that doubles the power.

For five days, Lin Fan and Lin Long have not returned in Ancient Battlefield.


The ancestor of the Imperial Family can’t hold it anymore.

The most important thing is that the puzzled, resentful, and blaming look in the clan’s elder man is about to torture him crazy.

In fact, the first ancestor of the Imperial Family was not panicked in the first two or three days.

Every time he sees clansman’s incomprehension and resentment in his eyes, he will curse a fool in the heart.

He is extremely convinced that the twin kings will come back and take the initiative to discuss cooperation with him, and that it doesn’t cost anything.

But on the fourth and fifth day, he couldn’t hold it anymore!

Since Divine Race knows that the twin kings have been to the Imperial Family camp, they seem to have sensed something.

So the attacks in the past few days were more fierce and brutal than any time period since the clan war!

In just five days, the casualties of his Imperial Family turned out to be the sum of all the previous ones.

It is clear that Hajime Divine Race will destroy his Imperial Family with Mount Tai’s crushing force before the two parties reach an agreement!

Can’t bear it anymore.

The whole camp was full of wounded soldiers and howls everywhere.

Whenever he is out of this handsome account, at least there will be hundreds of puzzled and resentful eyes, all nailed to him.

In particular, he seemed to perceive tens of thousands of dead souls of the Imperial Family, complaining silently, reprimanding him for his ruthlessness and very ruthless, and pitying the spar at the expense of life.

The ancestor of the Imperial Family is going crazy.

“go! Go find the twin kings!”

The ancestor of the Imperial Family finally spoke.

“The ancestor…Why should I have known this time?”

Elder smiled miserably and said: “Now it’s ten times the price.”

The ancestor of the Imperial Family closed his eyes tightly, and said solemnly: “This matter, it is indeed my seat is wrong…”

After saying this, he suddenly softened, and he shrank in the seat, a little bit heroic and sad.

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