Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3298


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As Lin Fan said, he has been tough all his life, and he has been self-sufficient.

I never seem to admit that I missed it.

But now–

If he didn’t admit his mistake, he would really lose heart.

Even, he is still considering whether to learn from the ancient and wise monarchs and the next sin against himself.

“Go, no matter what the price is paid, please bring the twin kings back.”

The ancestor of the Imperial Family was very tired, and said: “Maybe you will be very wronged if you go, maybe those two smashing pieces will give you a lot of ridicule and ridicule, but hold it back, the situation is too dangerous.”

There is an Elder complexion ashen!

I really want to point at the ancestor of the deserter and curse. Do you know that you will be humiliated and ridiculed?

Then why don’t you go by yourself?

Also, the other party clearly took the initiative to come to the door, but you are blocking the door with a big arm.

Are you afraid you won’t have money to buy you a coffin after you die?

Of course, he dare not.

If he said this, it would be disrespectful. The ancestor of the Imperial Family had too much reason to shoot him directly.

Using alluring means, of course, a reliable spy had long been arranged on the edge of the battlefield of the two races, so when the ancestor of the Imperial Family decided to look for the twin kings, she understood the news.

It also happened that Lin Fan and Lin Long had finished their match and walked out of Ancient Battlefield.

“Imperial Family Elder is looking for you everywhere.” Qingcheng smiled.

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows and said: “It can last five days. This old bastard is really desperate. I thought it would last three or four days at most. I deliberately delayed it until the fifth day.”

Qingcheng Road: “I am used to my identity aloof and remote, and I am always reluctant to admit my mistakes and stupidity.”

The three went to the floating island together.

“Are we going to see him now?” Lin Long asked.

Lin Fan shrugged and said, “From now on, don’t ask me about these things. I’m just a soldier in the hands of your sister-in-law.”

Lin Long curled his lips in disdain.

Too sour.

I really don’t miss any chance to show loyalty and love.

“Go, it is not good for them to wait too long.” Qingcheng said, and then said: “As soon as possible to reach an agreement with the Imperial Family, and then come to Keng Tianxi.”

Speaking of the word Tianxi, Qingcheng’s eyes showed a hint of coldness.

Lin Long and Yaksha King leave, Lin Fan said with a smile: “You are always too soft-hearted.”

“Soft-hearted?” Qingcheng frowned.

Lin Fan nodded and said, “If it were me, I would let them drag him for a few more days, waiting for the Imperial Family to die more people, and waiting for the old bastard of the Imperial Family to be disappointed.”

Qingcheng said with a smile: “I always think that whether the Imperial Family is destroyed or not is not important. The most important thing is to kill the Divine Race.”

Lin Fan thought for a moment, and asked tentatively: “Do you want Hajime Divine Race to hate the Celestial Clan like a Gu shot Divine Race?”

Allure nodded.

Lin Fan sighed and said: “No matter how hateful they are, these two races still dare not really fight against the heavens.”

Qingcheng nodded in recognition, and then said: “Of course they dare not fight against the heavenly clan, but the longer they bear it, the better the seed of hatred can take root in the hearts of the two clan. When the power to shake the rule of the heavens appears, the position of these groups that hate the heavens will be shaken.”

Qingcheng looked towards Lin Fan and said: “I don’t want them to really shift their positions in the end to support a force that is most likely to emerge, but as long as they shake, even if this shake can only last for a moment, it seems to me that Enough.”

Lin Fan lay on his back, leaning against Qingcheng’s arms, smelling the touching fragrance of daughter.

“You should know that Divine Race is really scary. Even the half-disabled Divine Race is worthy of serious consideration. In the planning of the critical moment, if Divine Race’s response is slow for a second, for an instant, It’s enough to make a plan, enough to change the course of a war.” Qingcheng gently rubbed Lin Fan’s eyebrows and uncompressed him.

Lin Fan was silent for a moment, and suddenly said with a smile: “What you said is very likely to appear. The power that can shake the rule of the heavens, will it not be the Divine Court?”

Qingcheng as it should be by rights nodded and said: “Otherwise?”

“Do you have so much confidence in your Husband?” Lin Fan teased, “Isn’t afraid I will let you down in the end?”

Qingcheng Zhanyan said with a smile: “Husband always does not disappoint.”

Then, Qingcheng’s expression became serious, and he said, “Maybe Husband, you have not discovered the horror and potential of Divine Court.”

“I know the potential, but the horror… where do you start?” Lin Fan smiled wryly.

In fact, in Three Thousand World, Divine Court is really a huge monster.

When he returns, this force can really sweep Three Thousand World invincible.

Compared with the many forces in Chaos Realm, it is too weak.

Can the strength of the entire Divine Court match a Divine Race?

Lin Fan dare not comment.

Qingcheng quietly looked towards Lin Fan and said: “Divine Court has experienced the battle of extinction. From the end of the day, headed by the Six Great Holy Land, how many survival dilemmas have gone through step by step to the present? But even at the most When desperate, did the brothers in Divine Court feel weak? Kecheng retreated? They have always been press forward. Isn’t this scary?”

Lin Fan’s eyes are distant.

Qingcheng Road: “To comment on whether a power can go long-term and whether it can develop and grow, I think the first condition is not strength, but centripetal force, but depends on whether the power can be united in adversity, press forward, The reason why Divine Race is terrifying, and the reason why you are treated so solemnly by Husband, is it because of their unity?”

Lin Fan nodded, admitted this.

Qingcheng pursed her red lips and said, “And Divine Court is better than all Divine Races. Divine Court has two centers. All Divine Court brothers know that if these two people don’t fall, Divine Court won’t fall. “

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

Qingcheng Road: “Of course the first is you, the second is Nuoer.”

Lin Fan smiled: “I’m very fortunate to have this group of people following me all the time, but as long as I pointed out, they can press forward.”

“This is lucky.” Wu Qingcheng nodded and said: “Moreover, the composition of Divine Court is too simple. It’s just that we are in this class, and it’s just this. It’s better than Chaos Realm’s Divine Race many times. Less.

You know, sadly, we are all a group of homeless people, even if we have taken root in Three Thousand World at this time, but I believe that in the hearts of the brothers in Divine Court, Three Thousand World is still not a home, just Just like me, I only feel that my home is only in the lower world, and any other places are just temporary residence. “

Lin Fan nodded and said, “That’s why Divine Court’s cohesion is invincible. Because they all feel that they are the prodigal son of Tianya, they can only report to the group for warmth.”

“This is the reason.” Qingcheng nodded and said: “Divine Court has been established for thousands of years, and has experienced generation after generation. The older generation has inherited their beliefs in the Bloodline, so even until now, you You can stay away from Divine Court for hundreds of years, but as long as you go back, you will still be the Lord of God who replies and raises your arms.”

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