Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3299


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Lin Fan is silent.

strictly speaking, the establishment of Divine Court can be said to be temporary.

It was only because when he was young, he heard that in the world where he was born and raised, there was a Divine Court, which was finally destroyed by unknown weirdness.

After that, he knew that the so-called weird was the group of hunters, so he set up the Divine Court to destroy the weird.

Now when I think about it, it’s more like a battle of spirits.

Also, even after the establishment of Divine Court, he has not really managed it. Qingcheng has always been in charge of everything, and Xuandong assisted.

Lin Fan is more like a spiritual leader.

But as Qingcheng said, the reason why Divine Court has stood so proud, no matter what the difficulties and dangers, has never retreated, all of this is based on their father and son.

In fact, Lin Fan feels that Xiao Nuo, a young god, is more competent than him. He is in charge of Divine Court. In the hands of Xiao Nuo, Divine Court has become more powerful.

It’s just that I’m stuck in a different time and space, and I haven’t been flying over qualitatively.

Just imagine, when the ceiling of the Great Dao you requested is in the six realms of Linshen, then, in the world you are in, how can anyone achieve the ancestor level?

As for the existence of Void Law at the time of the next world, it has been a big debate for a long time. It also led to the number of days in the next world at 100,000 years, and only Wu Jian’s father achieved a high position.

“Divine Court is indeed horrible.” Lin Fan said in a deep voice, “But I need to tear a gap in the sky and let the light of Chaos Realm fall into the Three Thousand World. Only when everyone knows, Dao Wu When it ends, Divine Court may follow me until it sweeps through this time and space.”

Qingcheng nodded and said: “Are you worried about the future?”

Lin Fan nodded without concealing it, and said: “The gods have appeared for me many times, as if they have already settled something. Maybe I will play a very important role in the future, but I can’t figure it out. I think it can. Eventually grow to the point where they can stand shoulder to shoulder with Thor and Medicine God, and what they can do.”

“If it’s not that level, what do you want to do so much?” Qingcheng scolded and said: “Take a good footpath, and each step is solid. The future is like the coming, let’s talk about the future.”

Lin Fan and his wife are talking here, mostly about enjoying the future, remembering the past, and worrying about the present.

In a difficult situation, I couldn’t help being solemn.

This is Lin Fan’s fortune. As he said, he is not alone in this life. From the beginning to the end, there are many companions.

It’s just that, no matter what the future is, it’s enough to be grateful for him.


Imperial Family’s handsome account.

Lin Long looked at the ancestor of the Imperial Family sternly, said with a sneer: “Aren’t you rare to cooperate with us? Why are you looking stubbornly now and begging us to return?”

An angry look appeared in the eyes of the ancestor of the Imperial Family.

But now, he really didn’t dare to fight with Lin Long, sighed, and said: “I was thinking wrong.”

He even confessed his mistakes.

This is the second time.

In front of Lin Long and Yaksha King, there are many Imperial Family Elders.

Lin Long’s eyes narrowed slightly.

To be a creature of this realm, there is really no simple one.

Just a few words.

But enough to make the clansman who resented the ancestor of the Imperial Family, his anger was reduced by half.


This sentence is more like Lin Long overbearing, taking advantage of the situation to oppress the ancestor of the family.

Able to make the people of the Imperial Family share the same hatred.

“Good means.” Lin Long stared at the ancestor of the Imperial Family with cold eyes.

The ancestor of the Imperial Family did not speak.

“hmph!” Yaksha King coldly snorted, said: “Please come back, but have you decided to agree to our terms?”

The ancestor of the Imperial Family sighed and said: “I have to agree…”

“Well, ten times the reward.” Yaksha King said.

In the eyes of the ancestors of the Imperial Family, anger really appeared in the eyes. This time it was not a disguise, not hypocritical.

Anger shouted: “You are profiting from somebody’s misfortune!”

“It is profiting from somebody’s misfortune, has this king denied it?”

Yaksha King is very strong, and then said with a sneer: “Of course it is up to you whether you agree or not. In fact, when you first walked out of your handsome account last time, this king had already said clearly enough.”

“The speed is determined. There are too many things for this king. Please kill orders. There are dozens of orders waiting for this king to go back and approve. Many of them are for your Imperial Family.”

Lin Long smirked.

This is the threat of Chi Guoguo, ridiculing: “The price makes this Royal Capital move.”

“Okay.” The ancestor of the Imperial Family had no choice, and said: “In the past, the price of your Senluo world was ten times higher.”

Yaksha King narrowed his eyes and said, “You are wrong. The price of Senluo Realm has been raised in Chaos Realm. In the past, an Old Ancestor Level was just a million spar, but this time Ten million, and ten times of ten million… is a hundred million.”

“Yaksha King, you are bully intolerably!” The ancestor of the Imperial Family roared.

Yaksha King shrugged, and said: “You should know that doing this job is the price increase in troubled times. As it should be, I just state my terms. It’s your business to answer or not.”


“Quickly, don’t say much, you will be happy if you agree or not.” Lin Long urged, “Annoyed this king, at worst temporarily turn hostility into friendship with Hajime Divine Race, and picked him up. Please kill me, kill a few Imperial Family Old Ancestor Level characters for fun.”

When Lin Long said this, many of the Imperial Family Old Ancestor Level creatures in this handsome account were unexpectedly shrinking their necks. At the same time, they all looked at the ancestor of the Imperial Family with a blank expression.

“jié jié…” The ancestor of the Imperial Family grinned.

This is blackmail.

This is blackmail!

Partial life, he also don’t dare disagree.


Heaven knows how wronged and angry the ancestor of the Imperial Family was when he said these two words.

“You will be worth the money.” Yaksha King grinned and said: “You have to know that money is like dung, and it is more important than anything.”

Imperial Family’s ancestors’ eyes on the lunar calendar, said: “Please punish the Divine Race left-wing pioneer.”

Lin Long narrowed his eyes and said: “You forgot again, we didn’t cooperate… You must know that we can’t directly participate in the battle of Divine Race. We always have to be on the battlefield before we take action.”


The roar of the ancestor of the Imperial Family.

If you take the money and don’t do anything?

“You are making a rude statement. This king really doesn’t mind tearing up the agreement on the spot and turning his gun to kill you Imperial Family.” Yaksha King grinned and said: “To kill the person who started Divine Race, yes, on the battlefield , According to the first statement, we will do it, and others will not be discussed.”

“Okay! Okay! Okay! I took it down! Then please ask the twin kings to appear on the battlefield tomorrow.” The ancestor of the Imperial Family really didn’t want to see Lin Long and Yaksha King for a minute.

“Are you thinking too much? Trifling rewards, just expect our twin kings to work for your Imperial Family?” Lin Long sneered, and then said: “Don’t worry, we won’t move, but there are naturally some Will attack the Divine Race generals and important figure.”

The twin kings are gone.

But the news that the two parties reached a kill agreement turned out to spread like wildfire.

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