Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3300


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Why this news spread like wildfire and spread by the world, this is impossible to verify.

But when the first ancestor of the Imperial Family heard the news, he smashed three jade cups and exploded several handsome tents with his aura. Incidentally, he also killed a total of 30,000 prisoners of Divine Race who had been captured from the battlefield!

Bomb and kill prisoners of war.

This has always been a taboo, but the ancestor of the Imperial Family did just that, without any cover, and swept the bones of these prisoners into the sky with a gust of wind, and headed towards Haji Divine Race camp. .

Suddenly, there was a rain of corpses over the battlefield of Divine Race.

This is too oozing and disgusting, and too vicious.

This also led to the beginning of the Divine Race deal with a man as he deals with you, all the captured Imperial Family prisoners of war were punishable, among which is included the three Old Ancestor Level characters of the Imperial Family, and the beginning of the Divine Race The method is even more vicious and poisonous. None of these prisoners of war who have been slain can leave a whole body. They are likewise swept into a mountain of pieces of meat by a gloomy wind, and then they are leaning on the Imperial Family for thousands of miles. Camp!

A Tooth For A Tooth, Blood For Blood.

Everyone in the world knows that if the two clans still have a 1/10000th chance to make peace before these two tragedies, then after these two events, the two clans will no longer be impossible to make peace. It is inevitable to kill one of the clan to be completely annihilated. It is not that one of the clan is really annihilated. The entire chaos is in the Bloodline where there is no such clan and the surname exists.

Starting at the Divine Race camp.

Divine Race, the first ancestor’s expression on the lunar calendar, he looked down at everyone talking at once, and the high-level discussions violently discussed with suppressed anger in his eyes.


The first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race shouted angrily, and said: “You are so noisy here, but what can be discussed in the end?”

A group of high-level leaders all shook, and then someone cried: “Ancestor, so many children, no swordsmen in their hands, but they are still being slaughtered, this Imperial Family should be destroyed!”

As soon as the words came out, there was a depressed whisper.

Fiercely, the first ancestor of Divine Race, closed his eyes and said in pain: “Imperial Family should indeed be destroyed! But today is different…”

After that, Divine Race had a grim expression and said: “Asura, Yaksha and the Imperial Family have reached an agreement. This is the most terrifying threat to Divine Race. The most urgent thing is to resolve this matter and discuss how to avoid it on the battlefield. The double kings and their subordinates’ attacks on our clan can only be carried out if they can deal with the double kings, the so-called extermination.”

“Prevent and avoid the double king’s attack?”

Someone smiled sadly and said: “The horrible strength of the twin kings in the previous battle is known to all. In the deadly realm of death, none of our clan can leave the twin kings, even if it is Tianxi, There is no one who can avoid and stop the two kings, let alone on this ever-changing battlefield?”

The scene of the siege of the Yaksha King last time is vivid again, as if it appeared in front of us, making everyone feel that they have one’s hair stand on end.

Since Divine Race, the first ancestor’s eyes are full of sadness.

On this battlefield, how do you stop those cream of the crop killers from killing?

This question is too heavy. Just thinking about it makes him feel powerless and decadent. He can’t handle it at all. It’s just that’s all.

“The current plan, I am afraid that I am the only one to spare this old face and go to the Celestial Clan for help.”

Si Divine Race, the ancestor’s face is cold!

But this is really the only way.

The current crisis, except for the Celestial Clan, is really not solved by any power.

“Ancestor, all this was due to the Celestial Clan, and his Celestial Clan should have taken the initiative to deal with this matter.”

A high-level person opened his mouth, burning with anger, and said grimly: “The reason why the two kings were offended to death is because of his heavenly clan’s orders. We started Divine Race only to carry out Tianxi’s orders.”

“That’s right! All this is because of the Celestial Clan, and his Celestial Clan should be responsible for this matter.”


Discuss spiritedly below.

All agree with this statement. To put it bluntly, all this is because of the Tianxi of the Celestial Race. At this time, the Divine Race is in danger of extinction, and the Celestial Race should come forward to avoid this disaster for the Divine Race.

The expression in Divine Race’s eyes is even more sad.

If the Celestial Clan really wants to take care of this matter, I’m afraid it would have come forward as soon as the killing agreement was reached.

Until now, three hours have passed, and the Celestial Clan has not responded.

The attitude has long been clear.

“Let’s take a look.” The ancestor of Divine Race smiled sadly and stood up and said: “But I advise you, don’t hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. Maybe I’ll start Divine Race at the same time. In the face of the siege of the twin kings and the Imperial Family, God’s greatest test of the Divine Race…come, I can survive it, reborn from the ashes, just like Phoenix Nirvana, can’t survive… the clan is annihilated and disappears completely. “

These high-level Divine Race executives do not know why their first ancestors were so desperate, and there seemed to be no hope of reporting on this matter.

In their view, the two circles have long established an agreement as to which class of assassins are not allowed to participate in the Divine Race war.

But at this time, the two kings are doing this, which clearly violated this agreement.

Si Divine Race The ancestor left and went to the Celestial Race.

According to the inference of the cultivation base of the ancestor of Divine Race, the Celestial race could be reached in half an hour.

Just a quarter of an hour later, Yaksha King made a high-profile appearance in a heavy city not far from the place where the two races were fighting.

The sudden appearance of Yaksha King really scared everyone.

But this time Yaksha King not at all killed people, not at all set off, the so-called appearance is just fleeting.

But he said a word-‘This king and Asura accidentally intervened in the so-called Divine Race battle, just for revenge, this matter has been promised by my emperor. ’

Just a simple sentence, set the tone for the collaboration between the Twin Kings and the Imperial Family to kill the Divine Race together.

Furthermore, it was emphasized that the actions of their twin kings were approved by the emperor of the Sylvan Realm.

Smart people know that the reason why Yaksha King suddenly appeared and said this sentence was actually speaking to the heavenly people.

However, the ancestor of Divine Race, Hajime who had just walked to the land of the heavenly clan, staggered when he heard the news, and almost couldn’t get up at once, so he fainted and fell to the ground.

I didn’t report any hope for this trip. I am afraid there is no hope.

Everyone at Divine Race is looking forward to it.

They all eagerly hope that their ancestors can bring back great news.

But not long after, the entire Divine Race was shrouded in a cloud of sadness.

The first ancestor of Divine Race is back.

But the news is definitely not good.

The first ancestor of Divine Race received too much courtesy during this trip to the Celestial Race, and the Celestial Race patriarch came forward to welcome him personally.

However, he refused to accept the request of the ancestor of the Divine Race because of the revenge of the twin kings, not the reason for participating in the Divine Race battle.

And the Celestial patriarch is extremely shameless and outspoken, all this is Tianxi’s fault, and he also fiercely punished Tianxi and demoted him to the frontier. If the ancestor of Divine Race is dissatisfied, he can go The frontier went to capture Tianxi to commit the crime, or he directly killed Tianxi on the battlefield of the two races, and apologized to the twin kings. He would not say anything.

But all this is just bullshit.

Looking at Hajime’s Divine Race, the ancestor of a hundred guts, he didn’t dare to find Tianxi’s troubles.

“Prepare for the battle.” The first ancestor of Hajime Divine Race said solemnly: “Don’t have any extravagant hopes, but I hope you will go forward courageously, even if you know that this battle will die, but you still have to play the power of Divine Race.”

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